Are banks behind false flag power blackouts to stage SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI

An unsolved sniper attack last year on an electrical power substation in California that knocked out 17 giant transformers has mobilized industry leaders to …

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Yahoo might be releasing an online video platform

Yahoo’s planning to launch an online video platform in the upcoming months. It intends to fill that online video platform with same faces and professionally made clips but the thing is HOW ? They’ll be doing by poaching some of the biggest stars of Youtube , according to Recode. Yahoo is offering them large guaranteed rates for the videos. Yahoo even promised them extensive marketing  and a chance to promote their videos by putting them on Yahoo’s well trafficked home-page.

Yahoo’s video service would not be open to everyone as Recode is saying that it will be not like Youtube which allows everyone to upload videos, The websites source claims that Yahoo might develop its own content management system or acquire some existing online video platforms like Vimeo , Dailymotion etc to make service available to more people. However , Yahoo won’t be able to beat YouTube as almost 70-75% of people around the world use YouTube daily and many of them use YouTube to learn something as YouTube is full of different kind of tutorials related to programming even.

Still , Its not sure that will Yahoo be able to beat YouTube or not as both companies are well trafficked and famous but still if we look at popularity , YouTube is more famous then Yahoo as we can see that YouTube is on the rank 3 all around the world and Yahoo is on rank 4 all around the world. Well , We’re not confirm that the upcoming video platform by Yahoo would be end-to-end secure and we’re not sure If yahoo would sell our data / documents to NSA as Microsoft did as we saw some invoices between Microsoft and FBI leaked by SEA.

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Android Anti-Theft app got stolen!

Hacker breached the servers of Cerberus, an anti-theft Android app, and stole the user names and passwords of 96,564 were stolen.
 Recently, the Cerberus started informing its customer that they had detected a suspicious activity on three of companies servers. 
The hacker had stolen the user name and hashed passwords of 96,564 users. Following the attack, the company said, the had reset the compromised servers and asked the users to reset their passwords on the official website. 
The company issued the following notification email to all its users explaining the attack: ” “We have already contacted a security firm and in the next weeks we will do a thorough code audit and security assessment of our infrastructure and procedures,” the company stated in the notification e-mail .
  “We are a small team (3 people) and are trying our best to provide a secure service that you can trust to protect your devices and help you recover them if they are lost or stolen.” However, the company has vowed no of the stolen data has yet been published online.

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Russia swipe IPads over privacy concerns

When it comes to privacy, everyone seems to be weiry on internet and Russian officials are also not an exception. Russian ministers have decided to leave ipad and choose Samsung devices because they believe that Apple with its American specifications might not be secure for them to handle confidential information. Apple can be an American spy ,to be precise. 
Russian information minister Nikolai Nikiforov told AFP that the decision was made ‘not so long ago” to drop iPad for Samsung as they believe that Samsung is more secure and perfectly fit for us to handle classified information. However he did not tell wether they had adopted Samsung’s Knox technology is involved in protecting the Russian government’s secrets.
 Analysts believe that Samsung is no alternative as it runs Google open source operating system. Besides NSA has the ability to extract the data from whatever device it may be. Russian however denies that it is skeptical about US technology.

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‘CoinKrypt’ Malware Uses Google Android Phones to Mine Virtual Currency

Hackers are no longer behind your data. Now they are interested in your phone. Yes this is increasing becoming global phenomena where hackers are developing malware to damage your phone and earn virtual currency known as bitcoin. Phone Mining is a terms use to describe the way in which hackers can use your phone to generate virtual currency.
 These malware are embedded in different android apps and are usually uploaded on Google store. A user download an app thinking of it to be game, or whatever he wants. Yet in truth it is a malware that will install it self on ur device and then use it to mine digital money. Just recently, researchers at Trend Micro noted the appearance of Google Android malware as repacked copies of popular apps such as Football Manager Handheld and TuneInvRadio that is involved in mining digital money. 
The apps were injected with the CPU mining code from a legitimate Android cryptocurrency mining app that is based on the well- known cpuminer software. Recently CoinKrypt malware is being spread across the online forum which is believed to the most effective mining malware. 
This fairly simple software has the ability to mine targets as Litecoin, Dogecoin and Casinocoin while ignoring Bitcoin because of the relative difficulty in mining it.

 Lookout principal security researcher Marc Rogers told Security Week that software can not only use your packet data but it can also damage or burn your hardware. As it sets the infected phone to mine for currency by downloading and generating Gigabytes of hashes. 
Which will heat up your phone incredibly and will damage your phone’s battery and power supply. “Users with phones and tablets that are suddenly charging slowly, running hot, or quickly running out of batteries may want to consider if they have been exposed to this or similar threats,” blogged Trend Micro Mobile Threats Analyst Veo Zhang. “Also, just because an app has been downloaded from an app store – even Google Play – does not mean it is safe”.

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NCS 12/16/11 – Dec 16,2011

Cyber crooks will target small businesses, social media attacks will be more common, and mobile security threats will reach an all-time high in 2012. The Manhattan district attorney’s office plans on Friday to announce the indictment of 55 people who it said stole over $2 million as part of a cybercrime ring. Maria José Morgado, director of Portugal’s criminal investigation department, has this week called for greater political priority to be attributed to tackling cybercrime. Also check out the job of the day!

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Alicia Fontnette receives Empowerment Woman of Civic Engagement Award

Alicia  and Dr. BradleyOn March 27, 2014, Clark Atlanta University held its 7th annual Women’s Empowerment Conference.  Alicia Fontnette, Chief Editor of Atlanta Free Speech, was awarded the Empowerment Woman of Civic Engagement Award.  She is pictured above with her mentor and adviser, Dr. Josephine Bradley, who won the Empowerment Woman of Mentoring Award.

Join us as we congratulate Alicia!

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Latest Android Crypto Exploit Allow Attacker to read WhatsApp , facebook , Instagram Chat Database

Bad programming practices , Android malware attack is to open the database backup WhatsApp chat.

Boss Bosschert, a self- billed “consultant / sysadmin / business , ” that is used by WhatsApp messages stored locally on the local access database file system as any other Android, read by the application of shows how that can be a proof of concept exploit is performed .

WhatsApp Boss chert proof of concept that the silence of the SQLite database used to steal one and the Android application , involved created . After that he moved for work to a remote web server results.

A key aspect of the exploitation and possible mitigating factor : the program from your backup function placed on the phone ‘s SD card , only copies of the database access . Database as a backup , there is stored , it can read SD Card will be accessible to any application . The Android developer docs on an external card to store data that is inherently unsafe, says in no uncertain terms.

For this purpose , WhatsApp backup database is encrypted , but with Bosschert work around this exploit . No common encryption – for one , each has the same AES key to encrypt WhatsApp user database was used . (Bosschert a simple Python script to perform the decryption provided . )
What is doubly ironic , as exposed by Bosschert with WhatsApp biggest weaknesses are easily solved with good programming practices is how . Including features to external storage , Android introduced to enhance security features, support for many , it may not be available for all users means – unfortunately, wide compatibility with this app WhatsApp seems to aim for .
WhatsApp is insecure programming practices has been nailed for the first time .the main mistake was committed.

In principle , surreptitiously stealing from other applications apps that have been banned from the Google Store , but such programs can be difficult to police. It thus on the Android community – as sometimes in users monitoring is the only way to bring these matters.
Cryptography is hard to do well , and WhatsApp as wide a user base as a request is too difficult to implement it properly . WhatsApp is siphoned off , but the data can be decrypted subtle ways in which not only serve as an important warning ought to matter.

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Philip’s Smart TV got Hacked! vulnerable to serious vulnerabilities
Hack the TV. Philip’s Smart TVs open to serious vulnerabilities . It was common for a website, a computer or a mobile to be hacked before. But now its also possible to hack an Internet connection enabled Philip’s smart tv. Luigi Auriemma, a researcher with Malta-based ReVuln suggested how the latest Philip smart TVs, that have a feature known as Miracast that allows the TVs to act as WiFi ,can be remotely accessed.
 Miracast framework allows the users to connect their cell phone to view its display on larger screen of the tv. The same feature also create a bug which can be exploited by hackers to comprise not only TVs but also any device ( USB ) attached to it. 
The only thing the hacker would have to do is to crack Miracast password. Auriemma has practically demonstrated the proof of concept in a video in which he shows that how hackers can steal cookies, can shuffle the tv channels and how they can also play porn videos infront of family members sitting in a tv lounge before Philip’s smart TVs. Remarkably, the vulnerability in the Philips TVs was introduced in a firmware version released in December. Auriemma has since confirmed that the vulnerability exists in the current firmware, version QF2EU-, when it runs on model 55PFL6008S TVs.
 Beginning with the December update, there was no way for users to change the hard- coded password that nearby devices must have to access the Miracast network. He said he believes all 2013 Smart TV models from Philips are also at risk because they use the same susceptible firmware. Auriemma has stress the need that Philip should release a security update to secure this bug. 
He said in virtual world where companies like Facebook and Google spend millions of dollars for security, the newcomer should also realize their responsibility that they owe to people’s security and privacy and should never compromise on anything when it comes to online security of their customers.

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SIBA CEO: Florida Senate’s vote to ban biometrics in schools reflects misconceptions about identity theft

Top Priority Sector:  access_control_identification Janice Kephart, founder and CEO of the Secure Identity and Biometrics Association (SIBA) has issued a press release stating in no uncertain terms that the Florida Senate’s near unanimous vote of March 27 to ban biometrics in all schools lacks common sense and denies schools the opportunity to improve safety, standards, and fiscal accountability. Homepage position:  1 read more View full post on Government Security News ________________ Other Sites You May Like: http;// – –

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