HTC One A9 name confirmed by Exif data

Exif data from a photograph allegedly taken by the HTC One A9, confirms the name of the handset along with some of the specs on the phone’s rear-facing camera. While Exif data can be faked, the information that was seemingly generated by the device’s camera shows that as expected, the handset will be known as the the HTC One A9. Earlier this year, there was talk that the phone would be known as the HTC Aero, but that was believed to have been taken from HTC CEO Cher Wang’s characterization of the phone as a “Hero” device.

Last week, Evan Blass revealed in a tweet that the HTC One A9 would …

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Credit card overhaul will chip away at fraud

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Look carefully at your credit or debit card. If it’s less than a year old, it likely has a “chip” on the front of the card. It is an icon with a dull sheen located near the card’s logo. If there is a shiny hologram on either the front or back, that does not count; it is not a chip. The scary thing for me is that my credit cards are older. Only one has a chip. But Oct. 1 is the cutoff for banking and business to begin officially converting over to credit and debit cards that include a chip. Cardholders were notified on their monthly billing statements to consider calling for a new card. Businesses were notified by hard copy from the banks and, in many cases, repeatedly by recorded messages on the telephone to change their card readers. If the card has a chip on it, it was processed over the last year and is part of a new safeguard against bogus credit and debit cards. Businesses already are getting equipped with new machines to read credit and debit card chips to go along with the existing magnetic stripe while accepting payment for a sale. Credit cards […]

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Verizon’s unreleased Sony Xperia Z4v gets previewed on YouTube

Back in June, Sony and Verizon Wireless proudly announced the Xperia Z4v, saying that they’d launch it in the US sometime “this summer.” But the handset hasn’t been released yet, and there’s no word on when this is going to happen. Still, someone somehow managed to get an Xperia Z4v and use it for almost a week – enough to make a lengthy video and post it on YouTube.

According to the guy who posted the video, the Z4v is not “up there” with other flagships of 2015, though it’s still a “solid phone.” He mentions that the Snapdragon 810 processor that’s powering the Z4v makes the device overheat …

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Why LinkedIn is a hacker’s treasure trove

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Professional social networking site LinkedIn has proven to be a valuable business tool, bringing together professionals from all over the world. But few corporations grasp the security risk injudicious use of LinkedIn represents. The main problem is not with the LinkedIn website’s own digital security but with a widespread corporate ignorance of the way the organised criminal gangs (OCGs) who make billions, sometimes tens of billions of dollars, of dollars from cyber crime. The hackers are now using well-known brands names such as Standard Chartered Bank on LinkedIn to attract senior executives to divulge information that they can use. It’s all very plausible unless you know what to look for. Using a process called ‘social engineering’, OCGs assemble as much information via the Internet as they can on a target subject within an organisation that has been identified as likely prey. LinkedIn is proving a rich vein for OCGs. Executives have become too cavalier about posting details of their movements and personal information on LinkedIn. KCS’ own experience shows that 90 per cent of passwords take the form of the name of a sports team, a pet or other personal details. But even if the target has been careful to […]

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Kid cyber conferences allow them to “Go hack yourself”

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

“My primary goal of hacking was the intellectual curiosity, the seduction of adventure.” – Kevin Mitnick “A white-hat hacker is someone who enjoys thinking of innovative new ways to make, break and use anything to create a better world.” – Nico Sell, r00tz Asylum Honor Code the word start on a running track Kids are naturally curious. They are born to hack their environment in order to learn how and why the world works as it does. See the story of the 9th-Grader after taking a homemade clock to school. They don’t even realize they could be getting into trouble. This leads to potentially dangerous situations, especially with the distributed, online world of cyberspace. We need to direct kids to be white-hat hackers. Cyber competitions provide safe havens where kids have an outlet for their curiosity. (See the post Cybersecurity competitions – Make a difference.) Another way is kid-centered hacking conferences. We’re turning kids into cons. This doesn’t mean convicts, but conference attenders. A growing trend in cybersecurity conferences is to include kids with a separate track/area just for them. Kids benefit from conference experiences like adults. It’s their opportunity to learn something new, practice their skills, and network with […]

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‘Ion space drive’ designed by Australian student smashes NASA’s fuel efficiency record

Australian student smashes NASA’s fuel efficiency record with ‘Ion Space Drive’

With some improvements the innovative Ion space drive would be able to power a spacecraft so that it can travel till “Mars and return with just one tank of fuel”.

Paddy Neumann, a PhD student from the University of Sydney, has designed a new kind of “Ion space drive” which has smashed the current fuel efficiency record set by NASA.

Ion space drive: 

The new space drive designed by an Australian student works on the principle of Ion propulsion technology.

Under normal conditions, a spacecraft is propelled by using standard chemicals as fuel; however in this technology the gas is ionized or charged electrically to propel the spacecraft.

Currently NASA’s record holder for fuel efficiency is its High Power Electric Propulsion or HiPEP system and it allows 9,600 (+/- 200) seconds of specific impulse.

However, as per the student newspaper Honi Soit, the new Ion space drive developed by Neumann was able to achieve up to  14,690 (+/- 2,000), which is pretty impressive.

Interestingly, the new Ion space drive or the Neumann’s Ion drive uses an entirely new type of fuel. NASA’s HiPEP system runs on Xenon gas, however the Neumann’s Ion drive utilizes a range of metals as fuel and so far the best results have been achieved by using metal magnesium.

Working of the Ion space drive:

In this case electricity is used to ionize the metal. Electric arcs strike magnesium, which is being used as fuel, and it results in the formation of ion spray that is then directed by a magnetic nozzle to produce the required thrust.

The standard chemical propulsion devices that are currently used in the industry works by short, high powered bursts of thrusts followed by coasting.

On the other hand, Neumann’s drive can run on a combination of short and light bursts thus conserving the fuel source.

Neumann’s Ion drive smashes the current fuel efficiency record set by NASA; however it could not beat NASA’s acceleration. In other words the new Ion space drive is not an ideal option to power a spacecraft off a planet. However, Neumann says that with some improvements, such as pairing with other propulsion systems, the Ion space drive would be in a better position to power a spacecraft so that it can travel longer distances without having to stop and refuel.

Neumann says there is also a possibility that in future his Ion space drive might actually power a spacecraft so that it can travel to  “Mars and back on one tank of fuel”.

Neumann believes that his Ion space drive would definitely reduce the cost of space transportation and at the same time help the satellites to remain in orbit for much longer time as well as it might also power the spacecraft to travel much longer distances.

Another plus point of Neumann’s Ion drive is that it runs on those metals which are commonly found in space junk indicating that the exhausted satellites could possibly be utilized as fuel for this new drive thus making provision for recycling of the old satellites. Well, this also means that the new Ion space drive would be much more cheaper and it might probably even help the space companies to save on the exorbitant cost of carting fuel into space.

The results of Neumann’s innovative Ion space drive is currently awaiting a peer review; however Neumann has already lodged a patent for the new device under the purview of a new start up named Neumann Space, because for some unknown reason the University of Sydney decided not to commercialize the invention and just passed back the research completely to Neumann and other two researchers who were part of the project.

He plans to present the details of his innovative device on 30th September at the 15th Australian Space Research Conference, where he might provide some more concrete details of his device.

For now, Neumann and his team are busy securing funds for further research and development of the new propulsion system-Neumann’s Ion drive.

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Gmail for Android adds block and unsubscribe options

Gmail for Android is about to get a bit smarter by adding a completely new feature as well as one that has existed on the web version of Gmail for a while now. That’s right, we’re talking about Gmail for Android soon giving you the options to either block a sender or quickly unsubscribe from email subscriptions with one tap.

The features are basically what you’d expect. The block feature will let you block a sender and then emails from a blocked sender will go to your spam folder automatically. If you block someone accidentally or have a change of heart, you can always remove …

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Hacking risk threatens the future of connected cars

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

The connected car may be catching everyone’s imagination at this year’s IAA auto show. But the new technology also brings with it new dangers, such as hacking. Carmakers at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which opens its doors to the general public on Saturday, are keen to show off their brave new world of intelligent, digitized models. But an incident in the US earlier this year when computer hackers remotely took control of a Jeep Grand Cherokee while it was driving on a motorway and brought it to a standstill highlighted the dangers that such innovations can bring. And the industry must find ways of convincing consumers that these new super-computers on wheels are safe and secure. One Jeep owner, Michael Frosch, is taking an extra close look at different models on display at the IAA. “I have the same navigation system as in the Jeep that was hacked,” he says. “But I guess I’m not important enough for someone to want to send me crashing into a tree.” Jeep was forced to recall 1.4 million vehicles in the US in the wake of the hacking incident, which was a real wake-up call to the potential dangers, says Ricardo Reyes, vice […]

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Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note5 Cases Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note5 has been making the rounds of late, earning itself as one of the premier players heading into the upcoming holiday season. No doubt, many people have already gone ahead and snagged the prized phablet, not only for its top-notch arsenal of features, but also for the fact that it’s just one generally, all-around good phone. And with any prized item, most folks will want to ensure that it stays in pristine condition as long as possible.

Well, we’ve been checking out Spigen’s line of cases for the Samsung Galaxy Note5, and boy do they offer a multitude of cases to appeal …

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