Brooks faces fights on all fronts back at Murdoch’s London HQ

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LONDON/WASHINGTON, Sept 6 (Reuters) – When the once toxic Rebekah Brooks returns to run Rupert Murdoch’s British newspapers on Monday she will face the toughest challenge of her career — rebuilding her reputation and the company in the harsh glare of the public spotlight. Brooks, the media mogul’s protegee who was cleared last year of being part of a criminal phone hacking campaign to dig up news stories, will resume oversight of Britain’s The Sun and The Times papers as News UK chief executive, following a four-year battle to clear her name. On her return, she will face a new fight to stem falling circulation at The Sun, the move of advertisers online and the simmering resentment from some staff who feel Murdoch sought to protect Brooks above all others when faced with the crisis engulfing his company. Renowned for her networking abilities, the 47-year-old will also have to find a way to rebuild ties with those who run the country after her 2011 fall from grace led to her vilification. “The challenge now is to work out how she’s going to operate this time around given her profile and given that her big modus operandi in the past was […]

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