Business profile: photographer Brion Craig

Brion CraigPhotographer Brion Craig captures a side to women, as well as couples, that reveal their true intimate beauty through boudoir photography sessions. “My wife Karen and I work together to help women discover their beauty in ways they rarely see and capture it so that they can admire it for years to come,” said Craig.

Craig is a Brooklyn, New York native, where he was taught at a very young age to always be aware of his surroundings and to watch your back. While he had a good upbringing, Craig admits that it was challenging growing up in Brooklyn, which forced him to become self-sufficient.

Craig has been in the photography business for about 20 years, but boudoir photography is a newer endeavor since he’s been doing it for about 3 years. “We realized the normal day to day grind in most women’s lives deny them the opportunity to experience their sensual side,” said Craig. He was inspired along with his wife to allow women the freedom to express their beauty in a comfortable environment and create some beautiful, seductive and sexy art through photography.

Craig shares that he’s motivated every day to continue pursuing boudoir photography when he sees the joy and amazement on women’s faces when they see the finished product. “I am passionate about people discovering their freedom; freedom to be who they are without fear of judgment,” Craig explains.

For women and couples that are looking for a beautiful intimate experience unveiling a sexier side to photography, Brion Craig Boudoir Photography has a variety of sessions to choose from and each session is tailored to an individual’s comfort level.

From intimate bridal photos to holiday themes, Brion Craig has expanded to a new level of creativity and beauty through his photography, not to mention, provided an outlet for women and couples to let their love and beauty shine in a whole different light.

Atlanta Free Speech salutes Brion Craig.

To learn more about Brion Craig Boudoir Photography, visit his website here.

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