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Gregory Evans has been doing an Interview for about a week, with a major magazine that he had the top 100 in. They said we can transcribe what Evans said but not the questions and not in the order the questions was ask. This is a tease to that interview. This was transcribed but not proof read.

Now it is an honor to grace your magazine. To be in your magazine with some of the top moguls, presidents and trend setters in the world is an honor.

I have been doing this since the 7trh grade! What radio show do they have? In fact what radio show have they every been on? See I make them famous. Their fake, broke never got the girl unless it was the fat ugly one, and bullied by the football team know want to be the big man on campus. I feel like Al Pacino said in Scarface “You need people like me. Say hi to the bad guy.”

I love messing with them. I love how they put my name out. This is so much fun. My friends ask me the other day, “Do they even know you personally?” I was hell no! If they did they would not be talking this stuff. But that is the thing about the internet. They can be anything they want. If they were as good as they say then why are they working for someone else and not themselves?

How can you say you are in the computer security industry and you did not even protect your name or brand? I own over 100 of their .com names. Dumb!This proves what I am trying to say. Some wanna be tried to send pizza to the office. I wanted to say “Dummy” you sent the pizza man to our mailing address. What they did not know was, is that when you order online they record the IP address. The Pizza place was more than happy to give it to us. Hell everyday when they come to any of my websites I capture their IP address. Now I have 20 people in India trying to hack into his system… No that would be illegal.

Today I make some pages with some of their names on it, then waited until they came to the page and gathered their IP address. Then go on twitter and see who is talking so I can start putting the IP address with names and faces. They make it too easy!

Where is their Bentley, Porsche or Ferrari. Where is their 5 homes. They don’t have it. I did over $300,000 in worth of speaking engagements last year. That does not include all the other work. The only person I know making real money in this game is another Blackman Paul Judge. Know Paul is in the Security Business but does not say he is a hacker. But he is in the computer security industry. I remember one night I went to a party and there was a silver Ferrari outside just like ONE of mine in Los Angeles and I was in my small Porsche because it had more gas that night. I was wondering who in this party is driving that. Later that night I found out it was Paul. I love seeing that. It did not matter if he was black, white or whatever I like seeing people making money in this game. Cyber Crime industry is over $200 billion a year. Everyone hating on me should be making over a million a year. I old Kellep Charles a couple of weeks ago when I flew him to Los Angeles that if you are in the security industry and you are not making a million plus a year something is wrong.
See they did not even really know my name until June of last year. Now they all want to talk stuff. Let them. I am laughing all the way to bank! Every time things seem to die down, I might spark some new stuff. And these puppets dance to the tune. Think about this. These guys breathe Gregory Evans. Every day they come to my websites and twitter to see what I am doing. They dedicate websites to bashing me. My question is, the same you ask me before the interview, “who has that much time? Do they have a life?” I agree. Who cares what I am doing? They are the ones who make a big deal out of it. If you had a life or owned your own business. Had a nice looking girlfriend or wife you would be spending time with them. I can careless what the next person is doing. I just worry about me and my team. Every day they say something crazy I come out with a new deal.

Look at what I have done since they have been hating on me:

– i have 5 iPhone/iPad Apps, 1 Android App, LocatePC is about to his it’s 500,000 install, and LocatePC are sold in over thousand different outlets and I have 7,500 plus affiliates around the world.

The book How To Become The Worlds No. 1 Hacker is what started all of this. i wrote 7 other books and they keep talking about this one. In every book I wrote I put “Written By Gregory Evans” except Hi-Tech Hustler scrapbook and this one. The scrapbook was just made up of all the news stories for that year. I had all the sources and everything in that book. Got permission and the whole nine yards. Now before I talk about this book let me tell you what Barns & Nobel book buyer told me in 1999. 2 Books that barley sale are 1 poetry books and 2 technical computer books. See in the security people write books but who can understand what they wrote, but other security people. But other security people do not buy other security people books because they know everything in the book. So don’t write books for security people write books for people who don’t no anything about security. That is how you will make money.

So every book including this one I was not written for security people. Just like the software we come out with is not for security people but for the non-security people. Now what is even more funny is that all these people who are talking stuff never read the book. If they had they would see that nowhere in the entire book does it say “Written By or Authored By Gregory Evans” like all my other ones except for the scrapbook. No I brought a lot of the stories from other professionals in the security world. I don’t know why some of these guys act like they know everyone in security. Some of the other part of the book came from non-copyrighted material. What I am made about is that the original draft stated “The information in this book was joint effort of….then I listed the people that help me write the book. I then would then site what part may have come from public domain, but that could not work my attorney said. Some of the stories were at multiple websites that had different authors of the same work with no copyright information. Some of the people claiming it was their work were using their hacking nicknames. You can’t give credit to a nickname. Like the people over at I thought we were cool. I did not know that something that was in my book came from his site, because it was o several other sites at the time. We have the original sources. I had spoke to the owner of the site about 4 to 6 months before the book came out and ask to buy his website, cash. He stated that we did not want to sell but there may be something in the future that we could do together. I was like ok cool I can see that. I had his number and he had mine. Now why would I go to his site and take his stuff when I could have called him on the phone? I am business man. I would have just written him or Chris a check for it. I even reached out to Chris on Linkedin and said look call me or have your attorney call me on the phone and if you can prove that you are the original author I will cut you a check. He found some attorney on the internet who advertises her prices at $150 an hour. What attorney puts their rates on the internet?! When she called and spoke to one of my attorneys she came off crazy! Do you no they never ask for money? They and when I say “They” it was Chris something, I don’t remember his last name and then the owner of and then Chris John Riley. Now what in the hell does Riley have anything to do with this? Nothing. He is sitting in Austria without cable and this is his entertainment. My attorney’s at Austin & Bird took over and got an email from the attorney and they all laughed at her. They were asking for not money but an apology. What! I knew this was personal not business. What is worst is that I have respect for Riley,Chris and the owner Hell I am not mad at the guy who reviewed the book and started all this. He was doing his job. I do believe if I had just left in some of the peoples names that sold me the rights to some of the information, it would be different, but to late.

See the book was for people who knew nothing about hacking but was intrigued with it. I would and have sold more copies than the other computer security books out there.
Race…that is funny. I am not one of those Blackman that blame everyone else in the world. When I did what I did years ago, I said I did it and took the 24 months and paid the $10million. What is funny to me is that all these people who post “nigger this or nigger that” and if you call them out on it then they want to say i am the bad guy. Not the person who called you nigger. See you pick a fight with me, be ready to fight. See these guys think they can hide behind a keyboard. I know each and every person who is posting on the internet. I belong to two private investigation associations and have been for years. I have P.I.’s on the internet that are looking for some of these haters. Then when they find them I pay as much as $3000 per person. $3k grand if he can get me family history, pictures and the whole 9 yards. See I don’t talk stuff and run. All the people talking about me don’t know me. You will not find one person that knows me that would say I am a runner. Where I come from you fight or you die a coward. my parents don’t raise no cowards. So the difference from when I was growing up and now is that I fight with a legal team. Now if I see you out I will step to you and ask you about the stuff you said on the net. There is two people in Atlanta they I step to. No I will not say their name because after talking to them it was cool.

Now I was out one day and stop buy 1401 Peachtree where I had some business. Then realize that Errata Security was on the 5th floor. So I decided to stop by to see if they would talk that stuff to my face. Damn cowards were not even at the address. It was executive suites. But the point is I will step to you and anyone else. We can talk like men, business men or whatever. But I will put money they would not step to me like they do on the internet. Hell they all know where my offices are, but they don’t come knock on the door. I wish they would!

All we do is go to twitter and type in LIGATT or Gregory Evans and they investigate those people and add their name. Some of them keep emailing asking me when is he going to make is power move. I wanted to say I already did! In addition these meet heads do not realize they have been under investigation by the SEC and law enforcement. Like I said all they do is go to twitter and watch what they say. Let them talk! See look on twitter right now. They are talking about me stealing their identities. I told you it was funny. They setup all these fake pages about me but when I do something they want to scream bloody murder. I only did this so you can have something juicy for the interview.

Some of this people don’t understand. You can lose your security clearance if they get caught up in a Federal lawsuit. Hell I just hired some attorney’s near Heidenreichstein Austria to take on a coward there who is hiding behind his keyboard.

Part 2 of the transcripts will be posted Thursday.

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