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Pwn2own: Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox Exploited,Researchers earn $1m

Annual CanSecWest conference in Vancouver and Pwnium Pwn2Own hacking contests, prizes, security researchers earned more than a million dollars to download code 34 serious zero-day flaws exposed , and the Canadian Red Cross for $ 82 , 000 earned more .

On stage their attacks successfully demonstrate and walk away with cash – Pwn2Own and Pwnium competitions each competitor ‘s supposedly safe to execute malicious code to exploit vulnerabilities in software are challenged have . Hopefully the bugs can be fixed so that a program of private ownership techniques used are disclosed .

Chrome , Safari , Internet Explorer and Firefox – HP TippingPoint ‘s Pwn2Own contest researchers captured all major browsers with Flash as $ 850,000 , with 30 minutes for each time attacks fell within the range had . Oracle tries to crack the code that researchers have long came up with some interesting techniques although only advanced Java, time-limited attacks conducted .

“Pwn2Own bug bounty programs to the appropriate software really are just an extension of the test , ” Brian Gorenc, HP ‘s Zero Day Initiative threat research manager told the Register .

“It proves the software that slipped through quality control errors will be picked up by those skilled allow Independents giving is about . Prize money it is well worth . “

Meanwhile than Google’s fourth Pwnium , a skilled cracker himself $ 150,000 and get subverted laptop , running on an HP Chromebook 11 Chrome OS broke into the chocolate factory . A researcher has found a way to share their efforts by Google to receive a reduced award .

Raised $ 82,500 for the Canadian Red Cross and some major flaws which expose dubbed Pwn4Fun a fun competition between Google and HP , did not . Gorenc Google staff at six zero-day vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s code , as well as Apple iOS got a kernel problem .

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One-click/key attack forces IE and Chrome to execute malicious code

  A researcher says he has uncovered a security weakness that can easily trick people into executing malicious code when they use the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers to visit booby-trapped websites. The attack was recently presented at the Hack in the Box security conference by independent security researcher Rosario Valotta. It exploits
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Google Chrome reports has malware

  Google Chrome is reporting that the official PHP site, contains malware that can harm your computer. Google Chrome usually is correct about identifying infected websites or websites that may harm visitor’s computers, but this time it’s hard to believe. Typing in Chrome flashes a warning message that says ‘Malware Ahead! The website
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Pwnium Chrome hackers exploited 16 zero-day vulnerabilities

Google Chrome hackers used a total of 16 zero-day vulnerabilities to crack the browser at the inaugural “Pwnium” hacking contest and win $120,000. View full post on security

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Google Releases Chrome 19 Stable; Enabled, In Part, by Security Bug Bounties (May 16, 2012)

Google has released Chrome 19, the newest stable version of its browser…….
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Trend Micro Warns of Trojan Posing as Chrome Installer

The malware, identified as TSPY_BANKER.EUIQ, redirects users to spoofed banking Web sites.
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PCAdvisor: Good news – New V8 Tech Gives Chrome an Extra Shot of Speed

PCAdvisor: Good news — New V8 Tech Gives Chrome an Extra Shot of Speed
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Google details Chrome browser security-testing technology

Since late last year, Google has been using an industrial-strength testing system to identify, analyze and fix security holes in its Chrome browser, helping it significantly cut down on the number of vulnerabilities that slip through to the most recent version product in production.Google details Chrome browser security-testing technology, Blog, Technology, Google, details., Chrome, Browser, securitytesting

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Google Chrome Browser Tabs Can Travel From Device to Device

Tabs opened in the Google Chrome browser will soon travel with the user to other devices so long as the user is signed in, according to a company blog post.

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Google’s Chrome Web store used to spread malware

Crooks have found a new venue to push malware: the official Google Chrome Web Store. It was recently used to hawk Chrome browser extensions secretly hijacking users’ Facebook profiles.

According to Kaspersky Lab expert Fabio Assolini, one malicious extension hosted on Google’s own servers contained hidden code that “can gain complete control” of the user’s Facebook profile. The extension then used that access to spread malicious messages and register Facebook Likes for certain items, also inviting fellow users to install it. The same operators advertised a service that delivered Likes of companies looking to promote their profiles. It costs about $27 per 1,000 Likes.

The company distributing this malicious extension was unnamed in the report as was the specific app. Assolini said Google personnel removed the malicious extension shortly after Kaspersky reported it to them. “But we noted the bad guys behind this malicious scheme are uploading new extensions regularly, in a cat and mouse game,” he warned. He didn’t elaborate on the number of extensions or how long he’s been observing them other than to say the malicious app Kaspersky discovered had 932 users.

Over the past few years, the openness of Google’s Android Market has represented one of the more conspicuous ways its users are attacked. As the software equivalent of a Wikipedia-like bazaar to which anyone may contribute, it has repeatedly been seeded with applications that take liberties with end users’ phones and data. Kaspersky’s report suggests similar attacks are exploiting Google’s Chrome Web Store.

“It is against the Chrome Web Store Content Policies to distribute malware,” a Google spokesman wrote in an email. “When we detect items containing malware or learn of them through reports, we remove them from the Chrome Web Store and from active Chrome instances. We’ve already removed several of these extensions, and we are improving our automated systems to help detect them even faster.”

Last month, Google unveiled a cloud-based service called Bouncer that scours the Android Market for malicious smartphone apps.

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