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Rising cyberspace threat boosts demand for security services

Rising cyberspace threat boosts demand for security services

A recent report put the average “advanced persistent threats exposure” in Singapore at 41 per cent, higher than the global average of 36 per cent, and the figure could be even higher, said security software company FireEye. PHOTOS

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Demand Justice For Daisy via @HumanRightsAnon

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Reebok supports date Rape by supporting Rick Ross that’s the way a Leading Women’s Group and scores of Rape Survivors see it. Rick Ross Apologize but the 400… Read More….

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China female body guards in demand – 25Jan2012

With her face grimacing in unbearable discomfort, this is the moment a trainee bodyguard has a bottle smashed over her head. Amazingly, the recruit has to st… Read More….

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Demand Progress Clowns Mark Zuckerberg

The backlash against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook over the company’s support for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, otherwise known as CISPA, has been fairly quiet. Yes, the new media got ahold of it, but the public reaction has …

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Digital Forensics Leader AccessData Cites Industry Report Underscoring Dramatic Rise in Forensics Service Demand

On the heels of an industry report detailing a nearly 14% annualized increase in demand for digital forensics services over the past five years, AccessData Group, one of the largest computer forensic technology companies in the U.S., today affirmed the unprecedented growth in digital forensics as a key component of enterprise security.

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Hacker posts Symantec source code after ransom demand fails

A hacker has released stolen source code from  Symantec Corp., one of the largest computer security firms, after a phony set of ransom negotiations failed, according to the company.

The source code is part of a Symantec product called pcAnywhere, which allows users to log into and control home or work computers from remote locations. Access to the code could in theory give hackers insight into how to seize computers that use the software.

Symantec said the source code was for 2006 products that had since been updated with newer code. Even so, the company said, it had contacted customers in recent weeks to get them to apply software upgrades that could address known security problems.

The hacker, going by the name Yamatough, appeared to release a tranche of the code onto the controversial file-sharing site Pirate Bay on Tuesday, just as Symantec disclosed that ransom talks with the hacker were conducted by law enforcement personnel posing as a Symantec employee.

On Tuesday, a series of emails apparently between Yamatough and a Symantec employee were posted on the website The emails revealed a back and forth over how to arrange an alleged $50,000 ransom payment in return for the hacker’s agreement to return the code without publishing it. 

Symantec says the negotiations were a ruse conducted by law enforcement after the company contacted authorities.

“Symantec conducted an internal investigation into this incident and also contacted law enforcement given the attempted extortion and apparent theft of intellectual property,” spokesman Cris Paden wrote in a statement.

The email subterfuge was “all part of their investigative techniques for these types of incidents,” he added, noting that the company could not disclose which law enforcement agency was involved while the investigation was ongoing.

Symantec said the code was stolen in a 2006 hacking, and affected four products: Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition, Norton SystemWorks, Norton Internet Security and pcAnywhere.  

“Of those four products, only pcAnywhere is still sold,” Paden wrote. “All of the others have been phased out and discontinued — or, in the case of Norton Internet Security, it has been completely, totally rebuilt.”

The company urged any users of its pcAnywhere product to apply the security fixes immediately.

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Emerging risks and evolving regulation demand companies pay attention: Aon and Data Privacy Day 2012

CHICAGO, Jan. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – On Jan. 28, companies around the world will recognize Data Privacy Day 2012, an annual international celebration designed to promote awareness about best privacy …

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