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NYPD Open Fire On Unarmed Man, Shoot Two Bystanders [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

After approaching a man who was behaving strangely at a Times Square intersection, NYPD officers opened fired during a chase but instead struck two female bystanders Saturday night (September 14). Reports say the man, who pretended to have a gun, was actually unarmed. Several outlets covered the story,  gathering several eyewitness accounts. Read More….

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New Video My Shqipes Shoot Em Up – Lugati Kmob Verse

ajri kmob rtp lugatinates shqipezz shoot em up – lugati verse. Read More….

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C- class – Behind the scenes “G’D UP” Video shoot

We did a freestyle for a joint off the mixtape While we were Behind the scenes CHECK THIS SHIT OUT shout to A.V.E MUSIC GROUP. Read More….

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Rihanna carrying a large clutch as she arrives for a photo shoot with a bodyguard New

Rihanna carrying a large clutch as she arrives for a photo shoot with a bodyguard New. Read More….

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Why Shoot Them? | Dark Minds

Not all serial killers prowl lonely highways in the wilderness. In Boca Raton Florida there is one killer who hunts where we shop – in the everyday world of … Read More….

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PSD Training Shoot

Personal Security Detail Firearms training. Read More….

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Mo. officers shoot, kill man in trailer doorway

Author: Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor in Chief

Columbia Daily Tribune FULTON, Mo. — Law enforcement officers shot and killed a man in the doorway of a trailer Monday morning after the man allegedly pointed a weapon in their direction.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Callaway County Sheriff's Department responded to a disturbance at the Green Meadows Trailer Park near Fulton at 6 a.m., said Callaway County Sheriff Dennis Crane. An initial report indicated a subject was inside a trailer park firing a weapon into the air.?

Timothy E. Simpson, 34, of Williamsburg was carrying a weapon when officers arrived, Crane said. Simpson first pointed his weapon at himself and then allegedly pointed it in the direction of officers while ignoring their commands.

"The officers fired because they felt threatened," Crane said.

Simpson was shot in the doorway of a trailer, Crane said. Two people who were in the trailer were not injured.

The patrol's Division of Drug and Crime Control is conducting the criminal investigation into the matter.

A joint internal investigation also is being conducted. The two officers who shot Simpson — a trooper and a deputy — have been tested for drugs and alcohol and placed on administrative leave until the investigation is resolved, Crane said.

An autopsy was conducted Monday afternoon. Investigators are awaiting test results.

Simpson has numerous convictions, some drug-related, according to court documents. Deputies have had several additional contacts with Simpson over the years, Crane said.

A search warrant of the residence was conducted after the fatal shooting, but Crane would not comment on findings.

Copyright 2012 The Columbia Daily Tribune

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Don’t shoot your TV!

Event Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2012 16:30:33 GMT
Author: PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
Be creative in developing drills that enable you to practice technically- and tactically-sound skills, while simultaneously “mixing things up and keeping things interesting.”

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Iowa police shoot, kill mountain lion

Telegraph Herald

DUBUQE, Iowa — An adult male mountain lion was shot and killed early Friday morning by local law enforcement officers in Monona County.

The Blencoe police chief and a Monona County Sheriff’s Deputy responded to a citizen’s call regarding the mountain lion around midnight on Friday. After finding the lion in a tree in the northwest part of town, the officers shot the lion.

The lion will be analyzed to determine its age, what it has been feeding on as well as DNA tests to try and determine its place of origin. The lion will eventually be mounted and used as a display somewhere in Monona County.

Iowa law does not provide wildlife protection to mountain lions. Mountain lion sightings have been documented periodically in Iowa and DNR biologists believe that most of the lions seen here are likely young males that have been pushed from their native areas by older, dominant males.

The lion likely came from a state west of Iowa. Generally a mountain lion will sense human presence before humans know they are in the area and the mountain lions will quickly vacate the area.

Sightings of a mountain lion can be reported to local law enforcement or to DNR conservation officers.

For more information, contact Dale Garner, chief of wildlife.

Copyright 2011 Woodward Communications, Inc.

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Video: Police shoot man with assault rifle near Occupy protest

By PoliceOne Staff

Recently-released video captured the shooting of a man wielding an assault rifle near a Houston Occupy protest in a downtown park last week.

21-year-old Joshua Anthony Twohig fired off several shots inside Tranquility Park on November 21. After several attempts to get Twohig to drop his rifle, police fired on him, hitting him several times. Twohig was taken to the hospital and treated for non life-threatening injuries.

According to CNN, bicycle officers A. Cantos and H. Lam were on patrol when they heard gunshots and saw Twohig standing on a bridge near the park’s fountains and pond holding a weapon. As they approached, he fired his weapon into the pond and then gestured as though he was intending to commit suicide, screaming "Shoot me, shoot me".

Twohig is charged with aggravated assault against a public servant.

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