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Revenge for Charlie Hebdo: Anonymous vows to bring ISIS, al Qaeda terrorists down to knees

Revenge for Charlie Hebdo: Anonymous vows to bring ISIS, al Qaeda terrorists down to knees

New Delhi: ‘Anonymous’ – the worldwide group of Internet activists or ‘hackstivists’ – has sworn revenge on the attackers behind the massacre at Paris-based magazine Charlie Hebdo in which 12 people were killed. Declaring the initiation of what it calls — #OpCharlieHebdo — the Australian wing of Anonymous has posted a video on YouTube spelling […]

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Anonymous vows to fight ACTA across Europe

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Anonymous vows to rock Israel RE: A Message to the State of Israel

Why would American stand with the government of Israel? Brett gives his thoughts on why America has made friends with the government of Israel. Warning Cheap Plugs, Shameless self promotion and desperate plea’s for money beyond this point! Read more….

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Anonymous vows cyber war on US governemnt and business

and other stuff………. hello Angel………

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Apple vows to annihilate contacts-stealing iPhone apps

Apple, breaking its silence over revelations that the App Store has been littered with apps that have unauthorised access to iPhone address books, has vowed to put a stop to the practice by requiring apps to explicitly ask permission to tap contacts.

An Apple spokesman issued this statement to AllThingsD

“Apps that collect or transmit a user’s contact data without their prior permission are in violation of our guidelines. We’re working to make this even better for our customers, and as we have done with location services, any app wishing to access contact data will require explicit user approval in a future software release.”

It was revealed earlier this month that social networking app Path was grabbing iPhone contact information and sticking it on Path servers without permission, and since then, it has been shown that apps from even bigger name players like Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter take similar liberties.  Many of the app makers have reportedly since fixed the problem, which stems from their desire to hook users’ up with other users in their contact lists. Some apps don’t actually store the contact data on their servers, but questions have been raised about how safely the data is transported across the network.

Customer outrage about the situation prompted US Representatives Henry Waxman and G.K. Butterfield to issue a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook yesterday about his company’s privacy practices. 

Apple has until 29 February to answer a series of questions from the Congressmen. 

Apple and other mobile phone companies caught the attention of Congress last summer as well regarding privacy concerns involving location tracking. 

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Israel vows to go after Saudi teen hacker


A hacker claiming to be a 19-year-old Saudi posted thousands of Israeli credit card numbers and other personal data online earlier this week — the hacker’s second politically motivated attack this year.

In response, the Israeli government likened the action to “a breach of sovereignty comparable to a terrorist operation, and must be treated as such,” according to Reuters.

Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon said in a speech that Israel had not yet ruled out the possibility that the hacking had been carried out by a group “more organized and sophisticated … than a lone youth,” Reuters reports.

The hacker released the details of some 6,000 active accounts late Thursday, on top of the 15,000 made public earlier in the week, said Yoram Hacohen, the head of Israel’s data protection agency.

The hacker claims to have published details about 400,000 Israelis and blamed the “Zionist lobby” for covering up the size of the leak, in remarks published on the Internet on Thursday.

“I’ve hacked much more than you can imagine,” wrote the hacker, who goes by the pseudonym 0xOmar and affiliates himself with group-xp, a known Saudi hacking group.

He claimed that he collected close to a million Israeli credit card numbers and would soon publish them all.

Israelis’ credit card data exposed by hackers

Hacohen called it a “cyber crime,” and the head of the Israeli Visa CAL company, Israel David, told Israel Army radio it was a “technological terror attack on the citizens of Israel.”

Credit card companies say only a few hundred dollars had been fraudulently spent on the hacked cards. They said they swiftly closed affected accounts and were boosting their staff for the weekend in case more data is released.

The governmental data protection regulator was more worried about Israelis’ personal details, like ID numbers, email addresses and passwords, which were also posted online and that could be used by identity thieves.

Israelis weren’t the only ones affected. Hacohen said personal data belonging to a few hundred people around the world, who purchased Jewish art and objects on an online site, was also compromised.

Hacohen said his agency was investigating the case and was considering asking Interpol for assistance in apprehending the hacker. He also called on “good hackers” around the world to assist Israel in catching the offender.

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Iran vows action against cyber terrorism

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL: Israel said the online publication of thousands of its citizens’ credit card details by a hacker who says he is based in Saudi Arabia was comparable to terrorism, and promised to hit back.

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Israel vows treat hackers like other ‘terrorists’

Israel said on Saturday that it will respond to cyber-attacks in the same way it responds to violent “terrorist” acts, by striking back with force against hackers who threaten the Jewish state.

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Man Vows Suit Against Apple for iPhone Search

Apple may need to brace itself for a lawsuit stemming from its July pursuit of an errant, unreleased iPhone in San Francisco. Sergio Calderon, the San Francisco man whose house Apple security officials searched at the time, has ended negotiations with the company and is preparing to file a lawsuit, said his attorney, David Monroe.



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Hacker group vows NYSE attack over Wall Street arrests

Hacker group “Anonymous” has allegedly threatened to attack the New York Stock Exchange’s website on Monday in support of demonstrators who’ve been arrested during the Occupy Wall Street protests.

Online messages, purportedly posted by members of the loosely organized coalition threaten to “erase” the NYSE from the Internet as retaliation for the arrests, ABC reported Monday.

The first threat was made five days ago as demonstrators fanned out into the streets of lower Manhattan, launching a protest movement against corporate greed and economic inequality.

A YouTube video reiterating the threat surfaced online on Saturday, after the NYSE appeared to shrug off the initial warning.

“Many people refuse to accept that Operation Invade Wall Street is a reality,” a computer-generated voice says in the video. “I am here to clarify that factions of Anonymous are going with the operation. Other factions are opposing it.”

Given the nature of the loose-knit hacktivist collective, the legitimacy of the threats is unclear.

A YouTube video allegedly posted by the group last Friday counters threats to attack on Monday, saying Anonymous wouldn’t attack NYSE on Columbus Day “as it is completely irrelevant.”

In August, the hackers and forum-dwellers who comprise the “Anonymous” collective have pledged to take social networking site Facebook down on Nov. 5 over privacy concerns.

Last July, investigators in the U.S., Britain and the Netherlands arrested 21 people who were allegedly involved with the group’s attack on PayPal Inc., an online payment company that had refused to process donations to WikiLeaks.

Threats from the hacker collective are often driven by the desire for political or social change, motivations shared by the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The Occupy Wall Street demonstrations started in New York last month as a protest allowing participants to voice their anger against corporate greed, the government and the economy.

The demonstrations have since gained stream, spreading across North America with several similar protests planned in other parts of the United States and Canada.

While detractors have criticized the movement for its loose organization, U.S. House Leader Nancy Pelosi has backed the protest’s overall message.

“I support the message to the establishment whether it’s Wall Street and the political establishment and the rest. The change has to happen,” she said in an appearance on ABC News’ This Week.

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