Police launch cyber squad to target online crime in Yorkshire

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Yorkshire’s biggest force is making a number of two-year appointments for a new unit set up to target the “rapidly expanding” network of technologically-savvy fraudsters, bullies, groomers and hackers. The recruits – paid up to £28,389 and expected to be in position by the end of next month – will be responsible for providing tactical support and advice to cyber crime investigators as well as developing new technology and strategies. Detective Chief Inspector Andy Williams, West Yorkshire Police’s cyber-crime lead, said: “This area of criminality is rapidly expanding and the establishment of a cyber-crime team puts us in the best position to combat this emerging threat. “The new team will be led by a detective inspector, who’s already in place, with a detective sergeant expected to be appointed shortly and six specialist support staff. “The detailed knowledge provided by this team will significantly enhance our current expertise across all areas of cyber criminality.” The recruitment drive coincides with a week-long campaign to raise awareness over the dangers of cyber crime. It comes after a study by campaign group Get Safe Online found 58 per cent of people in Yorkshire had been victims of cyber-crime and were left feeling “violated” by […]

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