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from kids, atheletes, entertainers to CEO's, Evans has started unique computer/cyber security companies and services like no other individual

Gregory D. Evans | Security Mogul Like No Other

Find out if your website, home or office network can be hacked.

Hi-Tech Crime Solutions And Investigation

Hi-Tech Crime Solutions and Investigations provides cyber crime investigation services such as Cyber Extortion, Cyber Blackmail, Hacked websites/networks/phones and Penetration Testing.

Hi-Tech Crime Solutions & Investigations

Hacker For Hire

As the 1st "Hacker For Hire" service in the world, Hacker For Hire has received over 100,000 requests for services. Requests range from couples asking "help me, I think my spouse is cheating" to celebrities asking to remove negative comments from the internet.

National Cyber Security News

National Cyber Security News is the 2nd oldest provider of cyber security news in the world.    Available on the internet, Android cell phone, Android Tablets, iPhone and iPad shows and proves how it is the worlds premier cyber security news provider.  

National Cyber Security News

Dating Scams 101

The largest website and APP dedicated to protecting men and women from becoming victims of Dating Scams.

Dating Scams 101

Business Security Today

Business Security Today is the premier news and information source for any business professional in any industry. Business Security Today educates the reader on the latest in business scams, recent business hacks, how to safeguard your business from theft and hackers, as well as the best way to protect your intellectual property.

Business Security Today is the largest website and APP Spy Shop on the internet. You can find everything you need, such as running background checks, spying on your kids, tools to find out if your spouse is cheating to spying on your employees. has what you need.

Parent Security is the top news and information website on security issues and concerns parents face with their children.


Parent Security Online

Teen Security News

Today there are more kids on the internet than adults. Most kids are more computer savvy that their parents. Because this, more predators who want to do harm to our kids have turned to the internet. One convicted online predators bragged about how the internet has made it "easy to fool kids in sending him pictures or even tricking kids to come to my home."

Teen Security News 

Now Available In The Google Play Store And Apple App Store

National Cyber Security 5.0

Also Available In The Google Play Store And Apple App Store



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