5 considerations for smarter cyber defense

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Today’s cyber threat landscape has transformed information security from an afterthought to perhaps one of the most complex and urgent concerns that organizations face. Traditional perimeter defenses far less effective than they were 10 years ago. As a result, organizations are beginning to dramatically rethink their approach to cybersecurity, embracing the reality that breaches are inevitable and developing more robust defenses. When evaluating and updating cybersecurity defenses for better protection in the contemporary threat landscape, organizations should: 1. Consider a holistic approach to security. A holistic point of view aims to understand the evolving threats within the information ecosystem by creating a security architecture that protects information, advances operational processes and manages security operations. Holistic security solutions are always engaged to detect potential threats and vulnerabilities, deploying the appropriate security controls to mitigate potential threats throughout the ecosystem. Design processes must incorporate security from the start and consider it at the device, platform, application and system level. Organizations must put internal governance in place to foster an effective security culture. A great tool for developing a holistic approach is the NIST Cyber Security Framework, which helps  organizations define a set of cybersecurity goals and security outcomes to best deter and prevent […]

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