Basecamp Briefly Knocked Offline in DDoS Extortion Scheme

“Basecamp sustains 10 GB DDoS extortion Knockout” Basecamp, the developer of Basecamp tool, came under a powerful DDoS attack earlier this morning. 
 According to CTO Basecamp; David Heinemeire Hasson, the Basecamp had been under a massive DDoS attack for almost three hour when it suddenly stopped. He told that the ultimate motive of the hacker behind that attack was to extort money from the company. However company did not givr in to hacker’s demand. He further told that the service had been restored to 95% of Basecamp customers.
 According to sources, the attack was perpetrated by the hacking group which has recently targeted and fotolia The group usually demand money from the target to end its DDoS onslaught. The CTO Basecamp told that the group appears to be quite sophisticated. Therefore, the Basecamp will be on high alert.

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