Installing XAMPP in Windows 7 – Lucid Nerd Tutorial

How to install XAMPP, a step by step tutorial covering downloading and installing XAMPP in Windows 7.In this Lucid Nerd tutorial I will show you how to get up and running with XAMPP( Cross-Platform, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Pearl ) Server. I will also cover writing your first simple PHP script and show you where to save it so that the Apache web server can access it and display it in the web browser. LINKS: LUCID NERD LINKS: Subscribe: Lucid Nerd Channel Page: Lucid Nerd Blog: Follow on Twitter Facebook Page: Google+ Page: Add us to your circles. Lucid Nerd on iTunes: Lucid Nerd Channel Description: The Lucid Nerd is a channel offering beginner computer tutorials covering everything form computer basics to web development and computer programming. VIDEO RELATED LINKS: Start – Stop Microsoft’s IIS : XAMPP homepage: Apache homepage: MySQL homepage: PHP homepage: REPEATED TAGS FOR SEO: Specific Tags: XAMPP “Windows 7″ “Lucid Nerd” Tutorial Apache MySQL PHP “AMP Stack” General Tags: “Lucid Nerd” “Computer Tutorials” “Computer How To’s” “Beginner Computer Tutorials” Computer Tutorials Beginner “Web Development” “Computer Programming” “Windows 7″ “Mac OSX” Educational Help

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