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Maximize Your iCloud Storage Space by Changing Backup Settings

When your iPhone or iPad warns you iCloud is running low on storage space, you can avoid buying more space by changing what iCloud backs up. Over at the How-To Geek, they suggest looking at the app data iOS backs […]

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Fingers Crossed by Dogevualt to See It’s Backup Work

  It has confirmed that someone has stolen the kibble of Crypto Currency wrangling website   Doge vault online wallet service on 11thMay was compromised when it was attacked by a bunch of attackers. The service was disrupted and the wallet funds were tampered.   When the administrator of Doge Vault was changed, the service was halted. Read More….

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Cyber War Create a back-up Internet!

Dead Drops Cyber War create a backup internet

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Ubuntu users get cloud backup for Linux encryption keys

Cloud key management firm Gazzang is offering Ubuntu users the huge convenience of being able to securely back up and recover encryption keys used to scramble files in the home directory.

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22. HEROware-Making it Easy to Sell Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) in 3 Steps!.wmv

HEROware-Making it Easy to Sell BDR and Business Continuity-HEROware is the Fastest Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution for companies of all sizes. Using best of breed Hardware and Software from Double-Take, Dell, Microsoft and Intel, and world-wide USA based Technical Support, including HEROware supported Installation and Failback, the HERO-DefendeRx™ provides affordable data protection, ensures minimal data loss, is HIPAA and HITECH compliant and enables immediate recovery.

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ZookaWare Registry Cleaner, Spyware Removal and Backup Products Break 2010 Holiday Sales Records

ZookaWare registry cleaner, spyware removal and backup products break 2010 holiday sales records.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) January 31, 2012

ZookaWare registry cleaner, spyware removal and backup products break 2010 holiday sales records. The conclusion of the 2011 holiday season shows that it was a good year for ZookaWare’s suite of products. The company sold more of their suite of PC protection products than in years past.

Clint Ethington, CEO of ZookaWare, said, “We think there are multiple factors that contributed to the increase in holiday sales in 2011. We attribute some of the increased sales to our efforts to increase the availability of the products through point of purchase card sales at major retail outlets. In addition to that, we believe that more users are recognizing the need to keep their computers protected in order to decrease the probability that they will need to replace their equipment. It’s another way of decreasing expenditures and maximizing budget after the recent economic changes that have affected so many households and offices.”

ZookaWare’s suite of products include: RegZooka, SpyZooka and CyberBackup. The products are sold individually as well as in various combinations of products to suit specific user needs. The products compliment each other, but run separately and are in no way dependent upon each other for function. All three products experienced an increase in sales in comparison to 2010.

ZookaWare has been offering high quality PC solutions and excellent tech support since 2004. Our products are designed specifically for the average PC user. At ZookaWare they call it “designing software for people, not geeks.” The ZookaWare product suite includes: CyberBackup, RegZooka, and SpyZooka. CyberBackup provides a safety net for users by protecting their data through remote storage. RegZooka offers PC error solutions through registry cleaning. SpyZooka finds and removes spyware from PCs and also acts as a preventive measure, keeping spyware from infecting the computer. The ZookaWare suite of products was designed to work together to provide the average user with all the protection they need for their PC.

To get further information on ZookaWare or their suite of PC solutions/products contact:

Clint Ethington    

Company: ZookaWare

Phone: 800-290-9809

Email: pr(at)ZookaWare(dot)com


Clint Ethington
Email Information

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11.50.8 Iron Mountain Connected Backup Remote Command Execution

CVEs: CVE: CVE-2011-2397

Platform: Cross Platform

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Backup important files on a regular basis

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Block Level Backup for the files of any size in CloudBerry Backup for Amazon S3 and Azure.

CloudBerry Lab has released CloudBerry Backup version 2.4 – an application that allows users to backup their data online to their cloud storage accounts such as Amazon S3, Windows Azure and Google

Disaster recovery planning is often times an afterthought that comes to light when disaster strikes. Very seldom do companies fully recover from loss of critical data which could lead to loss of business.

CloudBerry Backup provides a powerful online Backup and Restore software designed to leverage Amazon S3 reliable and secure online storage to make your disaster recovery plan simple, reliable, and

New version of CloudBerry Backup comes with an ability to back up only the modified blocks of the files of any size to the Amazon S3 making the overall backup process faster and more efficient. Block Level

Backup is useful if you want to copy large files such as SQL Server Backup files, MS Exchange Database, Outlook PST files and virtual machine images.

CloudBerry Backup leverages its own data format to process the files of any size and to provide for efficient data compression, encryption and data versioning. Furthermore, CloudBerry Backup is the only client program available on the market that doesn’t require any additional server software to process the modified blocks.

CloudBerry Backup is also available as a Windows Home Server 2011 (
) and Small Business Server 2011 Essentials add-on. It integrates with the WHS console and offers scheduled backup to cloud storage, hosted on Amazon S3.

CloudBerry Backup is designed to work on Windows XP/Vista/7 and Windows Server 2003/2008. Command line interface allows partners and advanced computer users integrate backup and restore plans with other routines.

CloudBerry S3 Backup for Windows costs $29.99(US) for a single-user license. Volume discounts are available. CloudBerry Backup will be offered without charge to students, educational institutions and

non-profit organizations. You will continue to pay Amazon directly for their S3 charges.

For more information & to download the evaluation copy, visit our Web site at:

CloudBerry Backup for Windows Home Server is available at:



About CloudBerry Lab:

CloudBerry Lab was established in 2008 by a group of experienced IT professionals with the mission to help organizations in adopting Cloud computing technologies by closing the gap between Cloud vendor propositions and consumer needs through development of innovative low-costs solutions.

For more information contact:

CloudBerry Lab LLC


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Optimizing Backup and Disaster Recovery for your VMware Environment.MP4

Discover how organizations improve the reliability of backups and the recoverability of virtual machines. Supporting data growth, integrating with existing processes and protecting virtualized applications are all key components of an optimal storage solution for virtual infrastructures. Together, NETGEAR and Veeam provide integrated backup and data protection, efficient storage and simple offsite DR solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional big IT vendors

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