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IT Business Products : SSD 101

If the initials SSD fail to make your heart beat faster, you haven’t been following the latest technology news. SSD stands for “Solid-State Drive,” an electronic reinvention of the hard drive. And your PC wants one.

No Moving Parts

Machines with moving parts eventually break down; it’s a law of nature. Old-fashioned hard drives, with spinning platters, moving read-write heads, and fragile magnetic media are a perfect example. That’s why the latest electronic technology is aimed at replacing those clunky hard drives with sleek SSDs—solid-state drives that use nonvolatile NAND flash memory. Dropping an SSD into your PC is easy, especially if you choose a vendor that designs its SSDs to use the same interface as a standard hard disk drive and with the same physical dimensions.

Fast is Good

SSDs access data a lot faster than standard hard drives. For office staffers or students working on a Netbook or laptop that means less time waiting for the computer to boot up, or for data to become available. And laptop warriors will be pleased to note that SSDs use far fewer amps than hard drives. Install an SSD, and your laptop battery may last several hours longer—long enough for you to finish that report before the plane lands.

Fail-Safe Storage

Because SSDs have no moving parts, they have a huge edge over regular drives. For one thing, SSDs are more resistant to shock and vibration than hard-disk drives, with fewer potential points of mechanical failure. Also, SSDs are silent, which makes them great for PCs in living areas. Finally, they use less power and generate less heat, so they don’t require fans.

The Trade-Offs

Of course, SSDs are still more expensive, gigabyte for gigabyte, than standard hard drives. And while a new SSD may offer blazing speed, over time its performance may degrade depending on how you use the drive and how your operating system manages memory writes. Also, cheaper models are significantly slower than top-of-the-line SSD devices. And for the most part, SSDs limit you to much smaller storage capacity than do conventional hard drives – at least for now.

Bottom Line

Prices on SSDs are dropping fast as new operating systems (particularly Windows 7) take advantage of their potentially higher speeds. That means the best time to consider sliding one into your computer is right now.

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A hacker cartel is using a mysterious Flash vulnerability to steal sensitive business data

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Hackers are using a mysterious, as yet undiscovered, Flash vulnerability, to steal sensetive business data from Macbook and Windows users, according to researchers at Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky Lab revealed the campaign in a threat advisory, warning a hacker group, known as Wild Neutron is using the “unknown Flash Player exploit” to infect companies and private web users with a data siphoning malware. “The initial infection vector from the 2014-2015 attacks is still unknown, although there are clear indications that the victims are exploited by a kit that leverages an unknown Flash Player exploit,” read the advisory. The attacks have reportedly targeted businesses involved in law, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, investment, IT, healthcare, and real estate. Known targets have been detected in France, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Palestine, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, UAE, Algeria, and the United States. Kaspersky Lab director of global research and analysis team Costin Raiu said Wild Neutron’s wide range of targets is atypical and indicates the attackers are significantly more advanced than most cyber crime groups. “The group’s targeting of major IT companies, spyware developers (FlexiSPY), jihadist forums (the ‘Ansar Al-Mujahideen English Forum’) and Bitcoin companies indicate a flexible yet unusual mindset and interests,” he said. The Kaspersky researchers said […]

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IT Business Products : Top Ten Benefits of SSD

With faster boot-up time, file searches, app start-ups, and less downtime and power usage, you’ll know why Solid State Drives are the best choice, and where hard drives got their name.

Read the Expert Reviews on the SSD 470 Series.

Save precious work time with the power performance of a Solid State Drive (SSD)—and leave the office early.

1. Speed Up Your Boot-Up

SSD knows that «go» means «go». Just turn it on and begin working in less than 30 seconds.

2. Zip through File Searches

Remember the last time you attempted a simple e-mail search using a Hard Disk Drive (HDD)? Now imagine crunching that time so it’s 5x faster. That’s the power of an SSD.

3. Trim File Transfer Time by Almost a Third

Transfer and copy files thirteen minutes and five seconds faster than usual—just enough time to give you a head start on rush-hour traffic.

4. Start Applications in Seconds

Need to make a quick ten-second edit before meeting with a client? SSDs load programs such as Adobe Photoshop and PowerPoint more than twice as fast as their HDD counterparts.

5. Double File-Compilation Power

Just because programmers sit behind a computer screen all day doesn’t mean they’re immune to slowness. An SSD boasts 2x faster file-compilation times than HDD.

6. Cut Downtime by Half

Routine maintenance tasks shouldn’t disrupt your work flow. SSD cuts simple tasks such as virus scans by almost 50 percent.

7. Reduce Power Consumption

SSD requires less energy than a conventional HDD and can add an average of 30 minutes to battery life.

8. Master Multitasking

SSD smoothly handles multiple programs so you can crop photos and load game maps nearly 3x faster than with HDD.

9. Cut Video-Editing Time

Render video file clips at over 30 percent faster with SSD. You’ll be able to edit quickly and move on to your next project in no time.

10. Take it Anywhere

For work that needs to extend beyond home or office walls, SSD exceeds expectations in handling shock, vibration, and temperature extremes. Go anywhere with it.

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IT Business Products : Music Hub: All The Music You Want, All In One Place

Samsung Music Hub™ makes enjoying music easier than ever. Upload your music collection to the cloud, stream and purchase songs from an extensive catalog, and listen to personal radio—all in one app. Use these tips and tricks to learn more about how to use Music Hub’s features.

Experience Unlimited Music Access

With Music Hub, you can access millions of songs from our catalog whenever and wherever you are. Simply tap Catalog and either browse by music genre or search using the magnifying glass icon. When you find a song or album you like, either tap the title to play or tap the icon to the right to add to My Music or to a specific playlist.

Listen Offline

Music Hub allows you to store your favorite music on your device for offline listening. There is nothing worse than remembering to store music offline minutes before the flight, and spend the entire flight listening to only two or three songs. Music Hub offers the simplest way to make music available offline in just two easy steps:

Step 1: Go to My Music and select the icon to the right of the song or playlist you like.

Step 2: Tap “Download Now.” This will default to Wi-Fi® only, but you can simply adjust the settings to enable this feature over your cellular network. Once you listen to a song, it is temporarily stored on your device and displayed in a bold font to indicate offline availability.

Share a Playlist

Music Hub allows you to beam songs and playlists with another Music Hub subscriber on a Samsung Galaxy NFC-enabled device. Follow these steps to share your playlist:

Step 1: Access the playlist you’d like to share from My Music.

Step 2: Open the playlist to view the tracks.

Step 3: Hold your phone against another Music Hub subscriber’s Galaxy device (remember to turn on NFC). The playlist image will shrink.

Step 4: Tap the center of the image to beam. The playlist will instantly appear in the other subscriber’s My Music.

For more detailed instructions, check out this FAQ.

Upload Your Music to the Cloud Locker & PC Listening

We understand that over the years you’ve accumulated a lot of digital music that you most likely manage in iTunes® and Windows® Media Player. With the Music Hub Uploader, it is easy to move your entire music library to the cloud. Music Hub subscribers are given 100 GB of cloud storage, and employs Scan & Match functionality to transfer your music, cutting down on upload time and offering you higher quality files where available.

Follow these steps to upload your music from your PC to the cloud:

Step 1: From your PC, go to Music Hub.

Step 2: Run the Uploader, and select your music folder—iTunes or Windows Media Player. A notification will appear when the upload process is complete. The next time you visit Music Hub on your mobile device, your music will instantly be available in My Music.

You can also listen to your music and music from our catalog on your PC from Simply sign in with your Samsung Account, and enjoy hours of music listening.

Enjoy Personal Radio

Sometimes it’s nice to sit back and enjoy music programmed for you. With personal radio, you can enjoy personalized radio stations based on your favorite artists or songs. Follow these two easy steps and start enjoying personal radio:

Step 1: From the home screen, select the radio icon and then select Personal.

Step 2: Type an artist or song, select from one of the generated stations, and enjoy ad-free listening. Feel free to skip ahead as often as you like.

At any point, tap the circled “i” icon and view all the songs you’ve just enjoyed. You can add any of them to your own collection by clicking the “tag” icon. These songs can be found in the Tagged section later and mixed into any of your playlists.

Get Intelligent Recommendations

One of the best elements of Music Hub is that it actually gets smarter the more you listen. There are two ways to take advantage of this great feature:

1. Simply double tap the album art on the player page to see options. Select the Lightbulb icon to find similar music to what you are listening to. A list of recommended songs, albums, artists and radio stations will be generated for you.

2. From the home screen, tap the Lightbulb icon for Recommended songs. A list of songs will be generated based on the songs you’ve been listening to.

To learn more, visit our Music Hub page.

Content such as DRM content or encrypted files may not transfer to your Samsung device.

Samsung, Galaxy S and Media Hub are trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Other company names, product names and marks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners and may be trademarks or registered trademarks. Screen images simulated. Appearance of device may vary.

The above content is provided for information purposes only. All information included herein is subject to change without notice. Samsung is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, arising from or related to use or reliance of the above content.

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5 tips to protect your business against cyber crime

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

With 30,000 companies hacked every day, it’s no wonder cyber crime is ranked one of the top five risks facing businesses this year, according to the 2015 Allianz Risk Barometer report. It’s also the top emerging risk for the next five years. (See more about the other top risks facing businesses this yearhere.) So why do so many businesses still underestimate the effects of cyber attacks? Respondents of the Allianz report cite budget constraints as the primary reason for their lack of preparedness for the potential damage caused. What many business owners don’t realize is that cyber attacks cost companies an average of $720,000 per incident, taking an average of 45 days to resolve. There’s a misconception that larger companies, like the Targets and Home Depots of the world, are more likely to be the target of an attack. But, according to the National Small Business Association, 44 percent of small businesses have experienced a cyber attack. In fact, the malware attacker that accessed Target’s private data did so by using the network access privileges of one of Target’s heating and air conditioning vendors, Fazio Mechanical Services, Inc. By acting as a portal, Fazio, a $12.5 million dollar company, opened […]

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IT Business Products : Streamline Your Digital Universe with AllShare

Have you ever wished you could take all the little bits and pieces of your digital life—videos, pictures and music scattered across a half-dozen devices—and connect them all together? Now you can. Samsung’s AllShare™ lets you enjoy your entertainment and digital memories anywhere, anytime, on any device.

What is AllShare?

AllShare is Samsung’s sharing experience that enables you to access your content anywhere at any time on any digital device—transforming the way you enjoy your video, pictures, music and more. It’s based on an industry standard defined by Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) and requires a Wi-Fi network, giving any number of digital devices—HDTVs, smartphone, tablet, computers—access to one another’s files. And don’t worry about file formats: AllShare supports a wide range, including MP3 files for music, JPEG for photos, and MPEG1, MPEG2, DIVX, MPEG4, AVC for video.

Everything in Tune

AllShare weaves all the threads of your digital life into a multimedia tapestry to enjoy and share:

  • Stream photos from your smartphone straight to your television, without a stop on the computer. There’s no need to wait to email pictures or post them online for everyone to see: After a big event, just use AllShare to send pictures from Samsung smartphones and tablets straight to your DLNA-enabled television so everyone can see the highlights of the day. Or share your favorite pics with friends by streaming from your phone to their phones while hanging out at the coffee shop.
  • Get the party started with the right music. Create a festive mood by streaming your favorite tunes from your Galaxy device to your home theater system for everyone to enjoy.
  • Capture great videos and share them on the big screen. Film your son’s first football match and watch on your TV with the family as soon as you get home or relive memorable vacation moments on the hotel TV.
  • When it’s time to work, AllShare makes it easy to add snapshots to PowerPoint. Transfer cell phone snapshots to your computer. From there, you can import them directly into presentations.

With AllShare-compatible devices, you’ll have all your music, videos, photos and other media files right at your fingertips.

Getting Started

To use AllShare on your Galaxy device, launch the Allshare app then select the device with the content. The content device does not need to be the one with the app launched. Select the playing device and choose the content you want to view. AllShare can also be launched from the Gallery via the share option.

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7 things to do when your business is hacked

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

The first thing an IT security executive should do after the corporate network has been breached is fall back on the incident response plan that was put in place well before attackers got through the carefully constructed defenses. That’s what should have happened, but even if it wasn’t there are certain steps that anyone running an incident response team should follow in order to accomplish the main goal of any such cleanup: getting the network back to supporting business as usual as quickly as possible. There are seven key things breach-repair leaders should do, according to Wade Woolwine, the manager of strategic services for Rapid7, who outlined the steps last week at his company’s United customer conference. “It’s all about recovering the business back to normal operations,” Woolwine says. Here are the seven steps: Each incident may call for a different set of players. For example, if the first notification of a breach comes from the FBI calling to say it’s found out the corporate network was breached, one of the first people to call is the company legal officer. Or if the breach involves loss of critical corporate data the trade secrets that represent the value of the company […]

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It’s Your Business: My website was hacked. Here’s what I did.

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

The feeling might best be compared to the emotions I felt when my home was invaded. First there was disbelief, then anger, and finally a lingering sense of vulnerability. According to a 2013 survey by the National Small Business Association (NSBA), 44 percent of small businesses have had their websites hacked. Now, add mine to that list. The nightmare began last month with an ominous note from Google: “Our system has detected activity which may violate Google policies in…” A further read revealed that the giant search-engine and advertising company had effectively quarantined a suspect page on my website. “Malware” had been detected. A call to my developer confirmed the worst: The website I’d built with such care and expense was under “active attack,” and cleaning up the malicious files and “closing the vulnerabilities” would “run somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500 — $2,000.” (Hacker victims in the NSBA survey averaged $8,700.) Unlike the politically motivated hackers looking to advance an agenda, those who attack business websites are typically seeking cash.Once malware files are planted, hackers may gain access to business bank accounts or customer credit card data. Some malware even attaches itself to the computers of online customers, allowing […]

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Business profile: gospel singer/songwriter LJaye


singer songwriter LJayeLawrence “LJaye” James is a gospel singer and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia.  At an early age, he discovered his gift for creating music. As the son of a Pastor and Evangelist, he knew he possessed something greater than talent; he possessed the anointing of God, which allowed his voice to be used as God’s instrument through ministry. Through song, LJaye brings the spirit and glory of God wherever he ministers, whether in church, a concert, or on the street corner.

LJaye began his music career in R&B, where he was privileged to work with some of the music industry’s biggest R&B and pop artists and producers, such as singer T-Boz from theSinger Songwriter LJaye hit group TLC, mega hit producer Dallas Austin, and producer Rondeau “Duke” Williams. He has had the privilege to open for R&B star and gospel artist, Kelly Price as well as performed at the historic Apollo Theatre, where he won the competition after charming the infamous audience.

Once LJaye began working on his debut R&B album, he discovered that God had a different plan for him. After rebelling against his parents request to get back into the church and sing gospel music, LJaye found himself in trouble several times with the law and eventually was incarcerated. LJaye could no longer run from his calling and felt the presence of the Lord in his jail cell. It was there in that cell, where he wrote his hit single, “Before I Was Saved” the story of his testimony. LJaye re-dedicated his life to the Lord and vowed to do God’s work and promised to fulfill his parent’s wishes.


Singer songwriter LJayeAs LJaye found himself basking in the presence of God, his heart began to fill with songs that were birthed from his struggles, pain, defeat, and victories. Realizing that so many people can relate to his story, but are not connected to the Lord, he decided to get back into the studio to record his debut gospel album titled, “Before I Was Saved” in an effort to reach the unreached. The album was released on LJaye’s record label JayeHill Records, which he founded with his partner and music industry veteran Bobby Hill, former Vice President of Maurice Starr Enterprises (New Edition and New Kids On The Block). LJaye also enlisted producer, friend, and long time collaborator, Rondeau “Duke Williams to produce several songs on the album, as well as Courtney “CL” Horton (Deitrick Haddon and Damitia Haddon) and Larry “Detroit” Nix (R. Kelly & Gucci Man) to bring a gospel, R&B, pop, and hip hop influenced sound to compliment his message and lyrics to give non-church goers a familiar sound to deliver the word of God.

LJaye desires to use his platform to implement God’s work in an effort to reach the masses and bring them into the Kingdom of God. He is currently working on a new single that is scheduled to be released later this year.

Atlanta Free Speech salutes LJaye.

Connect with LJaye: Twitter, Facebook, Website

Make sure you download “Before I Was Saved” on iTunes.

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Business profile: attorney Shania King

Attorney Shania KingAttorney Shania King is the owner of The Law Office of Shania King, a boutique law firm offering criminal defense and intellectual property protection. She is a graduate of Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, where she was a member of the university’s political science honor society. She received her Juris Doctorate degree from Walter F. George School of Law in 2013, where she focused her studies on intellectual property.

During law school, Ms. King was a member of the Advanced Writing Certificate Program, Black Law Students Association (BLSA), Sports and Entertainment Law Society (SELS), and Mercer Technology & Intellectual Property Society (MTIPS). Ms. King interned with the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office and Rockdale County Public Defender Office as well as worked as a prosecutor in the Dougherty County District Attorney’s Office.  In addition, she is also a registered mediator in the state of Georgia.

Ms. King is an experienced attorney whose services span several fields.  Prior to opening her own law practice, Ms. King has gained expertise working in several private law firms specializing in personal injury, entertainment and sports law, and intellectual property where she drafted entertainment contracts and helped individuals trademark and copyright their intellectual property.

Ms. King’s experience is not limited to transactional law.  She has tried many cases in the courtroom as a former prosecutor and has also worked as a public defender, therefore Ms. King understands that there’s a difference between being charged with a crime and being guilty and works diligently to protect your rights.

Atlanta Free Speech salutes Shania King.

To learn more about The Law Office of Shania King, click here.

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