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7 things to do when your business is hacked

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

The first thing an IT security executive should do after the corporate network has been breached is fall back on the incident response plan that was put in place well before attackers got through the carefully constructed defenses. That’s what should have happened, but even if it wasn’t there are certain steps that anyone running an incident response team should follow in order to accomplish the main goal of any such cleanup: getting the network back to supporting business as usual as quickly as possible. There are seven key things breach-repair leaders should do, according to Wade Woolwine, the manager of strategic services for Rapid7, who outlined the steps last week at his company’s United customer conference. “It’s all about recovering the business back to normal operations,” Woolwine says. Here are the seven steps: Each incident may call for a different set of players. For example, if the first notification of a breach comes from the FBI calling to say it’s found out the corporate network was breached, one of the first people to call is the company legal officer. Or if the breach involves loss of critical corporate data the trade secrets that represent the value of the company […]

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It’s Your Business: My website was hacked. Here’s what I did.

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

The feeling might best be compared to the emotions I felt when my home was invaded. First there was disbelief, then anger, and finally a lingering sense of vulnerability. According to a 2013 survey by the National Small Business Association (NSBA), 44 percent of small businesses have had their websites hacked. Now, add mine to that list. The nightmare began last month with an ominous note from Google: “Our system has detected activity which may violate Google policies in…” A further read revealed that the giant search-engine and advertising company had effectively quarantined a suspect page on my website. “Malware” had been detected. A call to my developer confirmed the worst: The website I’d built with such care and expense was under “active attack,” and cleaning up the malicious files and “closing the vulnerabilities” would “run somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500 — $2,000.” (Hacker victims in the NSBA survey averaged $8,700.) Unlike the politically motivated hackers looking to advance an agenda, those who attack business websites are typically seeking cash.Once malware files are planted, hackers may gain access to business bank accounts or customer credit card data. Some malware even attaches itself to the computers of online customers, allowing […]

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Business profile: gospel singer/songwriter LJaye


singer songwriter LJayeLawrence “LJaye” James is a gospel singer and songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia.  At an early age, he discovered his gift for creating music. As the son of a Pastor and Evangelist, he knew he possessed something greater than talent; he possessed the anointing of God, which allowed his voice to be used as God’s instrument through ministry. Through song, LJaye brings the spirit and glory of God wherever he ministers, whether in church, a concert, or on the street corner.

LJaye began his music career in R&B, where he was privileged to work with some of the music industry’s biggest R&B and pop artists and producers, such as singer T-Boz from theSinger Songwriter LJaye hit group TLC, mega hit producer Dallas Austin, and producer Rondeau “Duke” Williams. He has had the privilege to open for R&B star and gospel artist, Kelly Price as well as performed at the historic Apollo Theatre, where he won the competition after charming the infamous audience.

Once LJaye began working on his debut R&B album, he discovered that God had a different plan for him. After rebelling against his parents request to get back into the church and sing gospel music, LJaye found himself in trouble several times with the law and eventually was incarcerated. LJaye could no longer run from his calling and felt the presence of the Lord in his jail cell. It was there in that cell, where he wrote his hit single, “Before I Was Saved” the story of his testimony. LJaye re-dedicated his life to the Lord and vowed to do God’s work and promised to fulfill his parent’s wishes.


Singer songwriter LJayeAs LJaye found himself basking in the presence of God, his heart began to fill with songs that were birthed from his struggles, pain, defeat, and victories. Realizing that so many people can relate to his story, but are not connected to the Lord, he decided to get back into the studio to record his debut gospel album titled, “Before I Was Saved” in an effort to reach the unreached. The album was released on LJaye’s record label JayeHill Records, which he founded with his partner and music industry veteran Bobby Hill, former Vice President of Maurice Starr Enterprises (New Edition and New Kids On The Block). LJaye also enlisted producer, friend, and long time collaborator, Rondeau “Duke Williams to produce several songs on the album, as well as Courtney “CL” Horton (Deitrick Haddon and Damitia Haddon) and Larry “Detroit” Nix (R. Kelly & Gucci Man) to bring a gospel, R&B, pop, and hip hop influenced sound to compliment his message and lyrics to give non-church goers a familiar sound to deliver the word of God.

LJaye desires to use his platform to implement God’s work in an effort to reach the masses and bring them into the Kingdom of God. He is currently working on a new single that is scheduled to be released later this year.

Atlanta Free Speech salutes LJaye.

Connect with LJaye: Twitter, Facebook, Website

Make sure you download “Before I Was Saved” on iTunes.

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Business profile: attorney Shania King

Attorney Shania KingAttorney Shania King is the owner of The Law Office of Shania King, a boutique law firm offering criminal defense and intellectual property protection. She is a graduate of Georgia State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, where she was a member of the university’s political science honor society. She received her Juris Doctorate degree from Walter F. George School of Law in 2013, where she focused her studies on intellectual property.

During law school, Ms. King was a member of the Advanced Writing Certificate Program, Black Law Students Association (BLSA), Sports and Entertainment Law Society (SELS), and Mercer Technology & Intellectual Property Society (MTIPS). Ms. King interned with the DeKalb County District Attorney’s Office and Rockdale County Public Defender Office as well as worked as a prosecutor in the Dougherty County District Attorney’s Office.  In addition, she is also a registered mediator in the state of Georgia.

Ms. King is an experienced attorney whose services span several fields.  Prior to opening her own law practice, Ms. King has gained expertise working in several private law firms specializing in personal injury, entertainment and sports law, and intellectual property where she drafted entertainment contracts and helped individuals trademark and copyright their intellectual property.

Ms. King’s experience is not limited to transactional law.  She has tried many cases in the courtroom as a former prosecutor and has also worked as a public defender, therefore Ms. King understands that there’s a difference between being charged with a crime and being guilty and works diligently to protect your rights.

Atlanta Free Speech salutes Shania King.

To learn more about The Law Office of Shania King, click here.

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BUSINESS Vietnamese hackers allegedly steal 50,000 accounts from local telecom giant

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

The accounts, including personal information and login credentials, belong to customers of the VNPT branch in the southern province of Soc Trang, Viet said. “Hackers targeted the software used to look up customer information hosted on an old server that is being replaced at VNPT Soc Trang,” he elaborated. Viet did not comment on the culprits behind the attack, even though Security Daily, a Vietnamese-language Internet security website, reported on Saturday that a hacker outfit called DIE Group has claimed responsibility. It may be a Vietnamese hacker group, Security Daily said. DIE Group has posted the stolen accounts on their Facebook page, saying they are from “more than 10,000 mobile phone and landline accounts of VNPT,” according to Security Daily. Security Daily said on its website that the real number of stolen accounts could be as many as 50,000, which was later confirmed by the VNPT media person. The stolen accounts include the name, address, phone number, username and password that can be used to log in to the customer service section on the VNPT Soc Trang website. “Hackers can use such information to log in and launch other attacks using the authorized access,” Security Daily warned. “The leaked information […]

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Business owner, landlord charged with ID theft

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Canandaigua, N.Y. — Investigators in Ontario County are looking into a property management business after the owner was arrested and charged with identity theft. Deputies arrested 52-year-old Randall “Randy” Holden Thursday and charged him with second-degree forgery and first-degree identity theft for allegedly stealing another person’s identity. Holden allegedly stole the victim’s identity and caused that person $7,000 in losses. Holden’s business, Five Star Property Management, is being investigated for two potential schemes. The first involves cases where potential victims may have paid money to the business or subcontractors did work but went unpaid by the business. Investigators also say Holden may have engaged in a rent rigging scheme where he would manage multiple properties and shift renters around the properties so that he could keep the first month of rent for himself, as well as security deposits. Holden was arraigned in Canandaigua Town Court and remanded to the custody of the sheriff with no bail. Any people or businesses that believe they may have been victimized by Holden or Five Star Property Management should contact the Ontario County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division at (585) 396-4638. source:

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Business profile: poet Ernestine Johnson

Ernestine Johnson

Photo by Shocphoto Imagery

Ernestine Johnson is beautiful, talented, and a phenomenal poet. Raised in Los Angeles, Calif., Johnson is touching the world without her hands, but instead by using her words. Her appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show took the world by storm as she performed her poem, “Average Black Girl.”

Johnson has always written poetry as she began writing at a very young age. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, Johnson was labeled as a “valley girl” because she had a proper speaking accent. She was told multiple times that she spoke like a “white girl,” and Johnson found this offensive as she grew older. As a result, these childhood experiences became the inspiration behind “Average Black Girl.”

“There was a point in my life where I was told I spoke like a white girl and I thought that was cool because I felt I spoke more proper than all the other black girls,” says Johnson. “It wasn’t until I became more educated, older and enlightened on who I am and where I come from that I realized that’s not okay because white people aren’t the only ones who can speak proper English.”

As an actress, Johnson encounters many types of people with different ethnicities, upbringings and beliefs. Johnson recalls the experience of a white female on set stereotyping her because of her strong speaking abilities and the way she presents herself to others. The other female told Johnson that she shouldn’t have any problems obtaining roles because she is a different type of “Black girl.” She went on to say that Johnson is more upper middle class.

“Had she said that seven years ago it wouldn’t have struck a nerve, but now that I am more educated it struck a big nerve,” says Johnson. “I need to enlighten my people, I need to enlighten my Black women and enlighten people who are not Black because they need to know we live in this brainwashed society that wants us to think and act a certain way.”

Because of where she was raised, Johnson thought the tall, blue-eyed “white girl” was the only kind of beauty as this was the only image that was depicted for her. She had the false belief of growing up seeing the “Kim Kardashians,” and the lighter skinned models and thinking that this was the truth, until Johnson realized she had to find her own truth.

“In elementary, I didn’t see girls that looked like me on the forefront, on the cover of magazines or on billboards,” says Johnson. “I had to understand this was a generational curse that we were bred this way, we were raised this way because of the things that were implemented in our minds.”

Even with these confidence issues, Johnson told her mother at the age of ten that she wanted to be an artist by acting and writing poetry. Johnson appeared on her first television show, 7th Heaven, in 1998. From there on, she has continued to flourish doing what she loves best.

“I grew up with a lack of confidence and that spins from all the images of beauty and what I thought was beauty.  I was always envious and wanted to be somebody else. I wanted to be the girl in the class everybody liked with the blonde hair and the blue eyes until I educated myself,” says Johnson.

As Johnson is in her late 20s, she can reach the minds of young females and educate them about a word she loves: integrity. As an entertainer, Johnson knows how influencing television and society can be, and she wants to be the mogul of integrity for women of all races.

“I want women to know you don’t have to do crazy things people do to be seen on TV. Women that walk with integrity, people that walk with integrity know where they’re going and no one can steer them off of that path.”

Johnson appeared in the hit movie Think Like A Man and was also featured in David Banner’s new video “Evil Knievil.” In February, Johnson appeared in the movie Hear No Evil, which aired in TV One. While she continues to grow in the art she loves, she also wants to build and intensify her poetry.

“‘Average Black Girl’ is great but I have poems that are very raw and gritty because I want to spread truth,” says Johnson. “The truth isn’t always pretty, it doesn’t always come in a pretty package, with a pretty pink bow. Sometimes it is ugly, it is chaotic, it’s gritty and it is raw.”

She vows to keep working hard and giving truth to all of her work. One of her favorite quotes is, “People won’t always remember what you do, they’ll always remember how you made them feel.”

“I didn’t know my words could help people, teach people, and heal people,” says Johnson. “I didn’t know I possessed that power. Now that I know I possess that power, I think it is my due diligence and my job to keep enlightening and spreading truth to my people and others.”

Atlanta Free Speech salutes Ernestine Johnson.

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Bank CEOs worried cyber threats will affect business growth


Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Shortly after the biggest ever web heist, new research claims that CEOs from banks are concerned over how cyber risks can damage growth. PwC’s Achieving Success Without Managing Disruption study surveyed 175 banking and capital marketing CEOs, and found that 92 per cent are feeling positive about their company’s prospects in the next few years. However, they have also expressed concerns regarding threats with potential to harm such growth. Threats include market entrants (53 per cent), cyber risks (79 per cent) and over-regulation (89 per cent). PwC published the report just days after a hacking incident was revealed by Kaspersky Lab. The hacking group, known as Carbanak, is believed to have stolen a possible £650m from 100 banks throughout the world within the past two years. The report said: “Concerns about cyber threats have shot up most compared to last year – and, in light of the recent attacks on gaming and entertainment networks, the perceived risk will only increase. The speed of technological change and the availability of key skills are other threats that have seen a marked rise in concern from CEOs.” The fact that banks have expressed such concern over cybercrime is a sign of the times […]

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Business profile: fashion designer Rafael Cox

TWA Vogue FlyerAtlanta Free Speech would like to highlight fashion designer and entrepreneur, Rafeal Cox. Rafael started his clothing line in 2008 and began selling his designs to local Atlanta boutiques.   He wears many hats as he creates his own patterns, sews garments, serves as a brand ambassador, and booking agent on any given day for his business.

Mr. Cox grew up in San Bernardino, California and Atlanta, Georgia. He had an interesting childhood since he went from growing up in a multicultural community in California to Atlanta, where things are more black and white. Rafael attended American Intercontinental University in Atlanta. He majored in fashion design and fashion marketing, graduating in 2006. Rafael’s goal is to attend Savannah College of Art and Design to receive a master’s degree in fashion design. He also wants to continue his fashion education at a Paris institution, build his own fashion institute, and ultimately take over the fashion world. The focus for his fashion institute is to teach students all elements of fashion from couture to ready-to-wear aspects. The institute would be affordable and will ensure students learn all elements of the fashion world.

Rafael’s one and only mentor is God, which is the greatest mentor he could ever ask for. He found within the initial years of his career, as an independent designer, that many people were not helpful in building his brand. As a result, Rafael spent a good portion of his time praying and asking God for guidance to lead him in the right direction to accomplish his goals.

Rafael had the opportunity to compete as a contestant on season nine of Lifetime’s hit series, Project Runway. His designs have been worn by various celebrities including Rocsi Diaz of HLN’s The Daily Share and Kalenna of the Pop R&B group ‘Dirty Money’. Rafael has also served as costume designer for Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss, during her tour with American Idol winner, Fantasia Barrino.

On Sunday, February 22, 2015 Rafael Cox Design will host The Women of Atlanta fashion show at the Georgia Freight Depot. The two-part fashion show, which benefits the Susan G. Komen breast cancer organization, will feature his latest collection and will include reality television stars and cancer survivors as models. The cancer survivors will walk the runway in pink dresses to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Atlanta Free Speech salutes Rafael Cox.

To learn more about The Women of Atlanta click here.

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April 23 – 25, 2015- he 2015 International Symposium on Business and Social Science


Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

The ISBASS Conference aims to provide a communication platform for scholars, professionals, academics and graduate students not only to present their recent and latest researches but also share their thoughts and discuss the future development in the field of business and social science, and to discuss the future developments and possible challenges faced. All theoretical, empirical and practical papers from scholars and professionals in the above fields are all highly welcome. The 2015 International Symposium on Business and Social Science (The 3rd ISBASS) is scheduled to take place in Chengdu, China, from April 22-24, 2015. source:

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