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Cloud computing and business security

Cloud computing has transformed the way companies and individuals access their data remotely. But is corporate information safe on the cloud? Related Article…

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White Cloud Security’s Trust ListingTM Protection – Putting Hackers Out Of Business

National Cyber Security

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How to protect sensitive business data and mitigate the risk of mobile malware

Halifax, Nova Scotia – Information technology supervisor explains cell phone restrictions in secure areas. Episode 333 For more information on the Canadian A…

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Cloud Security & Cloud Encryption Issues For Business’ Explained

Cloud Data Security is a major issue for any business that has operations in the cloud or planning a move to cloud based applications. Find out about ways to…

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Business profile: Lakisha Brooks

Lakisha BrooksLakisha Brooks, a native of Valdosta, Georgia, is the CEO of Brooks Enterprise and Consultants. In addition, she is a motivational speaker, author, women’s leadership and development professional and a career coach, who is motivated by education and the struggle for women’s rights.

Brooks Enterprise and Consultants is a sustainable career and leadership coaching company whose primary target is women.  The organization hosts monthly women’s leadership seminars titled “Business and Beauty” at the historic APEX Museum, where they discuss various leadership roles as they relate to those in attendance. 

Brooks’ primary goal is to implement her leadership development curriculum in corporations and organizations across the country.  The curriculum is designed to prepare high-potential female leaders for management positions.  Her mission is to challenge and educate companies on the importance of hiring and retaining top female talent.  Brooks has hosted a number of workshops and training seminars at colleges and universities across the country and hopes to one day teach at the collegiate level. Training and preparing students to be leaders in the workplace is very important to Brooks.  She is currently working on a book titled: Create the Strength, Discipline and Freedom to Define Your Best Self: A Guide for the Sustainable Leader. She hopes that this book will inspire, motivate and teach others to realize their full leadership potential. 

Atlanta Free Speech salutes Lakisha Brooks.

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Business profile: Barbara Rushing

Barbara-Rushing-Rush-2-ComputeBarbara Rushing is the founder of Rush2Compute.  Barbara runs her own business, volunteers to help the destitute learn computer skills, participates in walks to raise money for heart disease and breast cancer, and loves getting in touch with nature.

In addition to running her own organization, Barbara has over 20 years of experience working in the corporate world. Rush2Compute offers a variety of services including networking, software and hardware installation, and computer repairs.  She also offers computer classes for baby boomers and seniors with one-on-one sessions in the comfort of their homes as well as low-cost training sessions at retirement centers, such as the Smyrna Community Center, and assisted living organizations.

“Technology is here to stay,” Barbara states.  “It’s important for baby boomers and everyone to stay connected with the world, family and friends through computing technology.” Barbara loves teaching the mature generation how to use Skype, Facebook and email to keep in touch with family and friends.  This also provides the opportunity to play games, pay bills online and browse the internet for research.

Starting a business in 2009, during an economic recession wasn’t easy, but Barbara was determined to overcome any obstacle presented to her. She encourages others to have the same positive attitude towards learning new technology and when striving for their goals.  Barbara says confidently, “You can do it! I can help!”

Atlanta Free Speech salutes Barbara Rushing.

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Business profile: Nancy J. Lewis

Nancy J. Lewis

Nancy J. Lewis is the president of Progressive Techniques, Inc. Her program for middle-school girls, Divine Young Ladies, is in its sixth year of operation. When first starting this program she directed her attention to elementary school girls. However, when the mayor suggested she focus on middle-school aged girls who are at an important, pivotal time in their lives, she agreed that this was indeed a worthwhile program that needed and deserved attention.

Lewis states, “We work with urban girls who are at-risk and face challenges; my team of volunteers teaches them about character, self-esteem and how to love the skin they are in; we also talk about the importance of a quality education and having God in your life.” She believes that if you change the hearts of teen girls, then you can change their lives.

Shortly after creating Divine Young Ladies, Lewis launched a women’s entrepreneur seminar series entitled, “Transforming Women Entrepreneurs.” These quarterly seminars provide information and education for businesswomen and a place where they can connect.

Nancy J. Lewis believes that “we” as Black women and girls are important and deserve to understand the importance of loving ourselves and finding our purpose.

Atlanta Free Speech salutes Nancy J. Lewis.

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Business profile: Professor Safiya Bandele

Atlanta Free Speech would like to highlight community activist and educator Safiya Ellis Bandele. Safiya recently retired from Medgar Evers College in New York, where she served as Director of the Center for Women’s Development. Organized in 1982 as a campus-based counseling and programming unit for underserved women and families, the Center for Women’s Development assisted women in the successful pursuit of their academic degrees by providing specialized counseling and advocacy. While at Medgar Evers College, Safiya also taught English and Women’s Studies courses as well as Special Women’s Research projects in selected Brooklyn High Schools.

Safiya BandeleSafiya has lectured widely on issues affecting women, especially women of color, and has served as keynote speaker and panelist at scores of workshops and conferences on an international level including, Decatur-Clearpool Women’s Retreat, Association of Black Women Psychologists, National Conference of Black Lawyers, NYC Human Resources Administration, International Afrikan Arts Festival, and the New York State Peri-Natal Network, as well as countless local schools, churches, shelters, prisons and community organizations.

Safiya’s significant contributions have lead to many awards including, the Malcolm X Award from The EAST Organization, Outstanding Women’s Leadership Award from State Senator Velmanette Montgomery, Outstanding Community Service Award from Black Veterans for Social Justice, Oni Award from the International Black Women’s Congress, Outstanding Community Service Award from the National Association of Minority Political Women, the Ellen Lurie Award from the Community Service Society, the STARS Award from the Sojourner Truth Adolescent Rites Society, and the Shirley Chisholm Leadership Award from the Borough of Brooklyn.

In 2011, Safiya developed a one-woman performance on the late, great Ida B. Wells.  Using Wells’ statement “I am an anomaly to myself and others,” Safiya presents the life of this fierce, uncompromising woman through an hour multi-media event. Using narration, dance and physical expression, song and images, Safiya presents the significance of this “Warrior for Justice”. 

Atlanta Free Speech salutes Professor Safiya Bandele.

Connect with Safiya: Linkedin

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Are you a small business owner or an entrepreneur?

Unlocking the key to economic empowerment in the black community



Did you know that Black-owned firms account for just 7.1% of all U.S. firms and only 1.8% of companies that employ more than one person? According to a report by the Small Business Administration, Black-owned firms are not necessarily profitable either. The report found that on average, for every dollar that a White-owned firm made, Black-owned businesses made 43 cents. In the face of these grim statics about the state of Black-owned business, also consider the fact that the Nielsen Company, a global information and research firm, projects Black spending power will reach $1.1 trillion by 2015.

This data should be a sounding board for the Black communityespecially Black business owners, who will probably forfeit the lion’s share of $1.1 trillion and worse, miss out on an opportunity to reinvest those dollars back into the Black community. But even if Black-owned businesses did seize this opportunity, are there any guarantees they would re-invest those dollars and create jobs, products and services to benefit the Black community? The answer to this question depends on whether these individuals have a small business owner or an entrepreneur mindset and knowing the difference between the two.

Even though people use the terms “business owner” and “entrepreneur” interchangeably, I can tell you from my experience as an entrepreneurship trainer and coach that there are distinct differences in both the mindset and motivations of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Small business owners seem more interested in making a living, having a source of regular income, and controlling their life via self-employment. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are driven by the idea that they have the ability to make an impact on people and effectuate change. Instead of a regular income, they seek financial freedom. Entrepreneurs also thrive on providing value, collaboration and growth.

Another distinction between small business owners and entrepreneurs relates to their risk profile. Small business owners crave stability. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, take calculated risks and are willing to fail. Matters surrounding employment raise another important distinction. Small business owners tend to pay their employees at or below market rate, and typically don’t view employees as business assets. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, see employees (and customers) as huge assets to their companies and are willing to offer top salaries for their service and loyalty. But, the biggest difference that I have observed in the mindset of small business owners and entrepreneurs is a long-term vision. Entrepreneurs clearly recognize a need for systemizing, growing, and positioning the business to sell for a profit; whereas, small business owners are more likely to focus on day to day management activities, make all the decisions, and seldom have a plan for succession.

An analysis of the mindset of small business owners and entrepreneurs might not seem germane to the issue of economic empowerment for the Black community, but it is. Especially if you consider that many Black communities are inundated with liquor stores, nail salons, fast food joints, hair salons, and barber shops that typically don’t create and sustain a sufficient number of employment opportunities for Black people. This is not to suggest in any way that Black small business owners are “small minded.” There are many powerful examples of small Black business owners who make invaluable contributions to the Black communityand they are the entrepreneurs that will lead us on the road to economic empowerment!

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Business profile: Sherry Mallory

Sherry Mallory is the founder and CEO of She Bop Enterprises, Inc., which is an Atlanta-based entertainment and communications company that was established in 1991. She Bop Enterprises, Inc. is the parent company of the television production firm, She Bop Entertainment (SBE). SBE has produced television shows such as Out N’ About with She Bop, Sports Profile Special, and Music Video Pixx. Over the course of a decade, SBE programs have aired on PTV 12, CAU TV 3, and WB 36.

Sherry MalloryA native of southwest Atlanta, Sherry was still in high school when she began her career in entertainment at the age of 16. She has worked as a stand-in for the television series, In the Heat of the Night (1988-1994), as well as Spike Lee’s School Daze (1988) and Drop Squad (1994). After six years on the set of In the Heat of the Night, Sherry began bartending in order to save money so she could launch her own talk show, She Bop Entertainment, with her long-time friends and co-producers Russell Watkins and Vince Haney. Their 1st episode aired in 1993 on public access People TV Cable Network Channel 12.

Now known as Out N’ About with She Bop, her television program is in its18th season and has had featured guests including, Gladys Knight, Mary J. Blige, B2K and Nelly just to name to a few. SBE’s shows have also covered events such as the 2nd and 3rd Annual BET Awards, Atlanta’s For Sister’s Only convention, The Budweiser Superfest, The Black Expo, The Universoul Circus. Her show has also provided exclusive media coverage for the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks and other numerous sports events in the city of Atlanta.  

Sherry is a proud member of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists. She is an active leader in her community who donates her time to many non-profit organizations throughout the metro Atlanta area. Sherry was honored in 1997 with the “Ritz Roast Award” by Entertainment Atlanta USA magazine.  That same year, ARI Records acknowledged her as “Talk Show Host of the Year.” Sherry has also been featured in the Atlanta Rhythm Times as well as the Georgia Sentinel Bulletin, and Rolling Out Magazine.

Atlanta Free Speech Salutes Sherry Mallory.

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