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Twinings Tea Company hacked, 1,600+ consumer credentials leaked

A hacker using the handle @D0ct0r_Inj3ct0r has posted a leak of data to pastebin that comes from one of the worlds largest and well known Tea companies, Twinings. View full post on Cyber War News

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Ford Motor Company Hacked By NullCrew

Hacker collective NullCrew has today announced an attack on Ford Motor Company. The attack comes less then 24hrs after the release of a various account dumps from the united states government including the military. View full post on Cyber War News

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ARES Software spins off government security solutions company

Top Priority Sector:  perimeter_protection Image Caption:  ARES modeling ARES Software has spun off its ARES Security Corporation as a separate company to serve the government and commercial security markets.  The new company, said ARES Software, will provide software and services that leverage 3D modeling and simulation technologies to visualize, analyze, and optimize security environments. Homepage [...]

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Australian Company pays 3k Ransom to hackers has reported that an Australian based company have been at the center of a extortion case after hackers took control of their computer systems. View full post on Cyber War News

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Russian Auto Company Hacked, Data Leaked

A few days ago hacker group Nullcrew aka @OfficialNull announced that they had access to a Russian based auto company and they published its database layout with table and row names. View full post on Cyber War News

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Tehran Water Company Hacked again, taken offline by yourikan

A hacker using the handle yourikan has been in contact with us as well as many other media company’s over the past few days in relation to a bunch of Iranian based websites that have been attacked. View full post on Cyber War News

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London SEO Company

B Kalia of the London SEO Company talks to Sky News about Cyber Warfare and how countries are engaging war via cyber attacks.

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Feds penalize company for illegally exporting strait jackets and other restraints

Jacob Goodwin Top Priority Sector:  law_enforcement_first_responders Image Caption:  Bed restraints exportedby Humane Restraints, Inc. The U.S. Department of Commerce announced on July 16 that it has reached a settlement with Human Restraints, Inc., of Waunakee, WI, which it says exported […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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Flashback Trojan still on 650,000 Macs, security company discovers

The Mac Flashback Trojan was still installed on more than half a million Apple computers late last week and is declining only slowly, Russian security company Dr. Web has reported.

Although all security companies now agree that the best days of Flashback (or ‘Flashflake’) are now behind it, the new numbers suggest a greater level of infection than that has been reported by rivals.

Measured by UUID device identifiers, Dr. Web now believes that at its greatest extent the bot was around 817,000 machines, with an average of 550,000 contacting the command and control servers during any 24-hour period.

By 19 April the bot was communicating with 566,000 Macs, down from 673,000 three days earlier, still considerably higher than Symantec’s estimate last week that the bot’s size had shrunk to 270,000 infected systems, and Kaspersky’s figure of 237,000 on 14 and 15 April.

Some of the confusion could be down to measuring the bot using either IP addresses or device IDs (UUIDs), and doing so at different points in time.

However, Dr. Web thinks it has a better explanation for the understands this discrepancy, which, it said, has to do with attempts by an unnamed entity (presumably a security company) to block the bot’s activity.

Infected bots had been connecting to a server at, which was putting them into a suspended state. All machines doing this would no longer be able to communicate and be registered as ‘active’ by security company sinkholes despite still being infected.

“This is the cause of controversial statistics — on one hand, Symantec and Kaspersky Lab reported a significant decline in the number of Backdoor.Flashback.39 bots, on the other hand, Dr. Web repeatedly indicated a far greater number of bots which didn’t tend to decline considerably,” the company argued.

At least one security company – Mac security specialist Intego – agrees with Dr. Web’s contention that Flashback’s infection numbers have recently been underestimated.

“Intego has analyzed the malware, and, following discussions with other security companies, has determined that not only are these numbers [the lower estimates] incorrect, they are underestimating the number of infected Macs,” the company announced in a Friday blog post.

If this is correct, it does at least mean that while infected, these machines are now dormant and presumably beyond the control of the bot controllers.

On Friday, Kaspersky offered more information on how the malware was able to infect its victims through WordPress blog sites that had been compromised to host a malware redirection script.

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Facebook buys ‘The Hacker Company’ sign for its headquarters

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