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Importance of marketing in a digital world

In today’s world, anyone can be anywhere with the click of a button; we can see or purchase anything we desire. On the other hand, we can also have access to the undesirable things. For big and small businesses, this one-click truth can make or break companies, which will either make bank or bankrupt their financial holdings.

Social Media MarketingIt is crucial to properly inform the public and consumers, spread and maintain a good reputation, and promote products, services, and goodwill for both small and big businesses on the large Internet platform. Furthermore, the Internet brings connectivity. With connectivity comes social media. Social media brings comments, compliments, degradations, and libel. Therefore, social media also needs its own form of successful marketing just like the Internet does in general. These two forms of marketing are crucial complimentary components in today’s world. With the combination of these two virtual marketing strategies plus formal marketing strategies, small and big businesses can advertise successfully.

Social media marketing extends past the Internet websites and into the everyday lives of consumers and potential consumers. Social media is where more and more people express their opinions, good or bad, which can spread nationally and globally within a few minutes. For businesses, especially small businesses who rely more on reputation and word of mouth marketing than big businesses, controlling their reputation on this large platform of instant social gratification or degradation is key to a successful future return and gaining new consumers. Social media marketing is not only influential and crucial, but it is accessible and somewhat more affordable than traditional marketing strategies.

Overall, social media marketing is crucial to any size business in today’s world as it is quick, accessible, and affordable. There will be quick notoriety, notifications, and responses to anything uploaded, commented, “liked”, or tweeted. This can either be bad or good. If bad, corrections can be made quickly while maintaining a good reputation, keeping consumer and social goodwill, and being cost effective. If good, then the promotion, product, or service will spread farther and quicker than any other media platform. Social media marketing is the key to any successful marketing plan for any business in today’s world.

Source: Forbes 

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Security industry ‘close’ to losing digital war – Watchguard


The security business is “close” to losing its war against cybercriminals as bugs and malware, for example, Cryptolocker and Heartbleed undermine to distance ordinary clients from the web. That is the stark cautioning of Alex Thurber, VP of offers at Watchguard, a 20-year veteran of the security business. Conversing with CRN yesterday at Infosecurity Europe, Thurber conceded the business had neglected to keep pace with the new type of dangers that have had the capacity to sidestep conventional protections.”Eventually, we hazard losing the regular client,” he said. “On the off chance that they’re stressed over utilizing the web on the …continue reading

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Milken 2014: Russia could wage digital war on U.s.


LOS ANGELES — Russia, irritated by the Obama organization’s approvals over Ukraine, could strike once more at the U.s. through digital warfare — then deny the ambush ever occurred, a previous top knowledge official said Tuesday. Russia, recognized the second nation most adroit at digital warfare after the U.s., could utilize a strike on American workstation frameworks as an approach to look for reprisal on the U.s., said Richard Clarke, a top counter-terrorism and brainpower official for both the Clinton and George W. Bramble organizations. Previous Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who joined Clarke and previous National Security Agency Deputy Director …continue reading

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ARY DIGITAL Got Hacked By Pakistan Haxors Crew

These days Black Hat Hacking is at rise in Cyber World , Hacker’s Concentrating on Defacing and Harming the admin data , Many High Profile sites hacked day by day .
Same thing happen by Pakistani Hackers , A Group of Pakistani hackers Known as
                                     ” Pakistan Haxors Crew”
” H4$N4!N H4X0R ” from Pakistan Haxors Crew Hacked into Famous Pakistan TV Channel website
“Ary Digital” .

Hacker didn’t clear the reason for hack and deface the site , just he left the message that the site security is too low . That’s why hackers targeted that site and give them a security warning .
There were a page added into the site , the main site ” ” didn’t hacked the hacker add a page by name of ” ” and left the message and waring for the site admin .

At the time of writing the site was still hacked and showing the hacker defaced page , Following is the screen shot the site was showing at the defaced time .

link :
Mirror :

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Canon celebrates two milestones: #1 share in interchangeable lens market and production of 250 million digital cameras

Top Priority Sector:  video_surveillance_cctv Canon U.S.A., Inc., a provider of digital imaging solutions, today announced that its parent company, Canon Inc. Read More….

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Episode 2 – Assange and Digital Democracy

Hotspots Documentary Review Show looks at Assange And Digital Democracy.…

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Datacard Group acquisition of Entrust expected to strengthen identity and transaction security across digital, mobile, and cloud

Top Priority Sector:  access_control_identification Datacard Group of Minnetonka, MN, a major producer of secure ID and card personalization solutions, has announced the successful purchase of Entrust, Inc. Read More….

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Kenya: Regional ICT Ministers Converge in Kenya to Discuss Infrastructure, Cyber-Security and Digital Migration Issues

  ICT ministers from Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan are meeting in Nairobi to discuss the integration of ICT infrastructure in the East African region. The meeting is expected to discuss among other issues the harmonization of policy regimes among the four countries that utilize especially fiber from Kenya among other crucial infrastructure. Other issues on the table […]

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Evansville (IN) police department orders 150 officer-worn video systems from Digital Ally

Top Priority Sector:  law_enforcement_first_responders Following a 60-day evaluation of the major body cameras on the market, the Evansville (Indiana) police department selected Digital Ally’s FirstVu HD for its officers. Read More….

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DW Akademie open online workshop: Digital Safety for Journalists

  The free of charge workshop runs from December 2 to 6, 2013, and is open to journalists and others interested in the Internet safety and surveillance issues that have been much discussed in the wake of the NSA scandal. Journalists can find answers to questions they are increasingly asking themselves: How careful do they
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