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U.S., China: Cyber Peace Deal To Be Signed Despite Chinese Hacker Discovery?

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A cyberwar peace deal might be among the core issues that will be addressed in the impending state visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping later this week the United States, after both countries have accused each other of spying, according to The Register. The World Wide Web has recently been the newest domain for warfare between rival countries, with established superpowers such as the U.S. and emerging powers like China both upgrading and training their army of cyberwarriors. A recent cyberattack veiled as an email containing a Microsoft Word document has been found to contain a software that searched American computers for sensitive information, automatically uploading it to a client in China. Upon investigation by U.S. security researchers, it was found that the data being taken from computers in the U.S. was being sent to Ge Xing, a member of a Chinese military reconnaissance unit, reports MSN News. The Chinese president however, denies the claim that China has been initiating cyberattacks to the United States. “The Chinese government does not engage in theft of commercial secrets in any form,” he said, according to The Wall Street Journal. Security analysts, however, have reacted to the Chinese president’s statement with skepticism, stating that […]

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Federal law enforcement agents will use Web crawler from X1 Social Discovery

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Goodreads evolution from discovery platform to reader community

Last week, O’Reilly GM and publisher Joe Wikert reviewed Goodreads’ CEO Otis Chandler’s TOC session, in which Chandler presented the results of a recent Goodreads readers survey. One of the interesting pieces from the survey covered the effectiveness of Goodreads … View full post on O’Reilly News and Commentary

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E Discovery Inc Video | Computer Forensics in Bellevue eDiscovery Inc. was founded by Allison Goodman in March 2006 to help attorneys and paralegals navigate the confusing world of digital data. Allison has more than 20 years of experience working with attorneys and understands the pressures of the law firm environment. She is a certified computer forensic examiner and previously worked for a pioneering computer forensics company and a national consulting firm. 12532759 Computer, Electronic, Case, Law, Litigation, Data, Mediation, Forensics, Media, Digital, Internet, Web, Website, Site, Firm, Bellevue, Seattle, Washington

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StoneTurn Announces Bay Area eDiscovery Alliance with BlackStone Discovery

StoneTurn, a dispute consulting firm with offices throughout the US and UK, has formed a strategic alliance with BlackStone Discovery, a leading provider of litigation support services for law firms and corporations.

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Trend Micro brings intrusion detection back from cloud with Deep Discovery

Trend Micro today announced Deep Discovery, a threat detection tool designed to monitor network traffic in order to detect signs of stealthy attacks aimed at stealing corporate data.

Deep Discovery is intended to focus on the question, “Is there human attacker activity in the network?” says Kevin Faulkner, senior enterprise product marketing manager at Trend Micro.

He acknowledges Deep Discovery in large part represents a wholesale re-engineering of what Trend Micro previously called its Threat Management System, released last year. “It was rebuilt from the ground up,” says Faulkner, noting that more than 500 business customers are now using it.

Some of the ways in which Deep Discovery is different from the past, he says, is it now has three times the processing power and takes what was a cloud-based management console, moving it out of the cloud and putting that console and analysis functions into the physical form that’s now installed on the customer premises.

“Our customers didn’t want this management running in cloud,” says Faulkner. The product also has a security sandboxing feature that can allow malware to be safely detonated and observed.

Available as an appliance or software, the roadmap for further development of Deep Discovery includes giving it a capability to identify and track mobile devices and tell what apps they’re accessing when their users have been granted access to the corporate network. Other roadmap goals, which should make it into the next release later this year, include templates for data loss prevention so that sensitive information, such as Payment Card Industry cardholder data, for example, could be flagged if it appears to be traversing the network inappropriately.

With Deep Discovery, Trend Micro roughly aims to compete against the NetWitness threat analysis product, which was acquired by RSA, the security division of EMC. Today, RSA also announced an expansion to the NetWitness Live 2.1 service of automated threat intelligence feeds intended to be correlated in the NetWitness appliance to deliver actionable information.

According to Sam Curry, chief technology officer for identity and protection at RSA, the NetWitness Live service, which operates around the clock, aggregates relevant threat intelligence from more than 100 sources. Some of the new data sources include the RSA CyberCrime Intelligence service and the RSA eFraud Network, which are said to together aggregate fraud intelligence from 500 million networked devices and 250 million users worldwide.

New third party intelligence feeds include VeriSign Threat Indicators and Critical Intelligence. For malware analysis, NetWitness Spectrum Live gains feeds from Bit9 and ThreatGRID.

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