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Washington State Bill Would Add Prison Time For Drone Crimes


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OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — If a drone aircraft is used for a crime, from running drugs to scoping a house for robbery, prosecutors would be able to seek an extra year in prison for the offenders under a bill now before Washington state lawmakers. The Senate Law and Justice Committee held a hearing Tuesday morning on Sen. Pam Roach’s proposal to add the allegation of a “nefarious drone enterprise” to Washington criminal law, which she said was an effort to get ahead of the emerging technology of advanced, affordable personal-use unmanned aircraft. Related: New Laser Gun Can Shoot Down Drones Related: Google Building Fleet Of Package-Delivering Drones The state currently has no restrictions on the use of drones, although 20 other states have enacted laws on drone-related issues. “It’s potentially a big tool for people that want to do wrong, and I’d like to let everybody know right away through law, don’t do it,” said Roach, a Republican from Auburn. Her bill would add a year to the sentencing range that dictates how judges can punish an offense. At least three other bills concerning drones have been filed in the Legislature this session in the wake of Gov. Jay Inslee’s […]

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Drone Can Steal Data and Passwords From Your Cell Phone

Hackers have developed a drone that can steal the contents of your smartphone — from your location data to your Amazon (AMZN, Fortune 500) password — and t…

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“Riot Control” Drone Will Shoot Pepper Spray Bullets At Protesters

We know how drones are used for surveillance, target killings or in some cases to save human lives, but now a South African company known as Desert Wolf told the BBC they have received orders for their riot drone ‘’Shunk’’. Read More….

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Triathlete injured by “hacked” drone !


  Australia : A Drone owned and operate by a film company Crashed at Triathlete. The Drone was collecting Photos of the event from 30 feet high. The Drone Operator Warren Abrams of New Era Photography and Films told the news agencies that Suddenly he loose control on the Drone and his equipment was jammed , while the drone was in control of someone else. He further added “an attacker using a “channel hop” attack to take control away from me. a similar incident caused me to lose control over the drone earlier”. Triathlete Raji Ogdensaid ” the drone hit …continue reading

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Drone Survival Guide

Drone Survival Guide: Here it is. Your free, and downloadable, drone survival guide. View full post on Your Anon News Read More….

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Aren’t Drone Strikes Terrorism? Obama Admin Answers

“No military tactic has been more employed, and more controversial, in the “Global War on Terror” than the “air strike” — whether from drones, jets, or even …

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True mission of US drone Did Iran hack a stealth US drone?

The drone recently downed in Iran really was spying on the country. Chris Lawrence reportsU.S. officials confirm what the drone was really doing inside Iranian airspace. Chris Lawrence reports.

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Highly secret stealth drone RQ-170 downed in Iran

NBC News: “Drone that crashed in Iran last Thursday was on a mission for the CIA, and is now in the hands of Iran’s military” Iranian PressTV says that it happened on Dec. 4 : “On Sunday December 4, the […] ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

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US killer spy drone controls switch to Linux

The control of US military spy drones appears to have shifted from Windows to Linux following an embarrassing malware infection.

Ground control systems at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada, which commands the killer unmanned aircraft, became infected with a virus last September. In a statement at the time the Air Force dismissed the electronic nasty as a nuisance and said it posed no threat to the operation of Reaper drones, but the intrusion was nonetheless treated seriously.

“The ground system is separate from the flight control system Air Force pilots use to fly the aircraft remotely; the ability of the pilots to safely fly these aircraft remained secure throughout the incident,” it said.

The discovery of the virus was nonetheless hugely embarrassing for the Air Force. The credential-stealing malware, first reported by Wired, made its way from a portable hard drive onto ground systems, which control the drones’ weapons and surveillance functions. Portable disks are used to load map updates and transfer mission videos from one computer to another, Defense News added.

“The malware was detected on a standalone mission support network using a Windows-based operating system,” a US Air Force statement at the time explained. “The malware in question is a credential stealer, not a keylogger, found routinely on computer networks and is considered more of a nuisance than an operational threat. It is not designed to transmit data or video, nor is it designed to corrupt data, files or programs on the infected computer. Our tools and processes detect this type of malware as soon as it appears on the system, preventing further reach.”

Drone units were advised to stop using the removable drives to prevent another outbreak. Behind the scenes other changes appear to have been made: screenshots of drone control computers uploaded by security researcher Mikko Hypponen suggest that at least some of the consoles have been migrated from Microsoft Windows to open source Linux.

Photos of US drone control systems taken in 2009 (here) and 2011 (here) provide evidence of the change – in the earlier picture the Windows desktop GUI can be easily discerned whereas the latter slide indicates the new systems are Linux-based and have “improved displays”.

The 2009 photo originally came from the air force base’s website but the image has since been removed. A cropped copy can be found here. The 2010 slide came from an unclassified presentation on the US’s unmanned drone operations.

Hypponen told The Reg: “If I would need to select between Windows XP and a Linux based system while building a military system, I wouldn’t doubt a second which one I would take.” ®

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Video: Obama asks Iran to return downed drone

The White House has asked the Iranian government for the drone that was downed in their country as military officials claim they have retrieved the data necessary to reproduce the aircraft. Scott Pelley reports.

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