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Research Finds MAC Address Hashing Not a Fix for Privacy Problems

research project done by a graduate student at Stanford on the security of hashed MAC addresses in retail analytics software has shown that to be true once again.
One of the things that has raised the hackles of privacy advocates in recent years is the rise of passive tracking of consumers’ mobile devices as they move through stores, coffee shops, malls and other locations. Retailers can use software that detects the network announcements that cell phones with WiFi and Bluetooth enabled make periodically in order to track a given person’s device. This allows retail analytics firms to build databases that include the various locations that a device has been tracked in over a period of time.
This presents some rather obvious privacy issues, because most consumers have no idea that their devices are sending out these signals, let alone that retailers are gathering the information and building massive databases with the results. In October, a code of conduct surrounding retail analytics was released, and one of the provisions is for firms to hash the MAC addresses of users’ devices after they’re collected as a way to preserve users’ privacy. Jonathan Mayer, a PhD student at Stanford University, decided to take a look at how difficult it would be to reverse the hash of a given device’s MAC address, something that is meant to be quite difficult.
Hash functions take an input, in this case a device’s MAC address, and produce a random series of letters and numbers as the output, the hash value.

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Couple finds racial slur on key chain tag


A Georgia couple says they’re still in shock after they were the target of racism at a popular local restaurant. Photo: WSB-TV

EAST POINT, Ga. — A Georgia couple says they’re still in shock after they were the target of racism at a popular local restaurant.

A U.S. Army sergeant major just back from Kuwait and his wife went to Spondivits in East Point on New Year’s Day, but what they found on their key ring when they got home left them deeply hurt.”I shouldn’t have to feel this way,” said Candea Aarons.When Candea and her husband Sam got home they noticed the tag left by the man who they say valet parked their car, with the words “jungle fever,” a derogatory slur used to describe interracial couples.”We have never been so blatantly described in such a blatantly appalling manner ever,” Candea Aarons said.Aarons said the ugly message left her and her husband deeply hurt.”We had no idea that the valet was looking at us or thinking of us in such a manner,” she said.

Channel 2 investigative reporter Aaron Diamant asked for an explanation, but Spondivits leaders refused our requests for an on camera interview.

The restaurant’s chef, Glenn Gane, told Diamant the valet worked for a contractor called APS Valet.

In a statement, Gane said, “Spondivits does not tolerate racial speech of any kind.”

Later, APS Valet’s owner told Diamant by phone that “the valet in question is no long working with APS. APS does not tolerate racism of any kind whatsoever.”

But Candea Aarons said the fact the valet got fired is little consolation.

“I was unaware, I was unprepared and I was unaware racism is alive and well,” she said.

Neither Spondivits or APS Valet would identify the name of the fired valet, but the Aarons said the individual was African-American.

By Aaron Diamant, WSB-TV

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Government shutdown had remarkably broad impact across U.S., survey finds

Top Priority Sector:  federal_agencies_legislative The 16-day shutdown of the U.S. Government in October 2013 had widespread business and personal impacts that reached far beyond the federal sector and well outside the Washington, D. Read More….

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NSA-grade surveillance software being sold to oppressive regimes, report finds

  Advocacy group Privacy International has put together an extensive report on the powerful surveillance technologies being sold by private companies. The findings, it says, are “downright scary” and show that private companies are capable of acquiring spying tools just as capable as what the NSA and GCHQ are using. The details have all been collected in a
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ESSENCE Study Finds Most Black Women Portrayed Negatively In Media

A study conducted by ESSENCE magazine regarding images of black women in the media revealed that most respondents saw themselves negatively represented in the media. Using a series of categories, the study finds that despite strides made in Hollywood and the small screen, successful portrayals of

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Cyber-security talent pipeline not being fed by high schools, Raytheon survey finds

Top Priority Sector:  education_training Image Caption:  Eighty-two percent ofmillenials protect theirlaptops with passwords Read More….

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Threat at home has shifted from radicalized groups to radicalized individuals, report finds

Top Priority Sector:  law_enforcement_first_responders A new report released by the Bipartisan Policy Center’s (BPC) Homeland Security Project onj September 9 found that the most imminent threat to the U. Read More….

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Study Finds 79% Of Malware Targets Android Devices, 0.7% For iOs

When it comes to malware on our mobile devices, malware on Android seems to be making the news more often than not, and according to a study conducted by the US government and published on Public Intelligence has found that 79% of malware threats were targeted at Android, while iOS 7 was only at 0.7%,
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Dr. Neil Warren Finds Love on

r. Neil Clark Warren, founder of, has found his new love at “It’s a Match,” said Warren. “I could tell immediately when I saw Olga that her and I would be matched on 27.3 of 29 dimensions.” Warren says that he used because it doesn’t limit the age range of the people you search [...]

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Online Dating Tips: Amy Webb Finds True Love Code

Amy Webb offers tips and tricks to finding true love on the Internet. Read More….

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