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Moroccan hackers defaced Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia website

teen hacker

The official website of prevention program of injuries and accidents – Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia( and defaced by ‘Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail’. This is not the first time the site being targeted by hackers – Earlier this year, a hacker going by handle ‘Dr.SHA6H’ also defaced the website After defacing the site was showing a picture of Mohamed Morsi The President Of Egypt and member in the Muslim Brotherhood with a clear message in arabic which said : “Penetration in response to a statement by the Ministry of Interior inclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood in the list of terrorist groups.” …continue reading

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Anonymous Hackers Launches #OpisrealBirthday , Israel under massive Cyber Attacks

Hundreds of websites of Israeli ministries and organizations came under attack by Anonymous early Monday as part of the hacktivist group’s anti-Israel operation, dubbed #OpIsrael.

“On April 7, 2014, we call upon our brothers and sisters to hack, deface, hijack, database leak, admin takeover, and DNS terminate the Israeli Cyberspace by any means necessary,” the hackers threatened.

This step taken by the hacker is an act of protest against Israel’s policies,which affected everyone especially Palestine. 

“The further assault on the people of Gaza, who have been flooded by your sewage, terrorized by your military apparatus, and left to die at the border while waiting for medical attention will NOT be tolerated anymore,” the statement read. 

“We will not stop until the police state becomes a free state and Palestine is free.”

On a website dedicated to the event, – AnonGhost – posted a video which said that the attack will target every possible Israeli website and take them down, in order to show solidarity with Palestine.

In March, hackers from AnonGhost claimed to have crashed  Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development websites. The group posted the logins and passwords of the website’s users.
The first cyber-attack against Israel were launched by Anonymous during and Israeli assault on Gaza in November 2012. Around 700 Israeli websites, including high-profile government sites such as the Foreign Ministry and the Israeli President’s official website, were taken down. Also, Anonymous posted the personal data of 5,000 Israeli officials online.
The websites of the Israeli parliament, ministries and other government organizations stopped operating for some time after last year’s attack, which also took place on April 7.
Now again they called for an attack Also called OpIsraelBirthday, the cyber-attacks were launched on 7 April to coincide with the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, with most websites knocked offline by distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS).

Last year these were the same group of hackers united from around the world against Israeli cyber space. Let’s see what they will do this time.

Stay with us as we will be updating you as we get more information

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Another Hackers Busted for telecom data leak.

Federal investigation agency has arrested a hacker for stealing the database of a telecom company in Pakistan. FIA and NR3C with the help of local authorities traced down and arrest a hackers, who they claimed, had brok into Warid’s servers, stolen the companies customers’ database and uploaded it online on his website. The suspect, Mubashar Shahzad , a resident of Kasur, is believed to have downloaded Warid Telecom’s customer information from the company’s databases and exposed it online, which was published on , a site hosted with HosterPK. Investigation was launched after a senior Management official at Warid filed …continue reading

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Two Hackers Plead Guilty in $15 Million Cybercrime Operation

Two American hackers have admitted to have stolen some $15 million, before a New Jersey court, authorities say. Robert Dubuc, 40, of Malden, Massachusetts, and Oleg Pidtergerya, 49, of Brooklyn, New York, pleaded guilty to wire fraud conspiracy, conspiracy to commit access device fraud and identity theft before U.S. District Judge Peter Sheridan in Trenton federal court. 

U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman in a statement said that both the men had been involved in a campaign to “cash out” bank accounts and pre-paid debit cards opened in the names of others. 

He said The hackers tapped into accounts in 2012 and 2013 at global financial businesses and institutions – Citibank N.A., JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A., PayPal, TD Ameritrade, the U.S. Department of Defense, TIAA-CREF and others – and diverted money to accounts and debit cards they controlled, Fishman said. They then employed “cash out” operations, using people who would withdraw the stolen funds at ATMs and with fraudulent purchases in New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Georgia and elsewhere. 

Wire fraud conspiracy carries a potential sentence of 20 years in prison, while the other two charges each carry the possibility of five years in prison, as well as heavy fines. 

Sentencing was scheduled for July 7 for Pidtergerya and July 8 for Dubuc. The investigation was carried out by US Federal Agencies.

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Hackers use security camera DVRs for bitcoin Mining

Security researchers at the SANS Institute’s Internet Storm Center has reported that hackers are using DVRs, a device which receive and process images from security camera, as Bitcoin mining rigs. 

The malware is compiled for ARM CPUs, so it’s a specialist nasty. They hackers have created a custom code which can be injected into DVRs. For this hackers will have to brute force or social engineer the passwords. 

In case of security cameras the password is usually easy can be brute forced with in short period. After getting administerative privileges, hackers will install a simple yet nasty malware on the host machine. 

This malware scans for vulnerable Synology Disk Stations as well as attempting tomine BitCoins. “The malware is an ARM binary, indicating that it is targeting devices, not your typical x86 Linux server,” explains SANS Institute researcher Johannes Ullrich in a write-up . 

The malicious code is only scanning for vulnerable Synology Disk Stations and not doing anything on these insecure networks attached storage devices, at least for now.

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Hackers Target Al Arabiya, Leak Passwords After Exploiting Zimbra Vulnerability. 

Hackers associated with notorious LullzCrew are back in public stunts. Yesterday they targeted Al Arabia, Saudi owned Tv Channel, and leaked its sensitive data. Lullz Crew says it’s back again and now it has teamed up with Horsemen of Lullz, another hacktivist group, to launch a massive operation against the system. Lullz Crew had been in news for attacking largest media organization before. 

This time too, they have targeted Al Arabia, the leading media franchise in Middle East. The hackers wrote in a statement next to the data they leaked, ” Al Arabiya is the second largest news agency in the Middle East. 

Considering we’ve been targeting large media corporations? Well, it falls right into our range; So, without further ado. NullCrew and The Horsement Of Lulz persent to you? The candies,” The hackers exploited the vulnerability in email and web client software Zimbra to gain access to data. LullzCrew told Softpedia that they have got access to a huge amount of data , “Do we plan to release more? It all depends on how much use it holds to us, things of particular use can be used over, and over again. We treat certain data the same way we treat 0day. Why leak it when it can be used properly down the road?” they told in a Twitter message.

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Central bank of Russia Gets Hacked by Hackers

Central bank of Russia gets Hacked Early Today before a meeting  on Interest rates.The central bank is widely expected to keep key rates unchanged after raising them two weeks ago, after a declaration by President Vladimir Putin that Russia has the right to invade Ukraine sent the ruble and Moscow stocks tumbling.
Bank said in a statement:-
“The site of the central bank is experiencing problems due to a hacker attack,”
The site,,  is still down . and bank is looking into it for security flaw.

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WinRAR File Extension Spoofing helps Hackers to Hide Malwares

WinRAR , a tool which is mostly used by 90% of the people around the world to compress files or to extract ZIP files which are already compressed. WinRAR is even the most famous and much popular than other tools which compress or extract ZIP files.

Imagine that you opened a RAR file which had some images or some mp3 music files but when you played or opened any single of them , it installed a malware on your system. Wouldn’t that be dangerous ? Yes ! obviously it will be ! This file extension spoofing vulnerability was discovered by a Israeli security researcher Danor Cohen (An7i)

The WinRAR File Extension Spoofing was done by an Israeli security researcher , he used a hex editor in which he noted that WinRAR adds two things in an archive file , it adds first name and second name of file. First name of the file contains the name of the original file and the second name contains the file name with extension which shows in WinRAR GUI window. Danor Cohen just edited the second name to “FAX.png” as the original malware name and extension was “FAX.exe“.

This helped him to get victims trapped easily as when they open any format file which is shown in WinRAR GUI window , it shows some other file extension but it runs a malware with .EXE extension and the attacker successfully gets access to the victims computer.

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Hackers Can Unlock Tesla Cars by Stealing Owners’ Passwords 

Corporate security consultant and Tesla owner Nitesh Dhanjani said that hackers can potentially unlock Tesla cars by stealing owner’s password. Tesla cars are password protected. When a customer buys the car he will be required to obtain a password from Tesla’s official website.
 The password that’s set by Tesla owners when they create an account is six characters long, and it must contain at least one number and one letter. This makes the password easy to obtain with brute-force attacks. Since it’s only 6 characters long, it’s not difficult to crack. 
Furthermore, there are no account lockout policies for incorrect login attempts. Nitesh Dhanjani says hackers can also employ certain other methods to obtain the password which may include phishing and social engineering. Nitesh said the if hackers get access to password they can lock and unlock the car can steal valuables placed inside. 
Hacker can also flash lights and can remotely locate the cars. Nitesh has submitted the findings to the company. Tesla assured that it will consider all possible risk and take the necessary measures accordingly.

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Exclusive : its not only Hackers , Journalists are also targeting other journalists

Watch out Journalists! Some journalists are after you.
 C-net article by Don Reisinger , ” Watch out, journalists: Hackers are after you claims many of the journalist-turned hackers are spying on other journalists to steal reports and classified information of their media outlet. 
Report is followed Google research which claimed that hackers are increasing targeting journalist to steal sensitive information. However its not just hackers who are behind journalists, but some Journalists are also behind other journalists. 
The revelation was made at the Black Hat Conference convenrd at Singapore in which three French journalists were expelled after they were accused of spy on the journalists’ email accounts. All of these three French journalists work for the French publication Global Security Magazine. 
The French journalists captured what they claimed were usernames and passwords of reporters from at least two media outlets — eWeek and CNET News, according to that March 28, 2014 article, ” Watch out, journalists: Hackers are after you .”
 The eWeek reporter told organizers his login credentials looked like they were legitimate, while the CNET information appeared to be bogus, the C- Net article reported. Black Hat attendees are warned that the conference’s public wireless network is being monitored by hackers. This is most shocking to have surfaced so far about online security.
 For the first time WhoGotHacked has come to learn that its not just hackers who target journalists, but Journalists are also targeting other journalists and their personal information. The fact will greatly undermine the credibility of journalism and media franchise around the world.

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