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Federal judge approves computer voice stress analysis to monitor sex offenders

Ashley Bennett Top Priority Sector:  law_enforcement_first_responders A recent ruling from a U. Read More….

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Chicago Mayor asks for six-month delay after federal judge lifts gun ban

John Wagley Top Priority Sector:  law_enforcement_first_responders Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago has instructed his law office to ask a federal judge for a six-month delay so that the city can prepare for a recent

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GSN names Scott Greiper, head of Secure Strategy Group, as a judge in its 2013 awards program

Jacob Goodwin Top Priority Sector:  access_control_identification Image Caption: Read More….

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Floyd Mayweather Defeats Saúl Álvarez, One Judge Says It’s A Tie

Floyd Mayweather easily defeated the previously unbeaten Saúl Álvarez at the MGM Grand in Last Vegas last night. However, one judge scored the fight a tie. What boxing match was he watching?  Reports the New York Times: Mayweather danced, dodged and repeatedly snapped Álvarez’s head and spirit to its breaking point, as he easily improved his […]

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Kanye West Passed On American Idol Judge Gig Because It Would Ruin His Rep

Kanye West is one interesting character. Word is that Yeezy was offered the final judge position for the forthcoming season of American Idol. However, the “New Slaves” rapper passed on the gig because it was too “mainstream” and would ruin his reputation.  Yes, we’re confused by this rationale as well. Read More….

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German Judge Orders Google to Install YouTube Filters

In a provisional victory for musicians, filmmakers and other creators of art and entertainment, a court in Hamburg ordered Google to install filters on its YouTube service in Germany to detect and stop people from gaining access to material for which they do not own the rights. The judge, Heiner Steeneck, agreed in his ruling that Google was not directly responsible for the uploaded material, but he said the company needed to do more to stop violations.



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Don’t Judge Us, Aliens: Facebook Now Has a QR Code on Its Roof

A curious new feature on the roof of a building at 1 Hacker Way. Justin Shaffer/FacebookIf an alien civilization were to gaze upon our planet from space, what would it see? Peaceful oceans, certainly, …

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Judge turns down appeal in credit card fraud

Adetiloye convicted of stealing identities of around 38,000 people.

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Judge halts alleged credit-card scam

A federal judge in Illinois temporarily halted an alleged telemarketing scam in Philadelphia and Jenkintown that defrauded financially strapped consumers of $4.82 million, the Federal Trade Commission said Friday.

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New Zealand judge bails two of Megaupload accused

Two of the four people arrested in New Zealand on the Megaupload case have been released on bail, according to Stuff.

Finn Batato, chief marketing officer at Megaupload, and Bram van der Kolk, programmer, have been granted bail at the North Shore District Court after their hearing yesterday. Judge David McNaughton’s bail decision can be read here in the case of van der Kolk, and here for Batato.

Both men remain in custody until their homes have been determined suitable for electronic monitoring.

Due to late submissions the bail hearing for the third man, Mathias Ortmann, chief technical officer at Megaupload, will continue this afternoon. Judge McNaughton’s registrar says he does not expect a written decision until tomorrow.

Yesterday Kim Dotcom was remanded in custody until February 22, the judge denying him his application for bail. It is expected that an extradition hearing will be held at that time.

Judge McNaughton had reserved his decision since Monday afternoon, when Dotcom’s bail hearing was held. At the hearing, Crown prosecutor Anne Toohey claimed Dotcom posed a “significant” flight risk because of the sums of money available to him.

This was disputed by Dotcom’s lawyer, who told the court his client’s funds had all been seized, and that the media and US government had been ‘misrepresenting’ his client’s business.

Finn Batato, Mathias Ortmann, and Bram van der Kolk face similar charges of copyright infringement, racketeering and money laundering. All four men were arrested on Friday by police who executed provisional arrest warrants requested by the US Department of Justice.

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