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Sprint responds to T-Mobile’s trade-in promotion, offers the iPhone 6s for as little as $1 per month

While Verizon and AT&T are dueling out for the title of largest telecom operator in the US by subscriber count, Sprint and T-Mobile are currently engaged in a gloves-off battle for the third position. Unwilling to let T-Mobile claim a firm grip of the podium spot through its latest iPhone trade-in promotion, Sprint has recently announced a similar deal, basically offering a free upgrade from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 6s.

T-Mobile lets you have the 16GB iPhone 6s for as little as $5 per month through its Jump! On Demand lease program if you trade in an iPhone 6. Sprint’s new promotional …

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Don’t miss the Lumia 535 Smart Buyback and MobiKwik cash back offers if you’re in India

Earlier this month, Microsoft launched a ‘Lumia 535 Smart Buyback Offer’ in India in which you could exchange your old phone in a working condition, and buy a new Lumia 535 for ₹5,999 (US$ 90), inclusive of all taxes.

This offer is available on purchase of Lumia 535 at all the authorized re-sellers of Lumia devices across India till stock lasts.

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Microsoft’s Bing for Android offers its own contextual search feature right now

You might remember the Google Now on Tap feature that is coming with Android Marshmallow (still feels funny to type that). With this feature, you don’t have to leave the page you’re on to get more information from Google Now. For example, let’s say that you open an email on Inbox from your pal Joey who wants to take you to a restaurant you’ve never heard of. A long press on the home button will activate Google Now and you will see a card related to the eatery. The feature takes advantage of Google’s Knowledge Graph that helps connect people, places and things.

Bing’s Android app has just …

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Emberify offers up 500 free copies each of Reminder Now and Inbox Zero

We’ve already seen one app giveaway this week, which featured QuickPost, but it’s time for another – thanks to BlackBerry 10 app developer Emberify. As the post title explains, Emberify is giving away 500 copies of both Reminder Now and Inbox Zero – both great handy tools to have to make you even more productive on the go.

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Centier Bank offers identity theft assistance

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

SOUTH BEND — When Mary Johnson asked how many present had experienced identity theft, people seemed uncertain how to respond. But once the U.S. postal inspector explained that theft includes any incident in which personal information is leaked like in the Target or Anthem data breaches, nearly everyone’s hand went up. She wasn’t surprised. For more than an hour, she and Toi Houston, an assistant U.S. attorney, talked about the latest scams and ways people can protect themselves in a presentation this week at the South Bend Police Department. They used specific examples and cases to show how easy it is for personal information to spread to the wrong sources. The presentation was enlightening and beneficial, said Pam Mathews, of South Bend, who was present. “More so, because they gave us strategic ways to place barriers against identity theft.” Mathews planned to go home, review her online presence and remove some information from her Facebook page. She talked about other suggestions she liked including shredding all mail that contains personal data; carefully reading bank statements and inspecting her credit report regularly; and safeguarding Social Security numbers by writing only the last four digits on medical or other forms that don’t […]

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IRS Offers Tax Guidance On Free Identity Theft Protection Services

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

There’s no question that identity theft is a problem in the United States. A 2015 study released by Javelin Strategy & Research found that there were 12.7 million victims of identity theft in the U.S. 2014. That works out to a new identity fraud victim every two seconds. Identity theft has topped the list of consumer complaints made to the Federal Trade Commission for the last 15 years. And, of course, identity theft has claimed the top spot on the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) Dirty Dozen list for several years running. It should be no surprise, then, that businesses and other organizations have ramped up their efforts to keep personal information secure, including offering complimentary identity protection services to customers and employees. This includes credit reporting and monitoring services – the same kinds of services that IRS offered to affected taxpayers earlier this year after taxpayer accounts were improperly accessed using the “Get Transcript” app. These services cost money. Services can range from one time fees to monthly fees upwards of $30 per month. According to Consumer Reports, about 50 million U.S. consumers spent $3.5 billion in 2010 on various identity protection products, a number that has likely grown over […]

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OnePlus offers new build of OxygenOS to protect OnePlus One users from Stagefright

Smartphone manufacturers and carriers have been rushing to send out software updates to repair the Stagefright exploit. Stagefright uses a malicious MMS to take control of parts of your phone, allowing your personal data to be stolen. More specifically, the exploit uses code found in the Android multimedia library that has been around since the days of Froyo. It is estimated that 95% of active Android handsets are vulnerable. That number has been slowly declining as more and more phones are being updated with a patch that prevents the Stagefright exploit from taking over.

Today, OnePlus …

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Tesla’s Response to Hacked Car Offers a Road Map for Fast Fixes

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Cybersecurity researchers on Friday are publicizing software flaws in the Tesla Model S that could allow remote hackers to shut down a moving car’s engine. But owners of the high-tech luxury sedan have little need to worry. The electric-car maker quickly deployed a fix over the Internet. As cars loaded with on-board computers increasingly add wireless connections they are becoming more vulnerable to hackers, as seen recently with a Jeep Cherokee. Tesla’s response offers a model for how other automakers can address the increasing threat of computer attacks. Tesla owners get prompted on their cars’ infotainment screens to download software updates, the same way smartphone users do. The consultants who found the Model S flaws — Kevin Mahaffey, co-founder and chief technology officer of Lookout Inc., and Marc Rogers, principal security researcher for CloudFlare Inc. — revealed the vulnerabilities earlier this week ahead of a presentationFriday at the DefCon hacker conference in Las Vegas. The pair discovered six key weaknesses in the vehicle, alerted Tesla Motors Inc. and coordinated their disclosure with a fix from the automaker to reduce the risk to owners of the car, which starts at $70,000. Two-Edged Sword Such responsible disclosure, as the process is known […]

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US Offers Highest-Ever Cybercrime Bounty for Russian Hacker


Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

The U.S. State Department and FBI on Tuesday announced a $3 million (roughly Rs. 18 crores) reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of Russian national Evgeniy Bogachev, the highest bounty U.S. authorities have ever offered in a cyber case. The Federal Bureau of Investigation also issued a “Wanted” poster for Bogachev, who is charged in the United States with running a computer attack network called GameOver Zeus that allegedly stole more than $100 million (roughly Rs. 620 crores) from online bank accounts. Bogachev has been charged by federal authorities in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with conspiracy, computer hacking, wire fraud, bank fraud and money laundering in connection with his alleged role as administrator of GameOver Zeus. He also faces federal bank fraud conspiracy charges in Omaha, Nebraska related to his alleged involvement in an earlier variant of Zeus malware known as “Jabber Zeus.” Bureau officials said they believed Bogachev was still in Russia. He could not immediately be reached for comment. Joseph Demarest, head of the FBI’s cyber crime division, said the agency is aware of 60 different cyber threat groups linked to nation-states. He did not identify which countries were believer to be behind these groups. Demarest said […]

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Cleveland community discussion offers a pillar of hope for African Americans


Photo: Ronnie Holman

On November 22, 2014, 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot and killed by a police officer in Cleveland, Ohio at the Cudell Recreation Center. The death of young Tamir has hit headlines across the country as he is the youngest of the latest cop killings of Black males.

Ferguson, Missouri failed to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown. New York refused to indict a Stanton Island police officer after he appeared to have choked Eric Garner to death on July 17, 2014. As a result, this has caused a slew of protests across the country and looting in Ferguson.

On Monday, December 8, 2014, Dr. R.A. Vernon and the “Word” Church in Cleveland, Ohio hosted a roundtable discussion with local clergy and elected officials. Cleveland Police Chief, Calvin Williams was the only officer on the panel and stood firmly by the officer’s decision to shot and kill Tamir Rice.

“It’s not Tamir Rice’s fault he’s dead, but it’s also not the fault of that officer,” Williams said. “There are a lot of things that happened prior that people don’t know about which led to that officer making that decision.”

As Williams continued to speak, the massive crowd began to become inpatient with the Police Chief. They groaned and some even booed in obvious disagreement with his statements. Gerald Thompson, a residence of nearby Akron, who grew up on the Eastside of Cleveland was in attendance and he felt the emotional roller coaster.

“My emotions throughout the entire roundtable discussion were up and down,” Thompson said. “I felt completely down with most responses by the Chief when he addressed the culture of the Cleveland Police Department.”

Protest increases visibility of a cause and demonstrates power. Therefore, the attempt to find a resolution was clear. However, Thompson believes the roundtable discussion may not have found a resolution.

“I heard one resolution and that was the system itself needs to be held accountable for these types of situations,” Thompson said. “More than just the faces of the police and politicians need to be held accountable.”

According to The New York Times, the Justice Department announced that a nearly two-year civil rights investigation into the Cleveland Police Department found a pattern of “unreasonable and unnecessary use of force” that resulted in dangerous and reckless behavior by officers, pointing out the kinds of problems that have angered Black residents here and set off demonstrations across the country in recent weeks.

These findings go back to the shooting deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams in 2012. 13 Cleveland police officers fired 137 shots, but only 6 were charged in that case. An officer thought Russell and Williams fired shots from their vehicle, yet they both were found unarmed.

Another panelist, Dr. William Myers of Ashland Theological Seminary, believes officers should get more involved with the community to get to know people. He felt sending officers to churches and recreation centers will bridge the gap between the community and police officers.

“Send a couple police officers to our churches every week so we can get to know them and they can get to know us,” Myers said. “There is a gap in how we are treated.”

Certain police officers are members at local churches and know people within their communities. An African-American Cleveland police officer for over 15 years, who wished to be anonymous, said Tamir Rice’s death could have been prevented. The officer feels both the driver and the passenger should have used a more suitable tactic.

“The officer should have never pulled that close to Tamir and put him and his partner in harms way,” the officer said. “If he had pulled far enough away he could have given verbal commands over the PA.”

Unfortunately, some school-aged children are carrying guns and terrorizing their neighborhoods. Delilah Stedmire, a mother of three and Cleveland resident, received a call regarding her children being robbed. Her two youngest kids, ages 11 and 14, were robbed at gunpoint by 12-year-old kids. Stedmire believes Tamir Rice didn’t deserve to lose his life nor any other kid, even though she thinks that certain children are dangerous.

“The police were wrong for being so aggressive and Tamir was old enough to know better, but his death was not justified,” Stedmire said. “The 12 year olds that robbed my babies were dangerous and made a conscious decision because they had real guns.”

Frank Jackson, who has been the Mayor of Cleveland since 2006, was on the panel as well and answered some tough questions. Understandably, he was a bit emotional when talking about young citizens losing their lives in the city of Cleveland.

“At the end of the day, I am as hurt as anyone,” Jackson said. “The death of any child under any circumstances particularly by those who are responsible for protecting them–you cannot accept or justify that.”

Many African Americans may wonder, “Where do we go from here,” but many may decide to choose their own path. Some may consider this to be the modern day civil rights movement. However, one fact remains the same, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice all lost their lives and as of yet, no convictions have been made.

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