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In Australia, a government committee has said that consumers should be allowed to disable contactless payment features, ZDNet reported Monday (Sept. 7). The recommendation from the parliamentary joint committee on law enforcement said in a report that financial institutions that issue cards for debit and credit use should establish “opt-in” features that would require consumer consent before the features would be activated on their cards. The impetus comes as the committee, with input from law enforcement agencies, cited concerns about the intersection between technology and finance-related criminal activity. Among the concerns raised: Victoria Police said that it had been seeing a “significant increase” in “tap-and-go” technology-related crime, wherein credit cards have been stolen “with little risk of capture by police or of physical identification,” ZDNet noted. The concerns and cautions of the committee tied specifically to contactless payments were disputed by banking industry employees. Guy Boyd, global head of financial crime for Australian and New Zealand Banking Group, said in his own report that such technology does not in fact drive fraud losses. The parliamentary committee also recommended that the attorney general’s department consider offering victims of identity fraud a certificate which would help support claims tied to that criminal activity […]

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Facial recognition comes to Google+, but unlike Facebook it’s opt-in

Google is rolling out a new feature called “Find My Face” to Google+ users allowing them to opt-in to a new facial recognition feature for photos shared on the service.

Of course this isn’t the first foray Google has made into the facial recognition arena, they have offered the feature on Picasa Web Albums for a little more than three years.

The feature is not available to all Google+ users yet (at least not my account), but Google has decided to alert users to the presence of the new feature instead of just turning it on.

Facebook introduced a similar function last December, but required users to opt-out of the service causing much consternation in their user community.

Google’s take on this feature sounds sort of interesting. They call it “Find My Face” and when enabled will suggest to people in your circles or who have +1′d a post of yours to tag you in photos they post that appear to contain your face.

Matt Steiner from the Google+ team announced the feature including a description of how it works.

Find My Face will provide a prompt like “Is this Matt Steiner?” when it thinks you appear in a friend’s photo. You will be notified if you are tagged and have full control to remove the tag or turn off the feature if you find it creepy.

The comfort level Google+ users will have with Google associating their mug with their real name will likely reduce the adoption of this feature, but for users who use Google+ for photo sharing it might be a nice option.

Despite the fact that I am not comfortable with my information being gathered in this manner, providing people with a choice is never a bad thing.

It is up to every individual to make an *informed* choice about how their personal information is shared and asking their permission is the right approach.

By the way, if you are on Google+ you may want to follow Naked Security’s team.

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Facebook nears settlement with FTC on privacy opt-in

The settlement addresses charges that the company misled users about how it would use their personal information. Facebook would be required to obtain user consent before making “material retroactive changes” but wouldn’t have to change current policies.Facebook nears settlement with FTC on privacy opt-in, Blog, Facebook, Privacy, nears, settlement, optin

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