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Russia swipe IPads over privacy concerns

When it comes to privacy, everyone seems to be weiry on internet and Russian officials are also not an exception. Russian ministers have decided to leave ipad and choose Samsung devices because they believe that Apple with its American specifications might not be secure for them to handle confidential information. Apple can be an American spy ,to be precise. 
Russian information minister Nikolai Nikiforov told AFP that the decision was made ‘not so long ago” to drop iPad for Samsung as they believe that Samsung is more secure and perfectly fit for us to handle classified information. However he did not tell wether they had adopted Samsung’s Knox technology is involved in protecting the Russian government’s secrets.
 Analysts believe that Samsung is no alternative as it runs Google open source operating system. Besides NSA has the ability to extract the data from whatever device it may be. Russian however denies that it is skeptical about US technology.

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“I Suspect Over Time This Will Be Effectively Managed Just Like WikiLeaks Two Years Ago”

July 01, 2013 MSNBC News

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When life happens, just get over it!

As Black women in America, we are often told that “we have to do what we have to do.” But what if you have just experienced the loss of a loved one, divorce, rape, abuse, or harassment on the job?  After recently dealing with the loss of my great-uncle, who was also my God Father and the man who gave me away at my wedding, I observed how people reacted to my hurt and inability to function as I normally do on a daily basis.  Comments such as, “he was ‘just’ your uncle and you are depressed like this,” or “oh, well did you finish….!” It was as if my suffering did not matter. The only thing that mattered was what I needed to do for others.  I then realized that I was supposed to “just get over it!”

life happensWe live in a country where the black woman is “the mule of the world” and everyone simply rides her back for their convenience and benefit without even asking if she needs water.  Everyone expects her to plow and “keep on pushing,” even though she is in pain and suffering from the daily dilemmas of life.

Being a black woman in education, as many black women are, I think it is important for others to consider the daily experiences and responsibilities we endure and how they impact our overall health. Instead of patronizing us when we do not “perform” at our normal par, people should “offer a glass of water.” This water will give us a chance to cleanse the incredible pain and sorrow that many of us hold deeply inside. Remember that we sacrifice ourselves for the sake of others daily, as well as their children, while we develop some form of illness, such as diabetes, depression and hypertension, which are all prevalent among black women and impact us psychologically.

Upon reflecting on my experiences by witnessing many other black women going through the same struggle, I recognized the commonality in their outward expression of strength and could not help but wonder what lies within us to “keep pushin.”

Growing up, my great-grandmother was always well groomed and beautiful, and the beauty she had on the outside was unmatched by the beauty and strength that she carried on the inside.   She cared deeply for the well-being of everyone around her, especially her family. She managed to care for everyone and everything while rarely voicing her own needs. As her health declined, however, the consequences of her silence and self-sacrifice became more evident until her passing.

Now as an adult with a family of my own, I find myself challenged by managing a stressful work environment and a multitude of personal responsibilities, along with navigating institutional spaces that require me to code-switch in ways that both “protect” and silence me.  I have found solace in my historical roots, which is the strength of many ancestors, and resilience serves as a primary coping strategy, but no more will this be—not for me, and no longer for you all!

We must realize that we must overcome and overlook what people think of us, and take care of ourselves.  We will not succumb to our own “self-sacrifice” for the sake of others. We must ask: is it necessary that we sacrifice ourselves in order to be successful in our work and home life? The answer is no. So the next time you find yourself “down, out, and thirsty for a ‘glass of water’,” remember that you are beautiful, that you matter, and that YOU must take care of yourself FIRST AND FOREMOST and allow people to “just get over THAT!”

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Glenn Greenwald demolishes Ruth Marcus in CNN debate over…

Glenn Greenwald demolishes Ruth Marcus in CNN debate over whether Snowden deserves clemency as a whistleblower. View full post on Your Anon News Read More….

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GAO backs U.S. Marshals Service in protest over an air charter services contract

Jacob Goodwin Top Priority Sector:  security_services Image Caption: Read More….

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Hacker took over BBC computer server, tried to ‘sell’ access

  BOSTON: A hacker secretly took over a computer server at the BBC, Britain’s public broadcaster, and then launched a Christmas Day campaign to convince other cyber criminals to pay him for access to the system. While it is not known if the hacker found any buyers, the BBC’s security team responded to the issue on Saturday […]

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Spammers take over Twitter Trends with sexy hashtags

  Twas the week before Christmas, when all through Tweetland, London saw some odd hashtags, sent out from spam brands. According to the Guardian, Londoners awoke on Friday morning to find their automatically generated trending topics lists stuffed with sexy tags. Namely, spammers used Twitter algorithms to their advantage in order to flood the site with the hashtags #escort, #massage […]

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UK police: 4 arrested over cybertheft from banks

  Four people have been arrested by detectives investigating the suspected theft of 1 million pounds ($1.6 million) from two U.K. banks, police in London said Wednesday. Metropolitan Police said search warrants executed at two addresses on Tuesday as part of the investigation turned up 80,000 pounds ($131,000) in cash, luxury goods and a suspected
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For more information go to, http://www., or

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Public Statement From @ItsKahuna over Sentencing

Recently a well known hacktivist John Anthony Borell III aka @ItsKahuna was sentenced to 3 years jail with a $227,736 restitution fine and 3 years supervised release which is set to start by 6th of December 2013. View full post on Cyber War News Read More….

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Coast Guard clears up confusion over ‘authority’ granted to a TWIC card

Jacob Goodwin Top Priority Sector:  access_control_identification Read More….

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