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Video shows original BlackBerry Passport and Silver Edition model both running Android

This past weekend, we showed you images of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition running Android 5.1. According to the speculation that accompanied the photos, BlackBerry is planning to release an Android powered Passport in the second quarter of 2016, provided that an Android flavored BlackBerry Venice slider does well.

Today, a video has surfaced showing an original BlackBerry Passport, and the same Silver Edition that appeared in the photographs the other day, both running Android. The video shows the settings of the Silver Edition version, and also shows the handset going through Quick …

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BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition captured on video running Android

Before the weekend kicked off, the folks over at 4GNews posted up some images of the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition running Android Lollipop but what most folks missed was that the images were taken from a video. Rather then posting just those images, we decided to wait and see if the video would pop up and sure enough, it has now appeared. The device appears to be the same device that leaked out earlier but this time around, we get a good look of it in action running through some of the settings as well as the Google Play Store.

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Wi-Fi calling coming to certain Apple iPhone models running iOS 9 on Rogers and Fido

Why should AT&T users have all of the fun of using Wi-Fi calling on their iOS 9 powered iPhone? As it turns out, if you live north of the border in Canada, both Rogers and its Fido subsidiary will also be offering Wi-Fi calling to iPhone users running iOS 9. If this sounds familiar, it is because Rogers promised lat year that Wi-Fi calling would be available with iOS 8, but could not make it happen.

The speculation is that last year Rogers had problems with calls getting handed off from cellular to Wi-Fi. That is not supposed to be an issue this time around. Documents obtained by Mobile …

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Lenovo’s ZUK Z1 will be launched internationally running Cyanogen OS 12.1

ZUK is a brand new Lenovo-backed company which, according to its own description, wants to take “aim at both mobile Internet, and Internet of Things (IoT).” Until now, ZUK announced only one product: the ZUK Z1 smartphone. Currently available only in China, the Z1 will also be released internationally, and ZUK announced that it has partnered with Cyanogen for this.

The international version of the ZUK Z1 will run Cyanogen OS 12.1 (based on Android Lollipop), thus being different from the Chinese model, which runs a version of Android Lollipop tailored for China.

Different software …

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BlackBerry’s new Passport Silver Edition spotted running Android

The idea of BlackBerry dropping a smartphone that runs Android is one that piques the interest of many, and in the run-up to the all new BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, it was believed that the Canadian firm might finally take the bait. It wasn’t to be on this occasion, with the refined, shiny new handset packing the more predictable BB10 software, but a new clip has offered a tantalising peek at what might have been. 

BlackBerry’s first Android smartphone could make its way to the market before the end of this year, if reports on the matter are to be considered reliable. …

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Police just arrested 4 men suspected of running scams tied to one of the biggest data breaches in history

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

US and Israeli law enforcement officials have arrested four men for suspected involvement in cyber blackmail and stock manipulation scams believed to be tied to the 2014 JPMorgan data breach. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported the arrests of Anthony Murgio, Yuri Lebedev, Gery Shalon and Ziv Orenstein and late on Tuesday. Bitcoin ‘ransomware’ Murgio and Lebedev are believed to have run an illegal Bitcoin money laundering exchange. (Bitcoins are a cryptographic currency that facilitate semi-anonymous transactions online.) The exchange was reportedly in violation of US federal anti-money laundering (AML) laws and made money by charging customers, many of which the FBI believe are engaged in criminal activity, to swap cash for Bitcoins. The FBI claims Murgio specifically exchanged cash for Bitcoins for victims of “ransomware” — a form of malware that locks victims out of their computer and demands they pay an unlock fee, often in Bitcoins. If true this would make him a co-conspirator in the illegal cyber blackmail operations. The FBI estimates the exchange earned the two at least $1.8m between October 2013 and January 2015. The specific charges against the two are: Conspiracy to operate an unlicensed money transmitting business. Operating an unlicensed money […]

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New backdoor worm found attacking websites running Apache Tomcat

  Researchers have identified new self-replicating malware that infects computers running the Apache Tomcat Web server with a backdoor that can be used to attack other machines. Java.Tomdep, as the backdoor worm has been dubbed, is Java Servlet-based code that gives Apache Tomcat platforms malicious capabilities. It causes infected machines to maintain Internet relay chat (IRC) communications with
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New information about officer whose wife is suspected of running prostitution ring

He has faced disciplinary action in the past. Read More….

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Elite Chinese hacker rumored to be running Anvisoft antivirus firm

Elite Chinese hacker rumored to be running Anvisoft antivirus firm By: Ryan Whitwam Whenever a new antivirus firm pops up, the Internet tends to be wary. Recent years have seen a multitude of malicious hacks and trojans masquerading as legitimate antivirus software, and suspicion is even more warranted when a firm appears to be based […]

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#Ebook Deal/Day: Node: Up and Running – $13.99 (Save 50%) Use code DEAL

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