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how to crash a site or computer with LOIC step by step

Like us on Facebook!! LOIC rdos/dos hacking tool For the ip just enter URL and press lock on

LG Site Developers, BravoPhone make “Legal” threats to

Well today was interesting, wake up to go about my normal routine of working all day only to find out that i have 2 emails from developers hired by LG. The emails are titled “”report of abuse and warning for immediate removal” with the email that is at the bottom of this article View full post […]

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Wisconsin fusion centers to launch Web site in support of awareness program

Mark Rockwell Top Priority Sector:  state_local_security Image Caption:  Madison, WI Two information fusion centers in Wisconsin will launch a new Web site aimed at getting tips from the public for local police and DHS, as the agency expands its “If you see something, say something” awareness program in the state. The effort was announced on […]

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ASUS Italy Hacked, site defaced, Thousands of client details leaked

A hacker who goes by the handle of Maxney and is apart of Turkish Ajan Hacker Group has contacted us with information and data from an italian based Asus website. View full post on Cyber War News

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City of Newark Web site Hacked, 3000+ Accounts leaked by @0x00x00

Earlier today hacker @0x00x00 announced an attack on the City of Newark, New Jersey website ( which has resulted in over 3000 user credentials being leaked. View full post on Cyber War News

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Tasmania Police Site + 8 Others Attacked for #OpAustralia by Anonymous

Tonight was a very quite night, being very relaxing until about 30minutes ago when a user entered the #OpAustralia IRC channel on and started taking down Australian based websites. View full post on Cyber War News

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Official Australian honda news site hacked

Yet another automotive based website has been hacked and as a result left defaced. The website is owned by Honda Australia and is their news website for all things Honda View full post on Cyber War News

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CIA rolls out mobile app Web site

Mark Rockwell Top Priority Sector:  it_security Image Caption:  CIA Web page The Central Intelligence Agency unveiled a new mobile Web site that provides a number of apps for public busers, including on-the-go electronic access to exhibits contained in its restricted museum at its Virginia headquarters. The CIA noted the the new mobile site on newly-designed […]

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Forensic Focus site redesign

A short advance warning that I’m planning to make some changes to the site design this evening. There won’t be any major changes, just a refresh to give what I hope will be a cleaner, more professional look with somewhat less clutter than we have at the moment.

As a result of the above, expect the site to be offline for a few hours starting at around 7PM GMT (I’ll try and keep downtime to a minimum).



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