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BBC. Holidays in the Danger Zone. Meet The Stans. Uzbekistan & Tajikistan.

In the most repressive of the “Stans” visited, Simon finds himself followed by the secret police as he travels across the country. He meets the country’s mos… Read More….

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NNSA conducts radiation detection workshops in Tennessee, Tajikistan

Mark Rockwell Top Priority Sector:  cbrne_detection Image Caption:  Dushanbe, Tajikistan The U.S. nuclear security agency recently concluded workshops aimed at blunting nuclear terror and radiation dangers at a Tennessee hospital and on the steppes of Asia. The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) said on Sept. 26 it completed a workshop to locate, identify and secure […]

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Disaster Recovery in Tajikistan

A presentation on Disaster Recovery in Tajikistan by C. Kelly, a consultant to the Disaster Risk Management Programme of UNDP Tajikistan, discussing the process of disaster recovery and status of disaster recovery planning in Tajikistan. The presentation was recorded at a special meeting of relief and developmental organizations convened through REACT (Rapid Emergency Assessment and Cooperation Team), a coordinating structure for national and international agencies active in disaster risk management in Tajikistan. Contact Anvar Sabzaliev ( for more information on the UNDP BCPR funded disaster recovery capacity building activities in Tajikistan.

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