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Apple’s campus store reopens tomorrow, and yes, you can buy the new iPhones there

Back in June, Apple closed its campus store to make changes. Now, the store is ready for its grand re-opening tomorrow with some major changes. In the past, the campus store had all of the charm of a university book store. Now, it resembles an Apple Store that you might find in a big metropolis, surrounded by glass. Inside, for the first time ever, the store is selling the Apple iPhone. Heck, you can even pick up an Apple Watch while there.

Apple’s retail division is in need of a change. As of Apple’s fiscal third quarter, the company had 456 Apple Store locations. But growth has been slowing. …

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Verizon version of NextBit Robin goes on sale tomorrow

As this month began, we told you that NextBit had finally made its new smartphone official. The NextBit Robin features 32GB of internal storage, and 100GB of cloud storage which is integrated into Android. Apps that you don’t use are stored in the cloud, and can be quickly restored onto your phone when needed. The handset offers a unique design.

Just the other day, we told you that NextBit is planning on offering a CDMA model of the Robin for Verizon and Sprint customers. Now, it turns out that the Verizon version of the handset can be reserved via Kickstarter starting tomorrow. The first …

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HTC Desire 520 Cricket bound tomorrow; phone priced at $99.99

The HTC Desire 520 will be available starting tomorrow, to customers of pre-paid carrier Cricket. Priced at $99.99, the model will be a Cricket exclusive in the U.S. Unveiled by HTC last July, this is a low-end handset plain-and-simple. The Desire 520 is equipped with a 4.5-inch screen, carrying a 480 x 854 resolution. That works out to a pixel density of 218ppi.

Under the hood, you will find the Snapdragon 210 SoC, featuring a quad-core 1.1GHz CPU and the Adreno 304 GPU. 1GB of RAM is inside, along with 8GB of native storage. Those requiring additional memory can use the 2TB capacity microSD …

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Motorola Moto X Pure Edition pre-orders go live tomorrow, prices start at $399.99

Motorola just unveiled that customers in the US will be able to pre-order the Moto X Pure Edition starting tomorrow, September 2. As you may know, the Moto X Pure Edition is the same device that’s sold outside of the US as the Moto X Style, and is Motorola’s newest flagship smartphone.

Prices for the Moto X Pure Edition will start at $399.99 (unlocked, compatible with all major US carriers). The price includes various customization options, though fancy stuff like leather or wood rear backs will cost extra. Motorola doesn’t say when the new handset will start shipping, but this might happen …

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Keyboard cover for Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ goes on sale tomorrow from Dutch online store

Remember that QWERTY keyboard case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ that we showed you last week? The accessory might remind you (not in form, but in function) of Ryan Seacrest’s ill-fated TYPO, which was designed for the Apple iPhone. The cover offers a physical keyboard for those who find it frustrating to type on the Galaxy S6 edge+’s 5.7-inch screen.

While the Galaxy S6 edge+ won’t be announced until August 13th, a Dutch online store called Central Point has started offering the keyboard case on its website. Including VAT, the price of the accessory appears to be the equivalent of $63 …

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IT Business Products : Solve for Tomorrow

Samsung launches $1 million educational initiative designed to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education and foster the development of sustainable innovation.

Students love technology. Teachers love feeling appreciated for their hard work and dedication.

Now, teachers across the United States can submit an application for a chance to participate in Samsung’s “Solve for Tomorrow” video competition. The program will reward the schools of winning teachers, and their students, with a variety of Samsung electronics, Microsoft and Adobe software, and DirecTV educational programming valued at more than $1 million. As part of Samsung’s Hope for Children initiative, this effort promotes math and science education designed to foster sustainable innovation.

Support for STEM Education

Recently, STEM education has become a national priority, as it is increasingly apparent that U.S. students are not advancing in math and science at the same pace as other countries. To address this urgent issue, Samsung, a leader in global technology, is devoted to being part of the solution.

“Samsung has achieved unprecedented success this year, and recognizes the importance of leveraging these accomplishments to encourage U.S. students to pursue studies and careers related to STEM,” said David Steel, EVP of Strategic Planning and Corporate Communications at Samsung Electronics America. “It is our goal to educate students and teachers on the importance of STEM, while providing them with the resources necessary to advance technology in schools and sustainable innovation in their communities. Samsung’s `Solve for Tomorrow’ allows us to take an active role to move closer toward a goal that is critical to America’s future.”

Inspiration Through Education

As a means of inspiring enthusiasm for STEM studies and improving the technology gap in classrooms, Samsung has invited 6th – 12th grade teachers to create a video with their students that answers the question: “How can science or math help improve the environment in your community?”

Through October 24th, teachers can complete an online application to be selected to participate in the video contest. To create videos responding to the contest question, fifty classroom respondents will receive free Samsung hardware and Adobe video editing software.

In January, 2011, Samsung and its partners will select the top 25 videos, all of whom will receive technology prizes (out of up to 500 submissions). That spring, the top five finalists will be invited to an event announcing the grand-prize winner at the Samsung Experience in New York City. A celebrity spokesperson will be involved in the final stages of the program.

A Team Effort

In addition, Samsung is partnering with The National Environmental Education Foundation, which works to raise awareness about the importance of environmental education, improving educational opportunities, and connecting community resources with schools. NEEF is a leading authority on environmental education and, in working with Samsung, will aim to help Samsung’s “Solve for Tomorrow” create a measurable impact on children’s ability to use STEM for solving practical environmental problems.

Since its inception in 2004, Samsung’s Hope for Children and its partners have donated more than $10 million in technology and other prizes to over 300 winning U.S. schools. This year’s partners include Microsoft, DirectTV, Adobe, and the National Environmental Education Foundation.

For more information about the contest rules and to submit an application, visit Solve for Tomorrow.

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IT Business Products : Solve for Tomorrow Finalists Take Home Prizes and Memories

More than 1,100 schools across the country competed for $1 million in technology in the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest, a national science, technology, engineering and mathematics competition. The finalists gathered at the Samsung Experience in New York City where West Salem High School from Salem, Oregon, was named the grand prize winner.

As part of Samsung’s Hope for Children initiative, and in partnership with Change the Equation and the National Environmental Education Foundation, Solve for Tomorrow aims to increase student interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The five finalists created videos that answered the question, “How can science and math improve the environment in your community?”

Solve for Tomorrow Award Ceremony at the Samsung Experience with John Legend

The Samsung Experience was full of exciting energy as students looked at and tried out a variety of Samsung products. Prior to arriving in New York, they toured Washington, D.C., and met with state representatives and senators. For many of these students, this was their first visit to Washington, D.C., New York and even the East coast.

Solve for Tomorrow Award Ceremony at the Samsung Experience with John Legend

Grammy award winner John Legend was on hand to co-host the event with David Steele, EVP of Strategy and Corporate Communications, Samsung Electronics America. He commended the students’ hard work and efforts to use science and technology to make their environment better. Legend, who has partnered with Samsung on this and several other initiatives, also created the Show Me Campaign, which aims to end educational inequality by spreading awareness about the issue and inspiring citizens to fight for every American child’s right to a quality public education.

Solve for Tomorrow Award Ceremony at the Samsung Experience with John Legend

Diane Wood, President of National Environmental Education Foundation, congratulated all the finalists and encouraged them to continue inspiring others through their innovation, commitment, initiative, victories and stories.

Solve for Tomorrow Award Ceremony at the Samsung Experience with John Legend

Student Kaylynn Hobson and Principal Colter Barnes of Kokhanok School in Kokhanok, Alaska, provided insight into their project and life in Kokhanok, which is a fly-in-only village of 300 people. The students investigated the Spruce Bark Beetle epidemic, which is attributed to global warming and is devastating their local forests. Using algebraic equations, they determined there were 7 million dead trees that needed to be removed from the forests to stop the epidemic. They also recommended environmentally friendly uses of the dead wood, including using it to build homes, heat homes and power homes through the use of Thermal Electric Generators.

Solve for Tomorrow Award Ceremony at the Samsung Experience with John Legend

Student Jonathan Jackson and Principal Angie Pepin from the South Shore Charter Public School in Norwell, Massachusetts, were invited to the stage to discuss the subject of their video. The school has 535 students and 85 faculty members from 35 towns—with the farthest 37 miles away. After calculating the CO2 emissions of the commuters, the students recognized the need to reduce their carbon footprint. Their solution was the “veggie van,” which runs on vegetable oil. The students have proposed purchasing a new van to further develop their shuttle system.

Solve for Tomorrow Award Ceremony at the Samsung Experience with John Legend

The Environmental Science class at the Patchogue Medford High School in Medford, New York, conducted a study about the water in their community. The town of Patchogue decided to expand their water treatment plant to reduce the nitrates and phosphates that were flowing into the bay and killing shellfish in the area. The mayor asked the students to study how the water changed following the completion of the water plant. “I’m a firm believer in learning from experience,” said teacher Bob Borowski, pictured with student representative Saad Amer. “But in order to do that, you need the technology to bring out into the field.”

Solve for Tomorrow Award Ceremony at the Samsung Experience with John Legend

The students of Wheeling High School in Wheeling, Illinois, represented by student Preston Harvey and Principal Dr. Lazaro Lopez, collected exhaust from a tail pipe then performed experiments to determine the amount of carbon the average driver emits. They recognized the relationship between carbon emissions and global warming, and suggested alternative forms of transportation to help save the planet from global warming. “It’s projects like these that have students engaged and feel connected to what they’re going to be doing when they leave school,” said Lopez.

Solve for Tomorrow Award Ceremony at the Samsung Experience with John Legend

Student Ben Whitenack and teacher Mike Lampert from West Salem High School in Salem, Oregon, discussed how the students from their school recognized that hydro-electric energy was killing salmon through dams as they traveled up the river. The students resolved to save the salmon by promoting eco-friendly energy alternatives to the dams and partnered with a local elementary school to study the water quality necessary for the salmon to survive. In addition, the students built and raced solar-powered cars to learn about solar energy (Whitenack is pictured above with one of the cars he brought along) and engineered wind turbines to learn about wind energy.

Solve for Tomorrow Award Ceremony at the Samsung Experience with John Legend

Legend and Y.K. Kim, President and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America, presented grand prize winner West Salem High School with a check for $155,000 in technology prizes from Samsung and its partners Microsoft, DirecTV and the Adobe Foundation. They will choose from a range of technology prizes including projectors, smart boards, LED TVs, printers, laptops and software. The school’s use of technology, innovative thinking, and creativity were key factors in setting it apart from the other schools, which was recognized by both a public voting panel and Samsung’s panel of judges.

Solve for Tomorrow Award Ceremony at the Samsung Experience with John Legend

Representatives from all five schools gathered together for a final group photo. Each of the remaining finalists received $80,000 in technology prizes and everyone went home with amazing memories of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For more information about the Solve for Tomorrow, check out the Samsung Solve Tab at To learn more about Samsung’s Hope for Children initiative, visit

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Julian Assange’s The World Tomorrow: Official Trailer

Dateline – Tuesday, April 17. Timeline – 15:30 Moscow time, 11:30 GMT, 07:30 am in New York and 21:30 in Sydney. The world will be watching “The World Tomorr…

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Cyber War, Peace, Tomorrow

Cyber War, Peace, Tomorrow by Thomas Rid Some of you may know Gary McGraw, Chief Technology Officer of Cigital, Inc, a software security consultancy, and author of eight books on that subject. To some geeks — I guess I’m one of them — Gary is quite literally a familiar voice because he has been running Silver Bullet, a […]

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Panel: GRC in the Cloud — Today and Tomorrow – Part 2

Panel: GRC in the Cloud — Today and Tomorrow — Part 2 Moderator: Tim Mather, Author, Cloud Security & Privacy Speakers: Arti Arora Raman, Vice President Products & Alliances, Agiliance; Eran Feigenbaum, Director of Security, Google Apps, Google; Bill Pennington, Chief Strategy Officer, WhiteHat Security; Pamela Fusco, Vice President Industry …

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