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Trapped in No-Man’s-Land: The Future of US Policy Toward North Korea

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

US policy toward North Korea has reached a dead end. Built upon a foundation of dubious assumptions, the Obama administration’s approach—whether called “strategic patience” or by some other name—has failed to achieve any progress toward US objectives in the region and no longer serves US foreign policy and national security interests. During the administration’s time […]

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Apple Pay takes another step toward a launch in China

Amid forecasts of strong growth in mobile payment services in Asia, Apple could be closer to a launch of Apple Pay in China. Earlier this year, we told you that Apple was negotiating with China UnionPay, the lone bank in China that deals with interbank payments. The bank was hung up on the prospect of paying Apple the small percentage of each transaction that it earns when a consumer uses Apple Pay. The tech titan has also been talking to Chinese e-commerce firm Alibaba about helping Apple Pay launch in China. Alibaba’s own Alipay has over 400 million users.

Back in June, Apple registered …

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APCO backs FCC move toward greater wireless transparency

Top Priority Sector:  disaster_preparedness_emergency_response APCO, the public safety communications association, issued a press statement on September 26 supporting the Federal Communications Commission’s recent moves to expand transparency when a disaster strikes the wireless communications infrastructure. Read More….

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Video surveillance in small and medium business sectors moving toward a monthly revenue model, says IHS

Top Priority Sector:  video_surveillance_cctv Much like the mobile phone industry, the video surveillance industry is turning towards a recurring monthly revenue model that includes the cost of hardware into a monthly service fee, according to a new report from IHS Inc. Read More….

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FEMA looking toward recovery operations as Sandy moves ashore

Mark Rockwell Top Priority Sector:  disaster_preparedness_emergency_response Image Caption:  FEMA’s Craig Fugate As Hurricane Sandy moved closer to its New Jersey landfall, federal emergency management administrators are moving past the preparation stages for the storm and looking to support recovery efforts by states in the coming days. Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate said he […]

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AUVSI Talks FAA Progress Toward UAS Integration

Federal, state, and local government agencies need an FAA Certificate of Waiver or Authorization before flying unmanned aircraft systems. In March, the FAA created an office to oversee the process.
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IBM: Security execs move more toward active risk management

Security issues are exerting a ton of pressure and monetary concerns on the executives in charge of keeping corporate networks and assets safe.
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Report: Detroit police making progress toward reforms

By Robert Snell The Detroit News DETROIT — Detroit police have complied with 83 percent of federal court orders relating to use of force and inmate treatment, the department's federal monitor said in a new progress report Thursday.

The report, filed in federal court, shows continued improvement after nine years of court oversight.

In the last quarterly report, Detroit was complying with 80 percent of reforms.

Detroit agreed in 2003 to comply with two federal court orders to settle lawsuits brought by the Justice Department over allegations of police brutality, detention of innocent homicide witnesses and unsafe holding cells where many prisoners died.

The reforms included making the department's jail cells safe, installing working video cameras in squad cars and improving policies on issues such as how to conduct arrests and the use of batons and other nonlethal force.

The court order on use of force was supposed to take five years to comply with; the order on jail cells two years.

The department's federal monitor, Robert Warshaw, credited Chief Ralph Godbee and Mayor Dave Bing.

"The support and leadership of Mayor Dave Bing has unquestionably been instrumental in the changes we have begun to see in the Detroit Police Department," Warshaw wrote.

Warshaw noted a few shortcomings.

"We continue to be concerned with the quality and comprehensiveness of reviews in several areas, including investigations regarding use of force and citizen complaints," Warshaw wrote.

" … In the detention settings, we remained concerned with medical and mental health screening, prisoner observation and related practices, and also with levels of facility lighting."

The latest report is a vast improvement from last year.

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Homs, Syria, Spirals Down Toward Civil War

Across the political spectrum, residents of Homs, Syria, speak of a recent shift, from a largely peaceful uprising to a struggle that has made the city violent, fearful and determined.

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