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SecureAlert acquires GPS Global Tracking & Surveillance System Ltd.

Ashley Bennett Top Priority Sector:  law_enforcement_first_responders SecureAlert, a Sandy, Utah based creator of digital monitoring solutions, has acquired GPS Global Tracking & Surveillance System Ltd. Read More….

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CBP to buy satellite airtime from Outerlink to run its GPS tracking missions

Jacob Goodwin Top Priority Sector:  border_security

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Arkansas chooses Acadis to modernize law enforcement officer compliance tracking

Top Priority Sector:  education_training Envisage Technologies, a Bloomington, IN-based software company, announced on October 2 that it has signed a four-year contract with the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training (ACLEST) to implement the Acadis Readiness Suite statewide. Read More….

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How be ANONYMOUS & Get OFF THE GRID – STOP the U.S. Government from TRACKING your LIFE

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Center for Internet and Society Launches “Cookie Clearinghouse” to Enable User Choice for Online Tracking

The Center for Internet and Society (CIS) at Stanford Law School launched a new online privacy initiative today called the “Cookie Clearinghouse,” which will empower Internet users to make informed choices about online privacy. The Cookie Clearinghouse is being spearheaded by Aleecia M. McDonald, the Director of Privacy at CIS. Read more » about Center [...]

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PRODUCT ALERT: WorldTracker Enduro Pro GPS Tracking Device

Hi-Tech Crime Solutions  is now offering the much-anticipatedWorldTracker Enduro Pro - an upgrade to the best-selling, all-weather WorldTracker Enduro GPS tracking system. The Enduro Pro has faster fix times, longer battery life, and better accuracy than its predecessor. With extreme weather operation and long battery life, the Enduro Pro offers accuracy, versatility, convenience, and reliability in one compact [...]

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NEWS FLASH tracking your movements just like the Government

OK think your safe how’s this -NEWS FLASH- is putting tracking cookies on your computers there are only 2 reasons for this 1 they are advertising to you behind your back or 2 they are the government tracking your moments on the internet! Either way you are being tracked! And correct me if I am wrong but is that the BIG #1 -NO NO- after all that is what you say the Government is doing to violate your rights! Anonymous cannot be trusted! think this is the only site doing this think agen join the YRV and fix the world join the YRV the only cookie you will get is the kind you eat! Anonymous, Group, Operation, Anti-Terrorism, Stop, Online, Piracy, Act, National, Defense, Authorization, Cyber, Security, of, internet, free, domain, Censorship, Google, Wikipedia, collective, Blackout, Freedom, Democracy, Occupy, Declaration, War, American, United, States, Revolution, Economy, Dysfunctional, Congress, Government, Citizens, Legion, Forgive, Forget, TheAnonMessage, 2013.

Tracking the data storm around Hurricane Sandy

Just over fourteen months ago, social, mapping and mobile data told the story of Hurricane Irene. As a larger, more unusual late October storm churns its way up the East Coast, the people in its path are once again acting … View full post on O’Reilly News and Commentary

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Secret Service wants to purchase 200 GPS tracking units

Jacob Goodwin Top Priority Sector:  law_enforcement_first_responders Image Caption:  Sendum’s PT300GPS tracker The U.S. Secret Service plans to purchase 200 units of the PT300 GPS tracker from Sendum Wireless Corp., of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, or an equivalent GPS product, to use in tracking the precise location of packages or other high-value assets. “Sendum’s solution combines [...]

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How to stop Twitter tracking you and keep private the websites you visit

Like Facebook, Twitter wants to know which websites you visit and so it has a system for tracking you as you click from site to site, a fact that leads to a pair of interesting …

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