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SANS warned to end users against Heartbleed


  In the fourth briefing on the bug from the SANS Institute’s Internet Storm Centre (ISC), the risk of Heartbleed client-side attacks and recommendations for end users is focused. “A lot of the effort initially has been on servers, and servers are certainly at the most risk — not just web servers, but mail servers, and all of that good stuff as well. Everything that uses OpenSSL with an affected version is vulnerable, whether it’s a client, whether it’s a server — and of course as an end user, you’re mostly concerned about the client part,” said SANS presenter and …continue reading

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Ars reports that last week’s hack of Boxee revealed the data, including username, email address, passwords and forum messages of over 154000 users. The data is published online in a massive MySQL file of about 800 MB in size which is still circulating online. is a web based tv service that was acquired by Samsung last year. Ars reports that the breach occurred no later than last week, when a full copy of the purloined forum data became widely available, Scott A. McIntyre, a security researcher in Australia, told Ars. 

On Tuesday, officials from password management service LastPass began warning customers with e-mail addresses included in an 800 megabyte file that’s still circulating online. 

The file contains personal data associated with 158,128 user accounts, about 172,000 e- mail addresses, and the cryptographically scrambled passwords that corresponded to those Boxee accounts, LastPass said. 

The dump also included a wealth of other details, such as user birth dates, IP addresses, site activity, full message histories, and password changes. All user messages sent through the service were included as part of the leak.

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Hackers hit Monster Jobs users with Gameover Zeus malware.

 Hackers are increasingly targeting online recruiting companies for unkown purpose. Hackers are using a malware called Gameover Zues to attack users applying for online job portals. 
 F-Secure researchers reported the campaign Gameover may be aimed at comprising HR departments which use Monster. These HR departments might possibly be linked to financial transactions which could server as key for hackers to get access to companies’ financial data. However the exact motive behind Gameover remains precisely unknown. According F-Secure’s analyst Sullivan hackers first trick user to install the malware on their computers.
 Once installed the malwares steal user name and password of the users on recruiting portals. By using fake biodata forms the malware then prompts the user to provide it with other credentials. Sullivan told that they had requested the Monster to comment upon the issue.
 They have received no response as yet. F-Secure advice the recruiting portals to adopt two step authentication for registration. As this secure and will not allow the ambitious third parties to intrude between the recruiting and recruit.

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Statista Portal Gets Hacked , 50,000 Users data stolen

   Satista began to notify approximately 50,000 customers that there Login details may have been stolen by hackers. Company send Emails to its customers
who registered after December 2013 as company start using 512bit salt encryption.
Satista says that passwords are encrypted in “MD5″ but still users should change there passwords not only at Satista but on other website too where user were using same password.
The Security breach was discovered when spammers start targeting e-mail addresses that Statista was only using internally, and that the vulnerability used for breached the database has been patched.

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Cyber security threats growing against users, companies, Cisco says

Cyber security threats continue to plague users and businesses trying to defend against increasingly sophisticated and well-executed attacks, according to the Cisco 2014 Annual Security Report. Cyber security is a major business as Cisco and other companies develop cyber security efforts to protect end-users and businesses.Read more at  

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Computer users warned about upsurge in cyber crime

COMPUTER users across Warwickshire and West Mercia are being urged to step up their security to avoid joining the rising number of cyber crime victims. The warning comes from Detective Superintendent Paul Williamson, the senior officer responsible for tackling online fraud and other cyber crime across the two police force areas. Individuals and businesses are […]

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Oro police warn hackers, internet users

THE Philippine National Police has raised anew a warning to the public on using the internet for personal gains. Superintendent Reynante Reyes, chief of the Police Regional Office’s (PRO)-Northern Mindanao Cybercrime Group in Camp Alagar, said his office will not hesitate to arrest violators of Republic Act (RA) 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of […]

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Crime Alert: Crooks Targeting Computer Users

  Liz McCord can’t live without it. Where she goes her laptop follows. “I’m on it four and five times per day. I’ll take a break. Stay on 30 minutes,” said McCord. McCord is a prime target for a new kind of cybercrime. “They keep trying and trying until they get a success. It’s like […]

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iOS 7 Jailbreak News, Download & Release Date: iOS 7 Users Growing Impatient; Beware of Fake Jailbreak

  Eager jailbreakers and iOS 7 users have been making it clear on Twitter that they want a new jailbreak to be released – and soon. People have growing more impatient with the Evad3rs after there still has been no word from thehackers regarding a potential new jailbreak, even with the incoming holiday season approaching faster
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Wave Systems introduces virtual smartcard as alternative to external tokens for authenticating users and devices to a network

Jacob Goodwin Top Priority Sector:  access_control_identification Image Caption: Read More….

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