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Cortana is coming to Xbox One in 2016, preview users to get it later this year

While Microsoft plans to launch a new Windows 10-based interface for all users of its Xbox One this November, the company has revealed that adding the Cortana digital assistant to the console will take a little longer.

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PSA: Apple Music’s trial period ends for lots of users soon, cancel the auto-renewal while you still can

Since June 30, Apple Music has been openly available for just anyone with a compatible iOS device to give it a spin thanks to the three-month trial for free. It was the perfect way for the average user to give the service a thorough try and see if it suits their need better than the numerous other music-streaming solutions.

In case you’ve jumped on the Apple Music free trial train immediately or shortly after it became available, be warned that said free trial will expire soon. The earliest adopters will have their trial period ended on October 1. Of course, if you don’t …

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Apple iPhone 6s overheating for some users: camera flash won’t work until phone cools down

The Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are already out on sale in most Western markets, and this is the first weekend for users to try out the new devices and share their experience.
Surprisingly, we are seeing the first reports of a weird overheating issue in the camera app appear on Reddit. The problem seems to appear out of the blue, with no heavy use or exposure to extremely hot temperatures prior: once you open the camera app, you get a “Flash is disabled” warning saying “The iPhone needs to cool down before you can use the flash.”

Is …

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Netflix now allows iOS users to subscribe to the service “in-app”

An update to the iOS version of the Netflix app now makes it easier for iPhone and iPad users to become participants in the latest American sporting activity: binge watching television series. With the update, iOS users can now subscribe to Netflix from inside the app. Thankfully, Netflix decided that it would rather take a cut in its profit margin to pay Apple the 30% it charges for subscriptions purchased in-app. Spotify, for example, hikes the rate it charges those who sign up for its premium service in-app. It either does that, or like Netflix, accepts a lower profit margin.

Netflix …

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Users complain about bugs and lags in iOS 9, all iPhone generations apparently affected

Multiple iOS 9.0 users rocking various iPads and iPhones recently took to various online mediums to voice their discontent at the fact that the iOS 9 update brought along multiple bugs and generally caused their devices to succumb to constant lags.

As all iPhone and iPad owners probably know by now, Apple recently started updating its mobile devices to iOS 9.0, the latest – and, supposedly, the greatest – version of the company’s mobile operating system. 

Available on iPhones starting with the iPhone 4S and newer, all iPad mini versions, and full-sized …

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AT&T raises high-speed data cap on grandfathered unlimited data users to 22GB from 5GB

Some smartphone users still don’t quite grab the concept of unlimited data. They are told that the new plan they are signing up for offers unlimited data, but there is still a cap on the amount of data they can use. That is because depending on the provider, only a portion of the data is promised to the subscriber at 4G LTE speed. Once that high-speed cap is breached, the subscriber is browsing the information superhighway at Model-T speed (2G).

AT&T announced on its website today that those grandfathered into its Unlimited Data plans, will now face being throttled after consuming 22GB …

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BlackBerry users keep their smartphones longer than owners of other brands

Interesting data from Kantar WorldPanel reveals that the average U.S. smartphone owner will hold on to his device for 22 months before upgrading to a new model. It almost seems like American smartphone users are still brainwashed to trade in their phone every two years, the length of the typical smartphone contract. Of course, most carriers are doing away with subsidized phone sales, including Verizon, the largest mobile carrier in the country.

It will be interesting to see if the end of two-year contracts and early upgrade plans like T-Mobile JUMP on Demand (which allows for as many as …

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WhatsApp Web Bug Fixed, Security Firms Urge Users to Update Now

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Towards the end of last month, Check Point, an Israeli-based security firm discovered a bug in WhatsApp Web, the PC version of the famous instant messaging and voice calling app, WhatsApp. However, even before this bug became known to the public, the company moved in swiftly with a fix to this bug. The attack, which could have easily put more than 200 million users of this web client at risk, was spotted on August 21 by a security researcher by the name of Kasif Dekel, who works with Check Point. After Check Point had sent a warning or rather notification to WhatsApp developers, they did not hesitate to take immediate action and by the time August 27 was coming around, a fix had already been issued. WhatsApp fixes available via the Web version WhatsApp Web is simply a web client that mirrors the messages of the phone app to the PC client. This is done by syncing the phone and PC such that the messages display on both devices at a time. The web client requires that the phone app be running and the phone connected to the internet to mirror the messages to the PC client. However, you don’t […]

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4 (plus 1?) new iPhone 6s features that are not new to Android users

Earlier today, Apple announced the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which are incremental upgrades over the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from 2014. The two brand new handsets will be available to pre-order starting September 12, for prices similar to those of last year’s iPhones.

While the new Apple smartphones look a lot like their predecessors (or, should we say they look identical to their predecessors?), they do pack various upgraded features. However, from the new features that the iPhone 6s series is introducing, some are new only to Apple, as they’ve already been around in the Android …

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Google’s new Street View app now available for iOS and Android users; contribute your own photo spheres

Google’s Street View can send you on a virtual trip to just about anywhere. Want to take a “walk” down Times Square, or see what it feels like to window shop down Rodeo Drive? Street View can do this. And not only can you experience the 360 degree images, with the new Google Street Views app, you can contribute your own photo spheres to Google Maps.

Available for iOS and Android users, the Street View app allows you to view content from Google Maps and photo spheres sent in by others. You can use your iPhone or Android camera to take these 360-degree panoramas, or sync with specialty spherical …

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