2014: The year in crime


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2014 was a busy year for criminals and the Penn police officers that fight them. From the murder at Copabanana to a crime spree that ended in a student arrest on 14 counts of burglary, last year saw a number of high-profile incidents. Behind the scenes, policing technology and undercover work by plainclothes cops helped catch many perpetrators and prevent violence — including a potential homicide. Murder at Copabanana On Tuesday, April 15, 31-year-old Timothy Cary was shot and killed outside of Copabanana on 40th and Spruce streets. Penn Police responded to the scene, apprehending 26-year-old Corey Gaynor, who was later positively identified by several witnesses and subsequently charged with murder. Gaynor’s pre-trial conference will be held on Feb. 18. Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush attributes Penn Police’s quick response time to vigilance by her officers. PennComm dispatchers operate PTZ cameras, which allow them to “pan, tilt and zoom” in an effort to identify suspicious behavior. The dispatcher was “keeping a close eye,” Rush said. She “saw a guy running” and got a brief description, Rush said. This information was relayed to cops on the ground. Rush says the Copabanana case was solved by a combination of human […]

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