3 Steps to Take When Your Credit Card Goes Missing

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3 Steps to Take When Your Credit Card Goes Missing

Opening your wallet to pull out a certain credit card (matching rewards with purchases) can make you feel smart. But not being able to find that card — or worse, not being able to find your wallet — is an entirely different experience. During the busy holiday season, this scenario can happen more often than you think. (People may also frequently leave behind bags of newly purchased merchandise.) Blame stress, fatigue and multitasking. Although we’ve heard “a place for everything, and everything in its place,” we often just have something more urgent to attend to at any given moment. That’s how car keys end up in the refrigerator or the bathroom sink. What should you do if you card appears to have vanished? 1. Take a Second Look If not in its usual place, your card could still be in your possession. Author Professor Solomon says many objects are within 18 inches of where you expect them to be — he calls it the “Eureka Zone.”  This means the card you’re missing could have been shoved into your wallet behind an appointment reminder. Or into a purse instead. It’s worth checking, again, calmly and methodically. (Believe me, it’s frustrating to find a card in […]

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