86 percent of websites at risk from hackers, says WhiteHat

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Even though software bugs such as Heartbleed and Shellshock exposed weaknesses in hundreds of thousands of company websites, many are still vulnerable to being hacked. Data from a recent study by WhiteHat Security which examined the vulnerabilities of more than 30,000 websites showed the majority of organisations have some kind of weakness in their systems. WhiteHat found that 86 per cent of all websites tested had at least one flaw considered serious enough to potentially allow a hacker to take control over all, or some part, of the website, compromise user accounts on the system, access sensitive data, violate compliance requirements, and possibly make headline news. There were also 56 per cent of websites that had more than one of these vulnerabilities. Of the sectors WhiteHat studied, the report found 55 per cent of retail trade sites, 50 per cent of healthcare and social assistance sites, and 35 per cent of finance and insurance sites were always vulnerable to a serious breach. Transport layer protection, which is a protocol that ensures communications security over a computer network, was the most likely vulnerability on their websites. Jeremiah Grossman, founder of WhiteHat Security, says: “This year’s report has shown that the amount […]

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