AirView2-EXT 2.4GHz Spectrum Analyzer w/ Antenna. Ubiquiti

The AirView Spectrum Analyzer is useful in studying all RF energy contributors in the 2.4GHz band, but has particularly useful tools that make it ideal for optimizing 2.4GHz WiFi Networks

Frequency bandwidth (2.4Ghz) that crowded with other wireless networks, cordless phones, microwave ovens, Bluetooth, Zigbee and other RF devices.  Wi-Spy will help you find the best channel and a clear path, and is especially helpful to solve these problems:

Intermittent bandwidth problems on your WiFi network  (802.11 n/g/b)

Microwave ovens interfere with your Wi-Fi network

Cordless phones:  When the phone rings your network connection signal reduces or drops

Bluetooth various other RF devices interfering with your signal


Current, average, and maximum frequency tracing

Frequency / amplitude markers

Frequency / channel labels

Save or copy graphs to clipboard

Record and play-back traces

Spectral, topographical, and planar views

Interference source signatures

Simple installation:  Quickly and easily install with minimal install time and effort.

In new retail package, with CD-ROM with full documentation, drivers, configuration utilities and status monitoring.