Anonymous – Operation Revenge

WANT TO JOIN THE MOVEMENT AND LEARN THE REAL CULTURE OF THE HACKER? WE WELCOME ALL TO COME AND LEARN AND MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS! CLICK BELOW MATES, HOPE TO SEE YOU! Follow on: Mirrored by: TheAnonMessage We’re still getting started… Join us in #OpRevenge 1) Download NetTalk 6 2) Use either OR 3) Type in /join #oprevenge NOW YOUR ABLE TO GET THE LATEST UPDATES AND JOIN THE DISCUSSION. TRANSCRIPT _______________ Greetings, Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Government, We are Anonymous. On Janurary, 19, 2012. It has come to the attention of Anonymous that you have decided to buckle to the pressure of the entertainment industry and arrest 7 members of staff of [file-share site] Megaupload along with closing their website down. Megaupload has been shutdown by you, that hosted files, movies, backups and much more. You have caused a major error in your action. You have ruined not just the users of megaupload, you have ruined companies and businesses. By doing this, you have made people angry. And you have made us angry. Our anger shall be redirected at you. People from around the world will be joining forces. And will be launching one of the largest cyber attacks in the history of mankind. We will be united in our common interests and we will once again be fighting for our freedom, You will not escape the wrath of our Redemption and you will not destroy anymore websites that promote free speech