Are Third-Parties Compromising Healthcare Data Security?

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A recent study indicates that healthcare data security may be at risk as most companies do not always check the security frameworks of third parties. With the recent spike in healthcare data breaches, it is pertinent that healthcare organizations implement and understand healthcare data security positions of third-party vendors, but most companies claim that they do not have the resources to monitor the security framework of these partners. A recent survey by the Ponemon Institute showed that 60 percent of participants reported that their companies do not check the security and privacy practices of vendors even though they share confidential and sensitive information. “Despite the number of publicized data breaches throughout the US, there continues to be a significant lack of confidence and understanding within companies as to whether their security posture is sufficient to respond to a data breach or cyberattack,” Chairman and Founder of the Ponemon Institute Dr. Larry Ponemon said. The study set out to research the challenges that third-party vendors across industries experience in protecting confidential information, like PHI, shared with the companies. Researchers found that a major difficulty is detecting and mitigating risks related to business associates because organizations do not have the resources or […]

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