Ashley Madison cheaters, hackers get little sympathy: #tellusatoday

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Who made this hacking group the morality police? At least the company didn’t cower to the demands of hackers, unlike what Sony did by pulling “The Interview” from movie theaters. Hackers are nothing more than bullies who think they can use their computer skills to get people to do only the things the hackers like. The hackers are on such a moral high ground that they broke one of the Ten Commandments and stole information to expose people who may or may not have broken another commandment. — Bruce Leroy Why do married people pay for Ashley Madison and think it is OK? If you’re not happy in your marriage, get out. Don’t embarrass or humiliate someone you loved enough to marry. That says a lot about someone’s character. The first time I heard of this site, I wondered who would have the nerve to join it. I guess more than 30 million people! It’s a sad society we live in. — Tammy Smith Hackers expose the evil underbelly of our society and government, and corporate malfeasance. If they don’t expose it, who will? — J Thomas Gaffney The hackers are obviously criminals, and the site owner and customers have done nothing illegal. […]

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