Behind the Scenes / IoT devices vulnerable to cyber-attacks

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Every August, Las Vegas is home to two international conferences for hackers, Black Hat and DEF CON. This year, many warned of the vulnerability of the Internet of Things (IoT) (see below) and of potential exploitation of this system by cyberterrorists. By the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, it is estimated that there will be over 25 billion IoT devices worldwide. So what kind of threat does this present, and how are we to combat it? ‘Stealing’ a vehicle You’re driving down the road, and suddenly the wipers start moving. Without any encouragement from you, the brakes kick in, and the steering wheel begins to turn. A video clip of a Jeep Cherokee — a high-end vehicle — being manipulated by a computer into doing just this caused a huge stir among those who viewed it. Car hacking was the most talked about issue this year. “Newer models of cars are connected to outside networks for such features as accident analysis. While useful, such functions can also be dangerous,” says Charlie Miller, a U.S. security expert and speaker at this year’s conference. Miller and his team successfully hacked into the network used by the car’s navigation system, proceeding to take over […]

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