Bush hacking suspect faces U.S. charges


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Bush hacking suspect faces U.S. charges

The international hacker who allegedly accessed personal emails and photographs belonging to the family of former President George W. Bush and who revealed that Hillary Clinton was using a private email address appeared in a U.S. court for the first time Friday. Marcel Lehel Lazar, better known by the moniker “Guccifer,” is charged with cyberstalking, aggravated identity theft and unauthorized access of a protected computer in an indictment in federal court in Alexandria, Va. He was extradited recently from Romania, his home country. Mr. Lazar, 44, in a brief court appearance Friday, confirmed through the interpreter that he wanted a court appointed lawyer. Knife not linked to O.J. case LOS ANGELES — Forensic testing concluded that a knife reportedly found while crews were tearing down the former home of O.J. Simpson is not connected to the 1994 homicide case, Los Angeles police said Friday. Sources told the Los Angeles Times last month that a preliminary review suggested the weapon appeared to be unconnected to the 1994 slayings of Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman. Simpson was tried for murder, and a jury found him not guilty. Some experts in the case said the knife is different […]

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