Business profile: deputy district attorney Shondeana Crews-Morris

Shondeana Crews-Morris

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Atlanta Free Speech would like to highlight community advocate Attorney Shondeana Crews-Morris. Shondeana is currently the Deputy District Attorney, which is second in command to the elected District Attorney for Fulton County, Georgia.  Shondeana is a graduate of Mercer University’s Walter F. George School of Law. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Albany State University, as well as an undergraduate degree in Journalism from the University of Georgia.

Shondeana began her quest for law school after witnessing what her family endured over a battle to keep their property. After many years of working as a housekeeper, Shondeana’s great-grandmother earned enough money to purchase her own home, which was a momentous moment for her family. Unfortunately, she lost her house because she was not able to speak for herself, since she was undereducated and could not understand the terminology of the law. Shondeana saw how this situation devastated a woman she loved and the rest of her family, so from that moment she decided that she wanted to help people and give a voice to those who would otherwise be silent.

Since earning a license to practice law, Shondeana has been a voice and advocate for many Fulton County families. She became a prosecutor in 1998 when she was hired as an Assistant Solicitor and later joined the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office in 1999 as an Assistant District Attorney. Her hard work and dedication to the community led to her promotion as Deputy District Attorney in 2008. Shondeana has had the opportunity to protect families and children through her role as supervisor of the Crimes Against Women and Children’s Unit, which is the largest special unit in District Attorney’s office, as well as supervisor of the Public Integrity Unit. This fierce prosecutor has ensured that anyone who has committed a crime in Fulton County was held accountable, regardless of his or her position, which has earned the public’s trust in Shondeana. She has prosecuted every type of horrific crime including, but not limited to, child murder and human trafficking cases, which is on the rise in Atlanta. Known as being tough but fair, Shondeana has earned forty-eight convictions in the fifty murder cases she has prosecuted during her tenure.

Shondeana’s commitment to her community goes beyond her work in the courtroom. “I have a four-year-old and I have a passion for protecting our women and children. I want to ensure that our communities are safe. I want to make sure that Fulton County is a safer place—that’s why I keep fighting,” said Shondeana.

In her spare time, this Georgia native is an active volunteer and a proud member of the Atlanta Bar Association, Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (GABWA), Lawyers Club of Atlanta, Gate City Bar Association, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and the Junior League of DeKalb.  In addition, she is a board member of the International House of Women and an advisory board member for the criminal justice program at Atlanta Technical College.

In 2009, Shondeana was selected by the Board of Directors of the Association of Government Attorneys in Capital Litigation to receive the Trial Award for Outstanding Advocacy in Capital Cases. She earned this recognition by being one of the top criminal prosecutors in the United States.

Shondeana Crews-Morris has been a voice and protector to many Fulton County families and the community for over a decade. It is no surprise that this fearless prosecutor is now running to become one of the Fulton County Superior Court Judges. Having over 17 years of legal experience Shondeana believes that “Fulton County families’ and community needs a Superior Court Judge who has experience, integrity, and commitment—someone who is fair, but firm and is focused on protecting our families.”

Atlanta Free Speech salutes Deputy District Attorney, Shondeana Crews-Morris.

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