Capital talk: Passcode to online safety


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The internet economy has created several new jobs and concepts. One such concept is hacking, a profession that is only now gradually making its way to the mainstream, where people are running companies that offer solutions aimed at securing an organisation’s entire online infrastructure and data. At its very best, hacking is breaking codes that govern the running of a software and then ensuring that it cannot be broken again by people who would actually want to misuse the cracked code for illegal and undeserved personal gain — akin to theft or burglary. So, motive is critical, but hacking is slowly gaining positive currency. However, even as users like you and me get increasingly enmeshed into the internet due to its increasing importance in our everyday life and work, there is very little that we do to ensure that our location and security are not comprised. Businesses, however, cannot afford the luxury of being casual about the loopholes in their cyber security, as any breach could lead to a scandal around data leakage, compromising of confidential business plans, misuse of valuable research and theft of intellectual property. To tackle this headache, we now have companies that offer services in the […]

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