Career Spotlight: What I Do as an “Ethical Hacker”

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

You occasionally hear about major security vulnerabilities being discovered before they’re exploited, like the notorious Heartbleed bug last year. Security researchers work hard to weed out those dangerous flaws before they’re found by hackers of more malicious intent. This breed of preemptive hacking is sometimes referred to as white hat, or simply “ethical hacking.” These hackers work with businesses to probe their networks for security holes, vulnerabilities to social engineering, and more, while considering the mindset of someone who might have criminal motivations. To learn about what such work is like we spoke with Ben Miller, an ethical hacker at Parameter Security. First of all, tell us a little about your current position and how long you’ve been at it. I’m an “ethical hacker” at Parameter Security, which means companies basically hire me to try to break into their computer networks in order to figure out how a real criminal would do it. People in this profession use all sorts of tricks to sneak in—you can hack your way in, con employees over the phone or email, use impersonation to walk in, it really doesn’t matter. I’ve never come across a business that couldn’t be compromised. I’ve broken into a […]

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