Cars Exposed to Hacking Inside Car Dealerships

Source: National Cyber Security – Produced By Gregory Evans

Security researcher Craig Smith developed a device to test if car diagnostics tools used in car dealerships to test and fix modern cars can be hacked and then used as infection stations, spreading malware to other cars. Craig named this concept an “auto brothel,” and warns that his work found numerous car diagnostics tools as being vulnerable to a series of simple hacking techniques. His research was presented during this year’s edition of DerbyCon, a security and hacking conference that took place in Louisville, Kentucky. At the same conference, Craig also introduced a special hardware device he created to test car diagnostics tools found in dealerships, which he called ODB-GW (Ol’ Dirty Bastard Gateway). The software for this tool, the Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) Server, is also available for download on GitHub. As Craig explains, the ODB-GW device was created to work as a honeypot, making car diagnostics tools that are plugged into it think it’s a car. On the other side of the ODB-GW, Craig also plugs the device into his laptop, from where he is then able to carry out basic tests, and identify weaknesses in the car diagnostics tool. The technique used by the ODB-GW device to […]

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