Change default Apache port in XAMPP – Lucid Nerd Tutorial

How to change default Apache port in XAMPP. I this video I will cover how to change the default Apache port to help you solve any port confilcts you may have with XAMPP Server. LINKS: LUCID NERD LINKS: Subscribe: Lucid Nerd Channel Page: Lucid Nerd Blog: Follow on Twitter Facebook Page: Google+ Page: Add us to your circles. Lucid Nerd on iTunes: Lucid Nerd Channel Description: The Lucid Nerd is a channel offering beginner computer tutorials covering everything form computer basics to web development and computer programming. VIDEO RELATED LINKS: Start – Stop Microsoft’s IIS : XAMPP homepage: Apache homepage: MySQL homepage: PHP homepage: REPEATED TAGS FOR SEO: Specific Tags: Apache Port XAMPP “Windows 7″ “Lucid Nerd” Tutorial MySQL PHP “AMP Stack” General Tags: “Lucid Nerd” “Computer Tutorials” “Computer How To’s” “Beginner Computer Tutorials” Computer Tutorials Beginner “Web Development” “Computer Programming” “Windows 7″ “Mac OSX” Educational Help

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