CISOs spend 77% of their time on tech, not enough time on strategy

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According to the Deloitte CISO Transition Lab, a chief information security officer (CISO) has four faces — the strategist, the advisor, the guardian of business assets, and the technologist. The findings suggest that on average, CISOs spend 77 percent of their time as “technologists” and “guardians” on technical aspects of their positions, and that they would like to reduce this investment to 35 percent. “This demonstrates a recognizable shift in their desire to place greater emphasis on the “strategist” and “advisor” functions.” Faced with escalating cyber threats and increasingly complex regulatory mandates, CISOs are experiencing growing pressure to protect critical information and infrastructure assets, while also embracing strategic business initiatives to integrate a comprehensive enterprise approach to cybersecurity. To address this problem, Deloitte developed the CISO Transition Lab to help accelerate a CISO’s performance. “As organizations realise that cyber risk is intimately linked to their innovation and growth strategies, expectations of CISOs are changing dramatically,” said Ed Powers, principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP. “An effective CISO can no longer rely on his or her technical expertise alone. They must understand how strategic initiatives create risks and develop security programs that balance the need to drive business performance with the growing […]

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