Coast Guard Unveils New Cyber Strategy

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The Coast Guard’s leadership has outlined a new cyber strategy while renewing long-standing complaints that a lack of funding has hamstrung proven efforts to interdict drug trafficking. The leadership last week put forward arguments for increased support of a unique service with law enforcement authority under the Department of Homeland Security for taking on missions denied by law to the military. Adm. Paul Zukunft, the Coast Guard commandant, admitted in an appearance at a Washington D.C. think tank to “creating it on the fly” in the Coast Guard’s new 41-page cyber strategy intended to mesh with the Defense Department’s Cyber Command. With existing funding, “we’ve created just recently a cyber command within the U.S. Coast Guard” that now has about 70 personnel, Zukunft said. “I never built it into my program of record. It was much quicker for me to reprogram billets” among current personnel in an effort to justify additional resources from Congress and leverage partnerships with Cyber Command, the FBI and the National Security Agency, he said. To build upon that, the strategy paper said that “The Coast Guard must identify the personnel requirements and skill sets needed to develop a specialized cyber cadre, and then create policies […]

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