Comment on Protective parenting faces new highs and lows with technology

I feel that all parents need to raise wise, intelligent children that can make informed decisions while online. its possible, but for 90% of the parents out there, its not, because they are too ignorant to teach their children the proper skills how to handle themselves, ie street-smarts.

My child’s online activity between the ages 6-12 will be pretty limited. No facebook account, No communicating with anyone other than pre-approved email addresses, etc. After he he old enough to understand computers and computing, (I was at age 10) -he’ll have free roam.

Kids get scratched knees, they get hurt, etc. It happens. Over-protecting them has many negative psychological effects on a child, one main one being trust. Thats a big one. Want your child to grow up to be a hypochondriac? Act like a germophobe. Want your child to grow up isolated and ackward? Shelter them too much. See a pattern?

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